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I am excited to announce a new feature here at The Frugal Homemaker…

Friday fun   frugal finds

(Try saying that 10 times fast! Smile)

If I stopped in Goodwill, shopped at a yard sale, or maybe just found a great clearance deal and came home with a fun, new find –  I will share it with you here on Friday!  There might be some weeks where I don’t find anything fun or frugal so won’t have anything to share.  But since I live in the south, I can usually find a yard sale pretty much all year except for some very cold weeks in December and January, so I will usually have something to share!

Here are some of my recent yardsale finds! 🙂

Oval frames  – 50¢ each  (By the way, I have a huge gallery wall type project on the agenda so have been picking up frames whenever I can find them.  My goal price is under a $1 for 8×10 and smaller and less than $2 for larger sizes.  Having a mat already in it is a huge bonus!)


a little milkglass planter – 25¢  (I LOVE milkglass, so absolutely couldn’t resist this for 25¢!)


A really nice 11×13 frame WITH a mat for $1.00  (I don’t care what the color of the mats are because that can be changed – anyone care to guess how I will change the color!? 😉 )


A large scrap of fabric (about 3 yards) for $2.00.  Not sure what I have planned for this but I loved the colors and the pattern – pillows, a table runner?  We will see!


And some of my more fun finds recently have been jewelry!! 🙂 

(Yes, I buy pretty much buy anything  and everything at yardsales!  Clothes, purses, jewelry, home decor, gifts…)

Love this “set” of red jewelry that I found.  And they were only $1.00 each!  The necklace is actually really nice – made of heavy, faceted beads with a very nice closure.  And I really like it – think I have already worn it 4 times in the last 2 weeks 🙂


And some black and turquoise jewelry.  The black necklace was $1.00 and the guy gave me the turquoise bracelet for FREE since the “stretchy part” is all worn out and it needs to be restrung. 🙂


So there is my frugal finds and fun for the week! 🙂

Have you gotten any fun yardsale or Goodwill deals? 

Or just found something really fun recently?


  1. Love the milkglass! (I’m a huge milkglass fan as well!) And yeah, I get most of what I own at yardsales too. Yardsales are just so awesome! I don’t have anything new or fun to share because I haven’t been in 2 weeks (sniff:sniff). The yardsales have really slowed down in the last few weeks. Maybe there will be some tomorrow! =)

    • well you have something/one even more exciting to share than yardsale deals! 🙂

      I haven’t been in a few weeks either (well did this week really quick but didn’t find anything) but am behind in posting things so still have a few more things to post.

      also struggling with trying to purge/get rid things of so trying not to buy more “stuff”! 🙂

      I have gotten all my milkglass at yardsales too. 🙂 Just started collecting it this year and have compiled quite a collection already. 🙂

  2. Hi, I just found your blog and started reading your previous ’31 Days” series last month. You have some great ideas. Looking forward your new series, Frugal Finds, as well.

  3. Good idea for a Series!! Especially with your super knack at finding sweet second hand steals! 🙂 I’m more of a thrift store girl probably b/c I’m not fond of getting up early!! 🙂

  4. I don’t even know exactly what project you have coming up w/the frames but I’ve been picking them up where I can find them too–(just so when you do reveal/show the project I’m already prepared!! lol! =) ) My best deal that I’ve gotten was Saturday–I’ve been looking for a HUGE frame to put a very Large family portrait in (we’re talking 16×20–I love big pictures) and I found one for marked down to $1.97 (from it’s normal price of $7.97). My very basic question is: what method do you use to spray paint the frames??? (sorry I’m VERY new at all this–but looking forward to trying my own DIY projects!) =) Thanks for sharing your finds and for your DIY inspirations! =) Maybe, I’ll post of pic of my finished product *if* it turns out! =/

    • wow, $1.97 for that size is a great deal! 🙂

      and yes I want to see pictures 😉

      as for spray painting them – remove the glass and the back if you can. If you are going from a dark frame or wood frame to a white frame you probably need to do a coat of spray primer (white primer). then do 1-3 light coats of spray paint. lightly mist it don’t coat it – they will dry fast and you can do another one until it is covered.

      hope that helps!

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