Day 26–Shop your house

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This is one of my favorite ways to decorate my home – shop other rooms in the house and rearrange furniture or decor! You know how people say, the husband come home and they never know how the house is going to look because the wife has been rearranging furniture all day! Smile  I don’t rearrange furniture much (mostly because a lot of our rooms are set up in the only way possible due to size of the room/furniture), but I do rearrange décor, A LOT! Smile 

I change out my mantel every season, 4-5 times a year, and bring things from all over the house to do it. 

This was my mantel this summer from May to July.  The large stars usually hang in my guest room, the tall topiary plant on the left usually sits on the floor, the starfish lives in my guest bath, etc.  The frame I had in my stash and I filled it with a free patriotic printable.  The lantern moves all over the house.  But they all came together to be displayed on my mantel for a few months!  The window and shutter come on and off my mantel depending on if they fit the décor.  Right now, for fall, I have a mirror displayed above the mantel.


And I don’t just rearrange my mantel.  I have something seasonal on my coffee table and kitchen/dining room tables.  All things that I shop around my house for!

If you redecorate a room, and find that a picture or mirror or whatever doesn’t match anymore, instead of pitching it, try it in another room!  Pictures/mirrors/vases – they can all usually be moved from room to room.  Even pillows, basket, curtains can be made to fit in another room.  And you might just find a place that you like them better!

So before headed out thrifting or to buy new décor, take a look around your house… maybe you already have that perfect item and you just didn’t know it! Smile

Do you rearrange furniture all the time?  Or shop your house for décor?  I would love to hear your ideas!



  1. How do you decorate a house from scratch?

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