31 days of….?

Hard to believe today is August 1st…I am clinging to these last days of summer!  Thankfully here in GA we will have summer temperatures at least till the end of September so I still have a quite a few more weeks!

So I am thinking ahead to fall and October and debating something you might be able to help me with.   I started this blog at the end of September last year so my one year anniversary is right around the corner – woohoo!   It has been amazing year!  But more on that when that time comes. 

If you have followed me from the beginning you may remember that I jumped into blogging with both feet.  I wrote a post each day for 31 days straight from October 1-31 while I participated in the Nester’s 31 days series.    My series was called 31 days to decorate your home on a budget

31 days button

Since I have gained LOTS of followers since those first few days of my blog I am going to be reposting that series on facebook again during the month of August.  So today, on  August 1st, I will share day one’s post on facebook, August 2nd I will share day two’s post on facebook, etc.  If you want to follow along with me on facebook for that, head over here to like my page.

And one more thing, I am debating participating in her series again and picking another topic to write about this October.  So what would YOU like me to write about? 

Here’s some topics/themes I have thought about so far:

  • 31 days of Pinterest projects
  • 31 days to complete unfinished projects
  • 31 days of my favorite blogs (or maybe things/décor)
  • 31 days of learning to decorate your home better – maybe walking through picking out fabrics, paint colors, decorating vignettes, etc. (although I am still barely beginning to learn those things 🙂
  • 31 days of thrift store/yard sale transformations
  • 31 days of organization
  • 31 days of cleaning tips
  • 31 days of less than $5 décor (or something like that?)
  • 31 days to fall in love with your home

Those are just some home/décor themes I have thought of briefly.  I could also do something more like:

  • 31 days of finding joy in life
  • 31 days of thanksgiving
  • or something more along those lines. 

Again, to decide completely on a theme above I would have to make sure I could sketch out 31 ideas within that theme, so some of those might come up short.  But they are starting ideas!

So what do YOU think?  What would you like to read about for 31 days? Smile  Pick one from above or throw out a totally new topic or theme.

Be sure to weigh in with your thoughts in the comments.  And if you don’t already, follow me on facebook to follow the daily posts of “31 days to decorate your home on a budget”! Smile



  1. Kathy in NC says:

    Organization & cleaning tips could be combined for 31 tips ! And you could throw in 31 things to be thankful for easily ! Looking forward to it ! 🙂

  2. Martha West says:

    31 days of yard sale/thrift store transformations, PLEASE!! I really enjoy seeing what you do with the great deals you find.

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