Easter Garden tutorial (Empty tomb garden)

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I have some Frugal Finds that I can’t wait to share with you, but I didn’t want today (Good Friday) to pass by without me sharing an Easter themed fun project I did with my nieces a week or so ago.

My friend Christa wrote a great post on the significance of Good Friday in our lives.  I love how she says, “This weekend defines the existence of my entire life.”  And she is so right.  Because on Good Friday, my Lord was crucified on a tree for ME… to take my place…to give to me eternal life.  BUT unlike any other god, HE didn’t stay dead but arose from the grave three days later which is why we celebrate EASTER.  Without this weekend, I would have no hope, no joy, no peace of having my sins forgiven and an eternal home in heaven.  So this weekend is very important to me and I hope to you too.

Last weekend, my 2 little nieces spent the weekend with me.  We had two “night-night parties” as they call them, and we had a blast! Smile  We painted nails and toe nails, ate ice cream, grilled hotdogs, made nachos for dinner, went shopping at yard sales, and did lots of playing outside.

And we did this Easter Garden project that I had found floating around Pinterest.

Easter Garden tutorial

Here’s what you need:

  • a short basin (I used the bottom tray of a plastic planter – like this one)
  • a small clay planter – I bought mine at Wal-Mart for under $1.00 (like this one)  
  • soil
  • small rocks
  • one large flat rock
  • grass seed or moss
  • some sticks.
This was my inspiration picture:

 (I think it originated on the creator’s facebook and then spread like wildfire on facebook and eventually to Pinterest.  So thanks to Melissa Holt for the great picture and idea!) 

Fill your basin with soil.  Once you have a thin layer of soil in the bottom, place your small planter inside and fill in around it.


Here you can see we filled up the whole basin and all around/over the small planter (you want it to look like a cave.)  We wet the soil a little to help pack it all around the small planter.


Then we had scavenged the yard for all kinds of smaller rocks and found one larger flat rock.  Place the small rocks in front of your “cave” and the larger rock to the side (for the stone that was rolled away from the grave when Christ arose from the dead.)


Now at this point you can plant grass seeds all over the hill and down the sides.  Wheat grass seeds are the best as they germinate and sprout in days (I think about 10 days).  But I couldn’t find any wheat grass seeds in any local stores.  You can order them very cheap online – like these from Amazon.  

BUT I spotted a hill of moss on the side of our house so we just carefully skimmed some of that off the ground and laid it on top of our hill.  Using little pieces here and there and filling in all the spots.


Then we found some sticks and broke them to the right size and glued them together to form 3 crosses.  And our garden was done!


My nieces are ages 2 and 4 and go to Sunday School with us each week.  As we were doing this project, we were talking all about the Easter story.  About how Christ was beaten and how He died on the cross for our sins.  But they made sure to say “But he’s not dead anymore!  He got alive again on Easter.”  Even at their age they know sin is the bad things that they do.  And the oldest one was fascinated with a story their babysitter had been telling them about the other two men that hung on the crosses next to Jesus – how one went to heaven with Jesus when he died (because he accepted Christ’s gift of salvation) and how the other one didn’t.


My nieces are a little young and they don’t completely understand all about salvation yet, but I am thankful that they are beginning to grasp bits and pieces and understand more and more.

Looking forward to Easter Sunday and celebrating with them the resurrection of Christ!

By the way, if you are looking for more Christ themed Easter projects, crafts, or ideas… I found this one and a few more at FreeFunEaster.com


I will be back next Friday with lots of frugal finds to share with you!  Smile  And don’t forget the 2nd post in our “How to shop yard sales series will be on Monday and the 2nd post in our “Sprucing up the outdoors for spring series will be on Wednesday, plus I few other things to share too.

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  1. Kezia says

    Love this! I believe Harrison will live it! I know your nieces had fun with it too! Thanks for sharing! Cute idea!!!

  2. says

    so happy to see this i want to do it with all my grand kids at easter will help then learn more about jesus i talk to them about him with them and how his father gave his only son for are salvation cant wait and it will fit in my budget sense i an disabled thank you so much for this an d GOD BLESS YOU

  3. Louise Stewart says

    Thank you for sharing an educational project for small children and for many others….the small girls are beautiful and smart…love you, Louise Stewart

  4. joanie says

    I plan to do this with my granddaughters age 5 and 3. The 5 year old told me last Christmas 2012 that my manger didn’t have the star on top so we made a star of cardboard covered with foil then had to add gold ribbon since the star needed to be ‘yellow’.

  5. Joanne says

    Many health food stores sell bulk wheat or grains for sprouting that would work or you could also try using a cat grass mixture-that will sprout and grow quickly.

  6. Lindsay says

    OMGosh, your kids have the SWEETEST little faces!!!!

    Thanks for the AWESOME idea!!! I love that you can teach the meaning of Easter, AND have the little ones involved! Oh, and it looks AMAZING too. Thanks for sharing!

  7. says

    Christina, so glad my cousin posted the Easter Garden Tutorial on my FB page. What a sweet & easy Easter project for the children. Printed out the tutorial & plan on taking it by church so perhaps the kids can start making their own Easter Garden. Also shared w/my FB friends so I’m sure our church family will get a copy as well. At least that’s my hope. Thanks, again.

  8. Teresa Russett says

    If you read further on Melissa’s FB page, the comments below her photo, you’ll see there was a bit of controversy and hard feelings surrounding the posting. You may want to go back and acknowledge the true original poster as well. :)

  9. says

    I love that you tell the Easter story when you were making the Tomb of Christ. I am glad you shared with us how to make this and it will be cheap and fun. Im going to do this with my 2 year old granddaughters.

  10. Susan says

    This garden tomb is awesome. Thanks for sharing how to make it step by step. I loved seeing your little nieces hands patting down the soil making the tomb. I loved how you shared the Easter story and your experience with them too. I can’t wait to do this with my great niece and nephew this year, my niece and I will have so much fun with them doing this. Thank you for sharing.

  11. paula k. dulaney says

    Where did your friend find the Jesus pic in her craft? I clicked the link and it says she is no longer there. Would love more of these types of crafts for sunday school and bible school. can you help?

  12. says

    The tutorial on how to make Jesus’ empty tomb with a clay drip pan and pot ,dirt,rocks and moss is great but what could those of us do who are under 5 feet of snow do to replicate it since we can’t do this at this time of year?

    • Ann Lynn says

      I think you would just have to have all the materials purchased because I know what you mean that sometimes Easter can be snow covered! Even though outside looks chilly I am sure your stores have their spring merchandise out so you would have to actually plant seed and finding the twigs might be difficult but you might just have to go with craft sticks. I know your reply was so long ago but I am thinking of doing this for Christmas even if I can find the supplies and it should be small enough that you could grow a little something inside. (And maybe now if you read this it will just remind you and you can get some twigs picked up this fall to put aside for this and other crafts in March!) Blessings!

  13. nancy l says

    Hi Christina, thanks so much for this post !! A friend just sent it to me…My friend & I have “Jr. Church” during the month of April and guess what we and the kids are ALL making! Easter is so much more than just candy…it’s God accepting His perfect, sinless Son’s death on that cross to take away everybody’s sins…all each one of us has to do is believe it, ask forgiveness for our sins and accept His Son, Jesus into our life. HE did ALL the work !!!

  14. Queen Mary says

    Completely love this! My kids are grown but I love this as a centerpiece! Love, love, love it! I’m making it for ME!

  15. Jean P says

    For the wheat grass part, the wheat that is sold for grinding into flour should grow. Its really the same thing! Nowadays its available in many grocery stores that sell in bulk. It would only take 1/3 cup or so to cover a big saucer.

  16. says

    What a mighty GOD we serve!
    TY for the inspiration, & for the directions on how to make it.
    I wasn’t sure just what size pot to use…now, thanks to you, I do.

    It has been said that imitation is the greatest form of flattery…I can’t wait to build mine…
    Just have to figure out where to get the moss….

    TY again, & GOD bless

  17. says

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  18. Faith says

    If using moss, will it take and continue to grow/stay fresh indoors or will it die and smell and therefore the garden should not be made too far in advance of Easter? Thank you for sharing.

  19. CAPERNIUS says

    I have been wanting to make this since I first saw it last September, but do to health problems, & frequent flier miles to & from the local hospital, I have not been able to….yet.

    Do you by any chance know what kind of moss that was that you used for this?
    Or, Can you recommend a type of moss?
    I saw an Irish Moss last summer, but I wasn’t sure if that wound look right….

    I just want this project(the one I make) to look nothing short of FABULOUS!
    I mean, it’s an awesome project to begin with, but a green thumb? that is something I do not have…


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