Master Bedroom Refresh

(This post is in partnership with Rooms To Go and I have received compensation for this post, but all opinions and styling are mine.)

Why is it always the master bedroom that is the last to get any attention when it comes to decorating and furnishing a house?  Well, today that is changing at our house because I am doing a little master bedroom refresh with the help of Rooms To Go!  If you have been following my blog for a while you know that I am a lover of all things frugal and love to incorporate secondhand pieces whenever possible.  In our last home, I found a very inexpensive set of bedroom furniture secondhand and fixed it up to finally set up our master bedroom.  But that painted furniture didn’t survive the move very well at all and as time went on the drawers got worse with sticking shut and not being able to close completely.  We were desperately needing to upgrade so when Rooms To Go reached out to work with me, I knew that finding some functional and beautiful bedroom furniture was on the top of my list!

We visited our local Rooms To Go showroom and found such beautiful furniture!  My little girl had lots of fun trying out the adjustable mattresses while I tried to decide between 3 sets of furniture that I liked.  This particular set came in gray, white, and black.

Master Bedroom refresh with Rooms to Go-2

I loved the gray but ultimately decided on the white dresser, mirror, and Gentlemen’s chest in the Cottage Town collection.

Master Bedroom refresh with Rooms to Go-1

I set up a delivery time and a few weeks later they arrived right on time and the delivery men carefully carried our furniture into our room.    I was so excited to see it all set up, switch everything around, and then decorate!

Oh my goodness – I can’t tell you how much I am loving this view now!  This new furniture completely changed the look of our entire room!

Master Bedroom refresh with Rooms to Go-4

I think my favorite piece maybe this gentleman’s chest. 

Master Bedroom refresh with Rooms to Go-7

It has sort of a vintage look to it and of course, you know I love that!  I love that it is just different than a standard chest of drawers but yet matches right with the dresser.

Master Bedroom refresh with Rooms to Go-10

The door slides to either side to either reveal drawers or adjustable shelves.  Sort of like a barn door which you know makes my heart happy. Smile

Master Bedroom refresh with Rooms to Go-9

It also has sort of a beadboard/shiplap look on the sides and the front of the door.  And the top of both pieces and the top of the mirror are stained in a rich dark stain color.  You know I love that 2 toned stained wood/white furniture look! Smile

Master Bedroom refresh with Rooms to Go-12

The dresser is much taller and has more drawers than our other dresser which made organizing clothes easier and made my husband happy he got some more space so was definitely a plus!

Master Bedroom refresh with Rooms to Go-11

Master Bedroom refresh with Rooms to Go-14

The detail on the edges is so pretty!

Master Bedroom refresh with Rooms to Go-16

And it’s just so nice to not have to fight with trying to get drawers open or closed anymore to get ready in the morning – really just so thankful to have these new pieces to enjoy!

Master Bedroom refresh with Rooms to Go-19

If you are in the market for some new furniture I would definitely stop in your local Rooms To Go store – they had some beautiful sectionals, living room furniture, dining tables, and much more and I felt their prices were quite reasonable.

Master Bedroom refresh with Rooms to Go-21


  1. Dianne Rempel says:

    Very lovely bedroom!

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