Frugal Finds from the summer!

Happy Friday!  I’m back with another Frugal Finds post and some fun things to share that I’ve found in all my secondhand shopping lately!  Summer is usually a little bit slower in yard sale shopping for various reasons – it’s hot so not as many people are having sale or we are busy or out of town.  But I do try to go when I can or when I see sales so still managed to find a few things.

I picked up these baskets for 25 cents each at a yard sale, and the large hoop for 50 cents.  I already used the white one as a plant pot and I love it. And I hope to make some sort of wreath (sort of like this one) with the hoop.  The blue basket needs a paint job and then he’ll find a spot someplace in my house.


I also have been looking for American Girl doll stuff – or the Target/Walmart off brand.  My little girl and my nieces are super into that right now so I am stocking up when I can find things for Christmas.  I found this one sale (actually saw on Marketplace first) that had a lot of doll stuff and she sold me all she left for $40 which was a great price for all of this!


I found this wood chest on Marketplace too.  I have been looking for a wood chest for a while and this one was a steal at $20.  I need to find a latch for it and redo the paint.


And maybe just sand and clean up the inside a bit.  Any tips on finding an old looking latch?  I’ve looked in several stores (hardware stores, Hobby Lobby) and just not found anything.


And then this was another Marketplace find… Smile  I saw a lady just 10 minutes away advertise that she was giving tons of picket fencing away for free!  So I went and loaded up a whole truck load!


I shared some with 2 friends and still have lots left to do some projects with.  I have a few in mind and you will also probably see some of it in my fall decor too.  But I’d love to know what you would do with it!  I need to find a way to incorporate some of it into a flower garden outside too.  I was just so excited to find it as white picket fencing had been on my “want to find list” and even better that I was able to get it for free! Smile


So there’s my recent frugal finds!  I’d love to know what you have found recently!


  1. Those are some great finds! You might try Restoration Hardware online for a trunk latch, or there may be other websites as well that would carry trunk latches. We used to have a picket fence that was painted white, and sold most of it, but I kept a few of the panels. The paint is now mostly flaked off so they have a pretty charming distressed look. We now have a chain link fence but I used one panel as a backdrop behind a rose bush that is next to the chain link fence. In my front yard I have a cast iron bell on a wooden post that is about six ft. tall. I attached one of the picket fence panels to the post and set my grandmothers large cast iron kettle in front of it filled with decorative rock. It is the perfect little area for me to create a seasonal display in my yard. Right now I have an old watering can with greenery and a metal turtle setting on the rocks in the kettle, a red tricycle on one side and a red cream can on the other for summer. My remaining picket fence panel is used as a summer fireplace screen and I hang a wreath on it.

  2. Hi! I enjoy your posts. You are very creative! Have you ever done estate sales? In my area I use an ap and add my zip code to find nearby estate sales. These are usually inside a home (you also get to see some nice houses) and are air conditioned!

  3. Hello, I have only just found your blog and already loving it! You are super lucky to find such treasures, it’s not very easy around where I live. Thank you for sharing the pics, I’m inspired! 🙂

  4. Helen Fountain says:

    Wow these are great finds. The American doll collection with everything, love the scooter, was a real steal. I love picket fences too. I stopped and took some out of a dumpster some years back. The friends I were with thought I was crazy, but I used them at Halloween, painted and decorated and Christmas. I also, my want to bring the outside in garden phase, decorated my fireplace to look like a garden I’m also the person 2 years ago decides to make my living rm & dining room into a forest for Christmas. Real branches and lites. That was my deer phase. So I’m a little crazy, it helps. LOL
    . Can’t wait to see what you have in store. You always have great idea. Thanks again for the always fun post and sharing with us.

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