$10 yard sale find bench makeover + painted mudroom

I’m busy at work in this little hallway at the garage door and off our kitchen – you can see all my plans for this hallway here and how I plan to tackle it in my own little one month, one room, less than $100 challenge.  I got all the doors and trim painted but I’m just in love with how this bench makeover turned out turned out so let me show you that first

$10 yard sale bench makeover

I scored this bench at a yard sale a few months ago for $10 and was so excited because it was sturdy and it even came with 3 baskets that were in great condition.  And it fit well in this space to create a putting on shoes/take things to the car drop zone.   

Here’s the before…

Hallway-mudroom before-8

And here’s how it looks now! Smile 

Yard sale bench makeover-5

This was a super easy makeover.  I did 2 coats of Rustoleum Chalked paint in Linen White on the bench.  Removed the liners from the baskets and the cover from the bench cushion and for now I just wrapped this fabric around the top cushion.  I just grabbed some material I had in my fabric stash and I’m pretty sure that’s the one that will stay. But I need to cut a board to put underneath the foam so I can staple the fabric to it instead of sewing a cover for the foam.  Because this girl would rather use a saw than a sewing machine any day of the week. Winking smile  The pillows just came from my stash or other rooms (sometimes it pays to have a “decor stash” Winking smile).   The gray and white pillow was a Target pillow found secondhand and the cream looking one came from Hobby Lobby clearance over a year ago. 

Yard sale bench makeover-6

So here’s a peek of where it was to how it looks now.  This is what it looked like when we moved in a year ago…

Hallway-mudroom before-2

And here’s how it was looking after replacing flooring and painting the walls.

Hallway-mudroom before

There are 4 doors in this little hallway and although I had gotten the walls painted, I had yet to tackle any of the doors and trim and they were in desperate need of a fresh coat of paint.  I had asked in my last post if I should paint the garage door black since my front and back doors are painted black, but I agreed that painting one door out of 4 in this little hallway may look a little off.  So I just kept it white for now.

I got all of the doors and trim painted this week.  I am using Polar Behr by Behr in semi-gloss for all of the trim/doors in this house – it’s a nice soft white. 

Yard sale bench makeover-4

I’m so excited how this room is coming along!  And I didn’t spend a dime this week – already had the paint, fabric, and pillows.   Next I have got to find a light fixture and rug – that’s my goal this week. 

What room are you working on right now? 


  1. Your bench turned out great. I’m always amazed at your garage sale find makeovers.

  2. One of my favorite projects of yours yet!

  3. The power of paint!! Everything is coming along nicely. Well done!

  4. The bench makeover is great.

  5. Great job. It’s amazing what a new coat of paint and fabric can do to a “garage sale” find!

  6. Ann Lee S says:

    such a pretty bench! I’m glad you left the door white. ann lee s

  7. Amazing transformation the bench looks way better than before and the room makeover turned out great.

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