Mudroom gallery wall + DIY coat rack shelf

Sorry I missed my post for last week!  I was busy getting ready to host a sign painting party at my house (more on that later!) and life just got in the way.  But I’ve still been busy at work in this little hallway/mudroom and I’ll share another post that sort of involves it on Friday and then the final reveal next Wednesday! Today I have a fun mini gallery wall to share with you that I added to the space along with a DIY coat rack shelf we will use for keys/purses/bags.

So let’s go back first and take a look at the before of this wall in this hallway/mudroom. I had found this bench at a yard sale and the first project I did in this space was to give the bench a paint + fabric makeover.

Hallway-mudroom before-8

And here’s how it looks now!

Mudroom gallery wall   DIY coat rack shelf-2

I just LOVE how this space is turning out!

Mudroom gallery wall   DIY coat rack shelf-3

The gallery wall is really just 3 pieces plus the shelf, but it also sort of ties in the keypad and light switch as part of it so they sort of get disguised as well which I really like.

Mudroom gallery wall   DIY coat rack shelf-7

So let’s back up and discuss how how I built the shelf.  I knew I wanted a small coat rack shelf with a ledge and hooks to go here.  We won’t use it for heavy coats or backpacks as I have a space in the laundry room which is right off this hall.  But I needed a space for my husband to have a designated spot for his sunglasses (other than my kitchen counter Winking smile)  and also wanted someplace to hang extra keys, my purse, and maybe a small tote back that I take to church.  I looked at a few stores for one but they were either too small, too big, or too expensive.  Then I realized I could probably build one so easily!  And it was very easy and cheap!

I picked up these two brackets from Hobby Lobby – they were $2.99 each but 50% off so I got both for $2.99. The hooks are some extra ones I ordered from D. Lawless Hardware a while back for $0.95 each – seriously can’t beat that price!


I grabbed a scrap piece of board from my leftover stash – pretty sure this was leftover from building the DIY floating shelves in my daughter’s nursery.  It is a 1×6 and I ended up trimming off about 2 inches off the back of the top board to make the entire shelf more narrow.  You can completely customize this shelf for your needs and space but my dimensions are 22 inches long for the shelf part and 20 inches long for the back board.


I stained the boards with one coat of Rustoleum Briarsmoke stain and then screwed the brackets on and the hooks into the back board.  The hooks are 5 inches apart and 5 inches from the edge.  To hang it I installed 2 of those picture hanging brackets on the back and then hung from screws in the wall.

And here’s the finished shelf!  This was so simple to make and only $6 worth of hooks/brackets and some scrap wood.

Mudroom gallery wall   DIY coat rack shelf-5

The rest of the gallery wall is a frame (which I need to print a family picture for) and a large wood J from my decor stash and a DIY farmhouse style sign I made.  I will be sharing a full tutorial on how to make farmhouse signs like this very soon!  I am slightly obsessed! Smile

Mudroom gallery wall   DIY coat rack shelf-6

I can’t wait to share the finished room next week!  The last part should be arriving today and I can’t wait to get it installed.  You can catch up on the previous posts here:

Mudroom mini gallery wall   DIY coat rack shelf


  1. I love what you have done here. And so easy to recreate

  2. Very cute “mudroom” area! I really love the saying “it’s good to be home!”

  3. Very nice! Looking forward to see how you did the “farmhouse sign.” 🙂

  4. It turned out really cute!

  5. Impressive!!! Can’t wait to see what else you add to the space- maybe replacing the light that you previously mentioned was in the way of one of the doors.

  6. Thanks for the details on how you built your shelf! It will come in handy for sunglasses and keys!

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