DIY Hair Bow Holder (plus where to find cute hairbands for cheap!)

DIY Hair Bow Holder

I knew when we found out we were expecting a little girl that LOTS of hair bows and headbands were in our future.  Smile   So one of the very first projects I did before we moved and before she was even born was work on a hair bow holder! 

I grabbed an old frame from my yard sale finds stash of frames and picked up a roll of chicken wire from Home Depot.  I had been wanting to use chicken wire for some projects in this house and this was the perfect first one – I love how it adds some vintage/rustic farmhouse charm. Smile 


I painted the frame using some Rustoleum Chalk paint in Linen White (affiliate link).  And then cut a piece of the chicken wire to size with wire cutters and used a stapler to secure it to the back.  Make sure to bend down any pieces of wire so they won’t scratch you or the wall.


I brushed a light coat of light pink paint (Rustoleum Blush Pink Chalked Paint – affiliate link) on the chicken wire just for fun – but that step is totally optional.


Then it is time to fill it up!  I am very much a “you aren’t dressed until you have a hair bow in your hair bow” kind of mommy so her collection has definitely grown!  Winking smile


My friend Molly made a bunch of bows and brought them to me last spring, I made some of the simple flower ones by just gluing flowers to clips, and I have found some at yard sales too.  I also bought this set of bow hair clips (affiliate link) – right now I can clip them to a plain elastic headband so she can wear them but before too long I know she’ll have enough hair to wear them in. 


I also needed a spot to hang headbands since I knew she would be wearing lots of those for a while.  I picked up this hook organizer with a birthday coupon last spring (similar one here – affiliate link) and saved it for her room. You could also nail little nails or use little screw hooks at the bottom of the frame to hang headbands.


While I love our little girl to look cute, you know I still am going to do it on a frugal budget!  I started looking at headbands and paying $5-6 for 3 at department stores or $8-10 each on etsy was just not going to happen.  My time was also limited with packing, moving, and just life so making a bunch unfortunately wasn’t going to happen either.  Plus supplies for making lot of colors can add up too. 

So I searched online and found some great deals!  I asked Katelyn to share her favorite headbands we found on Amazon.  Smile

This was the first set I ordered – Susenstone® 10pcs Baby Girl Elastic Multicolor Flower Headband Rhinestone Hair Band (affiliate link). Adorable embellished headbands in 10 different colors for $4.00 + free shipping?! (Amazon prices sometimes do fluctuate and change)  Yes, please!  That is $0.40 each!  These were a tiny bit big on her as a newborn but fit well probably by 6 weeks old and still great at 8 months old.

Baby girl Rhinestone hairband

I also loved these – Sannysis 18PCS Baby’s Girls Elastic Shabby Flower Headband (affiliate link).  These are a lot like the previous ones except they are just one plain ruffled flower and have 18 different colors for $5.99 + 1.69 shipping  – so $.42 each!  These are soft, I have washed them by hand if they have gotten dirty, and they have held up great!

Baby girl shabby flower headband

I found these bows a little later – I LOVED the skinny bands on some headbands I saw on another baby and found some on etsy that were adorable.  But I just couldn’t pay $8-10 a piece or even $10+ for 2-3 headbands.  So I turned to Amazon again and found these  – Baby Girls Toddler Grosgrain Hair Bow Slim Headbands (affiliate link).   $11.99 for16 = less than 75 ¢ each

0Baby girl slim grosgrain now headband

Those bows are my absolute FAVORITE!  I love the thin bands that allow the cute little bow to be more of what you see and focus on.  There are 16 different colors so one to match every outfit Winking smile.  They have held up great as well – I have washed them in the sink when I’ve rubbed my makeup on them or they’ve gotten dirty.   The band is a lot thinner and can tend to make a bit of a mark – but only if she wears them for a long time or if she is hot/sweaty, etc.  The thicker band ones don’t leave any kind of mark.    My 7 and 9 year old nieces have also snuck into her room and borrowed some of her headbands from time to time too  – the bow ones look super cute on them too!  They wear them sort of as a headband – so I think these would be fun for a young or pre-teen girl too.

So if you have a little girl there’s my tips on organizing hair bows and headbands and where to get them for cheap!  I think a hair bow holder and a pack of hairbands or hair bows would be such an amazing baby gift for an expecting mom! 

Can’t wait to show you more things I have worked on for our little girl!

How to organize girls hairbows and headbands


  1. The picture frame with chicken wire is such a cute idea! Its great for storing all those little bows but its also a “work of art” for Katelyn’s room!

  2. Thank you for the lovely organizing idea and tips on where to get bows at a better price! We just had our first girl after three boys and I’m definitely becoming a “no bow, no go” mommy too. 🙂

  3. This is exactly what I need! Thank you so much! An answer to prayer, actually. 🙂

  4. Great new ideas! Super cute and organized too! I like that it holds many bows, headband, etc. I have twin girls, so our hair accessories are doubled!
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  5. What size of frame did you use?

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