Travel Tote Bag with FolkArt Stencil 1

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post brought to you in conjunction with BluePrint Social and Plaid Crafts.  All opinions and thoughts expressed are all mine. 

Travel Tote Bag with FolkArt Stencil 1

I recently got a chance to try out some new FolkArt paints and stencils.  I hope you enjoy getting to see some of these new products as they hit the shelves  – I know I enjoy the challenge of getting a box of craft supplies in the mail and figuring out what I will create with them!  This time I got to try out a new line of stencils by Plaid Crafts called FolkArt Stencil1® and these new stencils along with new paint and more should be available in store at Michael’s.  They have all kinds of new designs – patterns such as chevron, quatrefoil and more, and all kinds of other prints and images.  I got a travel themed set of stencils and was amazed at the intricate detail – especially in the map.

Travel Tote Bag with FolkArt Stencil 1

The paint that I got is FolkArt® Multi-Surface Paints – a line of 20 new specialty finishes including pearls, metallics, neons and glitters. The paint works on many surfaces, is dishwasher-safe, and is a water-based non-toxic formula.  So you could paint on coffee mugs, plates, or glass with this paint and it would be permanent and even dishwasher safe!  I really enjoyed using this paint – it covered well, the gray I used was metallic, and cleaned up easily.  And the FolkArt® Stencil Adhesive was different than what I have used before.  I usually use a spray on adhesive but this was in a applicator bottle.  It made the stencil repositionable several times and cleaned up with soap and water.   These stencils were perforated so I was able to separate each one since 4 smaller ones came on one larger sheet to make them easier to work with.

  Travel Tote Bag with FolkArt Stencil 1

Since I have been doing a bit of traveling recently, I decided to use the stencils to embellish a fun tote bag.  I found a round lid that was a little larger than the map and drew out a circle on the back of my tote bag.   I filled in that circle with the blue FolkArt paint and let it dry.

Travel Tote Bag with FolkArt Stencil 1

I used the airplane stencil a little lower on the bag and used some of the gray metallic FolkArt paint to stencil that design on.

Travel Tote Bag with FolkArt Stencil 1

The stenciling went super fast and was really easy.

  Travel Tote Bag with FolkArt Stencil 1

I stenciled the Wish You Were Here stencil in red up above the airplane and when the blue paint was dry, I stenciled the map stencil on top of the blue circle creating a layered effect.  I think that is my favorite one of them all!   Here’s the finished bag.  Just a fun update to a plain tote bag that will be perfect to use as traveling or that I could even give as a gift to someone traveling or moving away.

  Travel Tote Bag with FolkArt Stencil 1

I really should do more stenciling.  It is fast and easy and there are so many more designs out there than there used to be years ago.  It is such a fun way to add fun designs and customize pillows, curtains, lampshades, ceramics, glass and so much more. Have you stenciled anything recently?  If you were to stencil something what would it be and what design would you use?

And if you wish you can follow Plaid Crafts and Stencil 1 on their social media channels to get updates on new products and lots of craft ideas!


  1. Are you afraid of getting lost in the freebies and advertisers? I love your blog….BUT…lately you have a lot of almost ads. Just asking. Thanks Cheryl

    • hey Cheryl,

      I really do try to keep a good balance of “sponsored” posts versus just my own projects/posts. And also I only share with my readers things I truly love and would use regardless if I got it for free (like Behr paint) or things I think they might enjoy like new craft supplies. Looking back I have only had this one post and one other one for Rubbermaid this month and none before that until back to May (not counting my Behr posts which those I honestly would have been blogging about regardless of whether I had a relationship with Behr). I am sorry you feel that is a lot. I do disclose if a post is sponsored and you are welcome to just skip it if you wish but I truly do enjoy sharing some of them and hope that you can find some that you enjoy as well.

  2. Another Cheryl chiming in….. I enjoy these posts. I like knowing without buying that you have had good luck with a product, and I know you value your readers enough to let us know if you experience problems with a product, even if you are sponsered. I think you have a good balance. I am really enjoying your bedroom renovations! Thank you!

  3. Awesome blog!
    My bag is much smaller. I carry a small soft wallet, keys, phone, small soft case for hearing aids and batteries, pen, file. Usually that is all that fits in my purses. In some I can carry sunglasses.
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