Framed ferns as art {day 31 of 31 days of Pinterest: Pinned to Done}

31 days of Pinterest -  Pinned to Done!

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Framed ferns as art

Today’s project was inspired by this pin by Centsational Girl.

Framed ferns as art

Botanical prints are HUGE right now!  I love this fresh, clean look and knew that I could easily recreate it.  With the weather turning cold and so windy the last few days, I brought my ferns in to see if I could winter them or use them inside before they ruined.  So this was the perfect time to clip a few pieces to try this project.

Framed ferns as art

I had these IKEA frames laying around and just laid the ferns stems in the window of the matte, laid a white piece of paper back on top and closed up the frame.  Easy peasy!  I didn’t press them like Kate did – for one because I didn’t have enough time, and the frame/glass fit very close together so hopefully it will do the pressing for me.

Framed ferns as art

Here’s the individual frames with the ferns in them.  I left the matte in the frame, but you can see in Kate’s picture that she didn’t.  I like both looks!

Framed ferns as art

I hung them in my living room right now on the wall next to the TV stand and the stairs.    I actually have a pretty big DIY project that didn’t get done in this series that I hope to complete in the next week or two that will go here.  And I have a space that I am thinking about for these frames but I think I may have to ask your advice on it in a later post. Smile

Framed ferns as art

A simple and easy project and it was FREE!

So that’s it!  31 days of Pinterest is DONE!

31 days of Pinterest -  Pinned to Done!

I pinned, I created, I blogged about it all, and I am DONE! Smile  Thanks so much for sticking in there with me for the whole series and if you found me halfway through, thanks for joining in!    The fun definitely doesn’t stop here.  If you are new around here – I don’t usually blog about a Pinterest project every day but I do craft, DIY, and decorate my home on a budget and I do pin lots of things on Pinterest (you can follow me here.)  So definitely stick around for more!  If you missed a post or just want to bookmark this page for future reference, all 31 posts are linked up in gallery format in this post.

I will be back on Friday with a recap of the series and to answer some questions I have had – what was my favorite project and what was it like doing 31 projects in 31 days and more!  If you have a question about the series, about a specific project, about Pinterest, whatever – ask away in the comments and I will try to answer them in that post.

Now to figure out what to do with myself without a Pinterest project to work on or a blog post to write??  Hmmm… I think I hear the laundry, dishes, and my dirty grout calling me!

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  1. Very cute!! Bravo & congrats on your series!! You’ve been working hard girl!!
    Tonya @ Love of Family & Home recently posted..Inexpensive, Last Minute Halloween DecorationsMy Profile

  2. Congratulations on completing 31 days!!
    jae recently posted..Before and After: A Colorful OfficeMy Profile

  3. Well done! I’m so impressed with all you’ve accomplished. You’ve inspired me to start baking / making some of my pins, too. I really enjoyed seeing your progress!
    Kristen @ Joyfullythriving recently posted..$3/1 Huggies CouponMy Profile

  4. I’m sure you just gave a big sigh of relief to be done, lol. Good job. But now that you’ve spoiled us with a Pinterest project everyday, I’m sure your readers would agree that you should just keep it up and do one every day all year long . . . please don’t say out loud what you’re thinking about me right now. 😀 Totally enjoyed this series. I very much appreciate your honesty as to when projects are a ‘fail.’ I hesitate to do so many things that I see online because I fear what the blogger didn’t tell me happened to the project after it had been in use for a while. You should be our Pinterest ‘product control’ blogger. 😉 Good job again, I loved the projects!

    • yes, I did. and NO, not doing one every day for a year. I KNOW my husband would even say NO to that! 🙂 glad you enjoyed it 🙂

  5. YAY!!! I have enjoyed every day of this – great projects – informative – beautiful – GREAT JOB!!!
    Thanks for all the ideas and your help 😉


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