DIY Burlap Menu/Memo Board (Day 11 of 31 days of Pinterest: Pinned to Done

31 days of Pinterest -  Pinned to Done!

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DIY Burlap Menu board

Today’s project was inspired by this pin originally pinned from Jill & Ruth Co.

DIY Burlap Menu board

A DIY burlap backed memo board. Smile

This is a super easy, super fast project. 

Start with a frame, preferably one you picked up at a yard sale or thrift store for cheap, or even a dollar store frame.  I picked up this frame at a yard sale for 50¢.  It was actually in a stack of frames I bought and I bought 2 just alike.  Well, when I got home I realized that these 2 actually didn’t have real glass in them, but plexiglass.   I thought about tossing them back into my yard sale pile but one of them got used for my square spring greenery wreath and the second one I am using for this project so my purchase was not in vain!

DSC_0365DIY Burlap Menu board

I figured the plexiglass would work good for this because I wanted to hang this frame on my fridge and it wouldn’t be as heavy (and wouldn’t break into tons of pieces if it fell) plus I tried out the dry erase markers on it and it worked fine.

Take the back part out of your frame.  This one was heavy cardboard.

DIY Burlap Menu board

Then I cut a piece of burlap to fit.

DIY Burlap Menu board

And glued it around the edges onto the back.

DIY Burlap Menu board

I decided I wanted to try to embellish the frame a little since my frame was very plain and not as pretty as hers.  And I have been wanting to try to make fabric scrap rolled flowers.  I tried one time and they were a major fail. 

DIY Burlap Menu board

So I took my scrap of burlap and rolled the end of it into a ball (or you can knot it) and secured it with glue.  I used hot glue but I have burnt the ends of my fingers so much I think I am used to it. Smile  You can also use fabric glue but it may take longer for it to dry and adhere.  You keep twisting the fabric and then rolling it around the knot.  The key is in twisting your strip of fabric as you also twist it around to form the flower. 

Burlap rolled flowers

I also found some other red and black fabric scraps and made some rolled flowers out of them.

DIY Burlap Menu board

Just for fun, I had picked up these little gems for another project, but I glued one on the black and white fabric rosette.

DIY Burlap Menu board

Here’s my finished flowers!

DIY Burlap Menu board

And here is my finished board!  I hung it on my fridge by using one of those command hooks on the fridge and hanging the picture hangar on the back on the hook.  Then I also glued a magnet on the back of the bottom of the frame to keep it still and secured.  If you had a strong enough magnet, you may be able to just hang it with a magnet.

DIY Burlap Menu board

Perfect for a menu board, a grocery list.

DIY Burlap Menu board

Or just a memo board to write a verse or saying that I want to remember on it.

DIY Burlap Menu board

You could do this same thing for a tabletop frame and display it on a table or mantel, or even hang it on the wall.  The possibilities are endless!

Have you ever created a custom menu/memo board using fabric in a regular picture frame? 

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  1. Thanks for this wonderful idea! My son is getting married soon and I was trying to think of an easy to display the menu at the reception. Now I know what to do! I’m enjoying your 31 Days – great ideas!

  2. How cute! I am enjoying your 31 days too!
    jae recently posted..Jewelry PinboardMy Profile

  3. Lisa Thomas says:

    Hello- love this idea. Do you know which Command strip/hook you used on your fridge?

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