Friday fun + Frugal Finds: 1/2 price day at Goodwill and Value Village

Friday Fun   Frugal Finds

Sharing some more fun, frugal finds today!  I have been hitting the jackpot recently finding all kinds of items at yard sales, Value Village, the flea market, and Goodwill.

You saw this old sleigh in my Valentine mantel pictures.  I found it in January at the flea market for $5.00.  Couldn’t believe the price when I asked the guy cause he is the same one that I bartered with for weeks over a $35 chest that I finally got talked down to $22. Smile

It is a workable sleigh, but with the 60 degree January we had, I don’t think my nieces will be using it this year on any snow. Smile


A friend and I made a trip to Value Village on 1/2 price day last month and I found some fun finds! :) 

This white solid wood stool was $3.53.  Perfect for my little nieces that can’t quite reach the sink to wash their hands!  It will be getting a cute paint makeover soon….  (Maybe I should let them help decorate/paint it Smile)


I also picked up some clothes (1/2 off):

  • an Old Navy khaki skirt – $1.65
  • Ann Taylor Loft scarf (realized this when I got home!) – $0.98
  • small scarf from Gap – $0.35  ( I tied this in a bow on the front of a black/gray purse to dress it up – fun!)


Then I popped in Goodwill later that week.  (My overpriced, always half-empty shelves store.  I am beginning to not go there much anymore and try to visit the one in another town.  Or spend more time visiting Value Village. ;)  As I was walking in the door, they were making an announcement that for the next hour – ALL ladies short sleeve clothes were 1/2 off! Smile  Since I didn’t find any décor that was worth the price they had on it, I went straight to the ladies section.  I found 6 cute summer tops (some with the tag still on, as you can see!)  Regular price $4.59 each (craziness!!!) so $2.29 each on sale for 1/2 off.  I have already worn 2 of them (did I mention 60 and 70 degree weather for most of January into February??) 


Have you found any fun finds this week?  Share them or link them up in the comments?

Am I the only one that thinks paying almost FIVE DOLLARS for a secondhand, short sleeve t-shirt or shirt is outrageous?



  1. Great finds, once again! Wow, those are crazy prices. I think ours is $3.79 ish for most of the adult clothes… which isn’t great.

    I think it’s even crazier to you since you are used to yard sale prices. I don’t do those as much, if ever, so it doesn’t seem as bad to me! I know mom as the yard sale queen would always say GW prices were too high!

    I guess they think people will be willing to pay for the convenience?
    Renee @ Living, Laughing, & Loving recently posted..Thoughts on ForgivenessMy Profile

    • I don’t understand why our store’s prices are so much higher?? Molly finds stuff at Goodwill all the time and I am always AMAZED at her prices 🙁 My store is at least double if not triple her prices. And we definitely don’t live in a ritzy area 😉

      Yes, I do think I get disgusted with the prices even more since I am used to yard sale prices. 🙂 I have learned there are some things I will pretty much always buy at yard sales (frames for 50¢ and $1.00 instead of $2.02 – 4.51 at Goodwill???). But clothes – I usually NEVER find clothes at yard sales. So if I am looking for clothes – I have to pay Goodwill prices! 🙂 at least maybe I can do it at 1/2 price! 🙂 And I always try to remember where else would I be able to buy a shirt for $5?? rarely I can find one on clearance at Belk or Kohls for $5 🙂

  2. Yay for deals! Sounds like you made out with lots of fun loot! And, yes, I too cannot pay $5 for secondhand shirts. I hate buying clothes at Goodwill. I do much better and get much more at yard sales!

    I love the white stool!! I need one of those for the girls. Hmm, maybe I’ll keep my eyes posted for a little chair for you and you for a stool for me. Seriously, we can really make our trip to Georgia this summer happen if we HAVE to get together!!!!!
    Molly Swaffer recently posted..What’s a girl to do without peanut butter?My Profile

    • I have a hard time finding clothes at yard sales. But then again, I don’t do the house-to-house yard sales much either. Need to try to do more of that. Rarely see clothes at my parking lot yard sale.

      I have to remember though… it is hard to find $5 clearance clothes ANYWHERE, so thankful that I can at least get it for that at Goodwill.

      Don’t get why our Goodwill prices are so different?? Supply and demand, maybe? Seems like they would as an organization need to be a little consistent.

  3. I live in West Virginia and our Goodwills are priced just like yours – WAY too much for the region! I recently moved into an apartment and found that it was cheaper to order furniture from Walmart and put some of it together myself than browse my local Goodwills (three in a close-ish distance) for used furniture. Actually, I purchased sturdy matching furniture for less than $300 (six pieces total; two matching nightstands, a coffee table ottoman, a couch end table, a computer desk, and a 6-cube storage console I turned sideways and used as a tv stand) from Walmart, versus $200 for JUST a coffee table at one of our Goodwills – crazy!

    Our clothes prices aren’t too bad (normally $2 – $3 for women’s shirts. Although, I did find a perfect condition Marshall University fleece zip-up once for $6.. a little high but well worth it!) but the furniture is OUTRAGEOUS. Plus, no one is willing to bargain with you. I broke down and purchased an old metal cabinet to refinish and paint red as extra storage in my kitchen and although it turned out beautiful and I love it, I did not love paying $50 for it… and that was AFTER serious bargaining with the manger.

    Anyway, I’m loving your finds you posted! I’m definitely jealous of those scarves – so pretty!

    • $200 for a coffee table at GW – wow, craziness!!!

      yes, our furniture prices are outrageous too. $50-75 for a coffee table?? you can buy a new on at Ikea or Wm for that.

  4. I TOTALLY agree – GW prices are outrageous! I have rarely found anything there I wanted to pay the price for, other than some nice shoes for my eldest son that were in really good shape. VV has by far the BEST prices and selection, and I love 1/2 price day too! My kids don’t! Even when I try to explain it was a hunt for “treasure”. They don’t agree! I have to find out when you go so I can get there BEFORE you do Christina!! : ) LOL you have a better eye than I do! Love that stool – need to keep an eye out for one for our house, a prettier version than our Lightening McQueen one!

    • Yes GW prices are outrageous! So glad we have VV now! 🙂

      🙂 Maybe we can go together in February 🙂 I will share my good finds with you

      could you paint the Cars stool? even if it was plastic – spray paint should work 😉

  5. You’re not alone in thinking thats overpriced…my Goodwill is often overpriced too. Fortunately, we live within walking distance so I swing by at least once a week and they do mark down stuff quite a bit towards end of week (remember the $1.99 picture frame???) =) I can find BRAND NEW clothes at Target for the same price– if not cheaper–as the Goodwill….but its just all about browsing/watching. My rule of thumb that I usually try to follow when I do purchase something as far as clothing from thrift stores–it must be a decent name brand so that I know I’m getting a good quality, etc. =) Enjoyed seeing all your great deals, though! BTW–what kind of store is Value Village?? Just curious. =)
    Rachel recently posted..Family Photo Fun….or Fiasco?!? (part 2)My Profile

    • I know! I would much rather spend $5-10 on something brand new than $5 at Goodwill on used. I don’t dry a lot of our clothes so I like knowing that it was new and I am the only one that has washed/dried it. 🙂

      Value Village is like Goodwill or Salvation Army – they are sponsored by American Kidney Foundation.

      should do a post on shopping there – need to remember to bring my camera 🙂

  6. I am seriously missing Value Village! That place was awesome. Our goodwill just raised their prices to $3.99 for a shirt and $4.50 for a skirt. Seriously cannot believe it. I don’t mind if the item is brand new, but still, I think they need to lower their prices.

    And I love yard sales for clothes! The only draw back is that you can’t try them on!
    Laine recently posted..No-Heat Headband Curls ExperimentMy Profile

    • Completely agree about them lowering their prices – but don’t think it will happen. In fact they went up this summer.

      You don’t have a Value Village? some of the other NC girls talk about one? Our VV doesn’t let you try on clothes so no different than yard sales. I just don’t yard sale at “houses” (just my parking lot sale mostly) so don’t find much clothes.

  7. Boy, do I love Value Village! David and I often take a whole day and hit up every single one between Gastonia and Charlotte! I agree about Goodwill. I don’t like shopping there unless I need a specific color top or something. Then I’m a little more willing to pay Goodwill prices.

    • I am SOOOO glad a Value Village opened up here. I hadn’t heard of them 6 months ago but they are fast becoming my favorite store. We only have 1 near us – so you are lucky you have more than one 🙂 I would be tempted to hop from store to store on 1/2 price day. 🙂 Does yours do 1/2 price on the last Wed. of the month?

      • Love a yard sale. PICKY about which ones I stop by…but when I look at the things I have bought at sales over the years? Makes me SO HAPPY! I love to have a sale too…but sometimes it is for the social AS WELL AS for the cash! ;)I have recently discovered the beauty of estate sales. OH YES!

  8. Hmmm. I’ve never heard of VV before reading about it on here. I will definitely have to see if there is one around here. We had the most AMAZING Salvation Army in PA which I hated to leave behind with our ministry move in 08, however, I did (with the encouragement of hubs) stock up on items for the girls before we left. Ha!
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    • Christina says:

      I asked today and they said they are nationwide – surprising that many people haven’t heard of them. Doing a tour post soon 🙂

      We have a Salvation Army too – need to run in their again – wasn’t impressed before but maybe I will give it a second chance.

  9. Um…yeah…those scarves are pretty much awesome. Love the print and colors on the loft one! Pretty! I have found lots of awesome clothes for my whole family from yard sales! Last summer, I hit the JACKPOT for clothes for my hubby. There were 6-7 pairs of pants/shorts that were exactly his size! The best sales happen at churches when they do a “fill a bag for ____” sale. Definitely my fave! 🙂
    Christa @ BrownSugarToast recently posted..Lessons From My DaughterMy Profile

    • Christina says:

      I have loved the scarves I have found this year. Can I just tell you that when I get dressed to go out, I first check my scarfs and then pick something to wear that matches the scarf I want to wear – LOL! 🙂 so fun. I don’t know what my count is but I started with zero and probably have 10 now 🙂

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