Winter White Feather Wreath

I am so ready to get back to projects, organizing, and crafting after the busy holiday season!  I created this simple wreath over the weekend and I love how it turned out.Winter White Feather Wreath

I have an ever growing love affair with white.  If you have read this blog for any length of time you know my love for white milkglass, white molding, white sweater pillows, and much more.  The more white and light colors I add to my home, the more I love it and want to add more.

I have been wanting a white feather wreath for quite some time.  But they are never cheap.   I found one at Michael’s that was $24.99 but even at 40% off would be $15.00.  BUT, I did find 2 feather garlands that just happened to be on clearance for 80% off plus I had a coupon to get an extra 20% off your purchase that day.  So it cost me under $5.00 for both garlands.

Winter White Feather Wreath

I used a straw wreath that I think I bought at Value Village for $0.49 and a feather flower that was 75¢ at Michael’s.

Winter White Feather Wreath

I figured out that I could lay the garlands around the edge, on top and along the inside edge of the wreath and it would cover the entire front of the wreath.

Winter White Feather Wreath

Instead of gluing them on, I used some floral wire to attach them.  I just wrapped the wire around to the back of the wreath and twisted it.  This way I don’t destroy the garlands and I can use them for something different if I want to one day.

Winter White Feather Wreath

I secured the flower on with some wire and then stuck some sprays of pearly white berries and some white swirly sticks (from my Christmas tree decorations) on there too.

Winter White Feather Wreath

I love this wreath!  It is fluffy and soft and I love the added touch of the flower and embellishments.

Winter White Feather Wreath

It will be fun to move around the house and use it in different rooms, etc.

Winter White Feather Wreath

For now I am using it on my winter white mantel which I will share later this week.  I love making something cheaper than I can buy it in the store and when I like it even better than the store bought one too. Smile

Winter White Feather Wreath

Are you back to crafting and creating after the holidays?  Or doing some major purging and organization?  That is definitely on my agenda too, but we have family in town this week so it might have to wait till next week.    I am itching to haul some stuff to Goodwill though and have my home feeling lighter and cleaner.

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  1. Kelly Palmer says

    Very pretty Christina! I have the first of the year purging and organizational bug as well :) I have been working on cleaning out and organizing a little bit each day. I love this time of year and changing up things as I clean makes everything seem so new and fresh.

  2. says

    Oooo, that is lovely! I’ve been thinking about a white wreath too and never would have thought of a feather wreath! SO perfect for winter. Looking forward to the pics of your mantel…the sneak peek looked gorgeous!

  3. kathy w says

    I absolutely love it! You do such a great job and I love seeing what you make. Thanks for such a great blog.


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