Pink, Mint & Gold 1st Birthday Party

Pink, Mint, and Gold 1st Birthday Party

I cannot believe my little girl is already ONE!  Everyone said time would fly and I would blink my eyes and it would happen, but I honestly didn’t think it would happen this quick…

I cannot even express how much joy this little one has brought to our home this year.  She is a happy, easy going little girl with just a fun personality and we just love her to pieces. 


Of course I had been looking forward to planning and decorating for her first birthday! Smile  I kept it fairly simple, yet fun with a touch of vintage chic.  I am not a huge “theme”person and figure there will be plenty of birthdays down the road where she wants Minnie Mouse or something like that so I just stuck with some fun girly colors and some simple rustic/elegant decor that I mostly pulled from around the house or created myself.

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I put together this banner using a pendant and letter I got on clearance at Target a few years back. I just tape the letters onto the little pendants so it can be used again and again for multiple occasions.  And her vintage wood highchair that I made over (see before/after details here) got adorned with a DIY fabric scrap banner and a wood pendant that I picked up at Hobby Lobby.  This was a super simple DIY that even my 7 and 8 year old nieces were able to help me do – I’ll be glad to share a tutorial if you want one.  I think we’ll be making a few others in a different color scheme for their room/playroom. Smile

Pink, Mint & Gold 1st Birthday Party

I didn’t have enough tables for food, dessert, and a favor/snack table so I borrowed this pretty little white dresser from our little girls nursery for the dessert table.  It was perfect!  A strawberry cream cheese rosette smash cake was for her, while everyone else had strawberry cupcakes or a piece of the giant chocolate cupcake filled with oreo filling.  I made all the cakes/cupcakes – seriously those rosette cakes are so simple yet look so fancy!  And the giant cupcake is created with a silicone pan set I have.  

Pink, Mint & Gold 1st Birthday Party

Each month I have taken her picture on a special handmade blanket with her wearing a white onesie and one of those monthly number stickers.  Smile  As we got closer to 12 months getting her to lay still for that picture got harder and harder! Winking smile  But I am so glad to have these.  So I printed them all out and just strung them with some fun mini clothespins in a large frame from my stash that I spray painted light pink.  I’ll show you what I did with them after the party in her nursery reveal next week.

Pink, Mint & Gold 1st Birthday Party

Here’s her cute little smash cake! Smile  (Candle found here because I couldn’t find a pink one local anywhere!)

Pink, Mint & Gold 1st Birthday Party

And the giant chocolate cupcake filled with oreo filling. Smile

Pink, Mint & Gold 1st Birthday Party

I didn’t get a great picture of the food table but we smoked some pork on the grill the day before so had BBQ pulled pork, green beans, macaroni and cheese, bread, coleslaw, and baked beans.  I tried to pick some of our little girls favorite – macaroni and cheese is definitely a favorite along with green beans, bread, and baked beans.  And sweet tea, water, and pink lemonade to drink.

Pink, Mint & Gold 1st Birthday Party

I wanted to do some kind of favors and I love the idea of combining some kind of snacks you can take home as a favor.  So since our little girl is all into snacks and finger foods right now I did a snack mix/trail mix bar.  With some of her favorites like Cheerios and Goldfish, and then other things that sort of fit the color theme and went with a trail mix.  Pink Goldfish (yes they sell Princess Goldfish in the stores so that was perfect for her party), white chocolate chips, M & M’s (I should have stocked up on the spring colored M&M’s but I didn’t think about it), pretzels, golden raisins, dried cranberries, peanuts, and dried banana chips.  Everyone fixed their own bag of whatever they wanted to include in their trail mix to take home. 

Pink, Mint & Gold 1st Birthday Party

Above that I hung another fabric scrap banner and 2 pictures I printed out – one of her at 1 week and another of her at 1 year. 

Pink, Mint & Gold 1st Birthday Party

Of course the day of her party she was way too excited to sleep so refused to take a nap all morning…  She was so sleepy but still in a good mood thankfully!  She wasn’t too sure what to think of everyone singing Happy Birthday to her. Smile

Pink, Mint & Gold 1st Birthday Party

You may remember that she was born on my husband’s birthday so her and daddy share a birthday! Smile  He was helping her blow out her candle.  Love these two so much!

Pink, Mint & Gold 1st Birthday Party

She was a bit slow in trying out this big thing that mommy and daddy put on her tray but it didn’t take long with some encouragement from her cousins and a few tastes until she was digging in and having fun! 

Smash cake fun

Handfuls of icing and cake were enjoyed and gotten all over and even into her hair so it was bath time before presents were opened.

Pink, Mint & Gold 1st Birthday Party

She loved opening presents and getting several new toys.

Pink, Mint & Gold 1st Birthday Party

She got her first baby doll which she loves! Smile

Pink, Mint & Gold 1st Birthday Party

And a Little People barn, tractors, stacking cups, pool toys, and several other things.  This little loves to just sit in the floor and play – putting objects in and out of things, stacking things, and she loves to push cars/trucks all over the room – she definitely gets her love of cars from her daddy and her 5 year old boy cousin Smile  She has been standing/walking along things for several months and took her first few steps the day after her birthday.  SmileGrowing up too fast!


So there’s a peek into our lives and our little girl’s 1st birthday party.  We probably won’t do big parties every year but turning one is pretty special so this one was definitely one mommy had looked forward to decorating for and one we really wanted to make special and enjoy.  Smile

Pink, Mint & Gold 1st Birthday Party

Thank you for sharing in our life! Smile


  1. So so so sweet!

  2. Lou Ann says:

    what a cutie so are so blessed!

  3. Oh wow, she is adorable and the pictures are great.

  4. Absolutely precious. Thank you for sharing her big day!

  5. So beautiful. Glad I was able to see how you celebrated this special day.

  6. So wonderful. Glad I could share a peek into her special day.

  7. What a sweet celebration for your little girl’s first b’day!

  8. Jeanine says:

    She’s beautiful! What a very special day and such good ideas!

  9. You have a BEAUTIFUL little girl!

  10. Heather B. says:

    She’s is beautiful! I love your birthday party theme and ideas! Well done!

  11. What a cute first birthday party!! Your daughter is precious, and I love how everything turned out!

  12. DonnaMarie says:

    Your 1st Birthday ideas are amazingly creative ! My guess is that your beautiful baby girl will grow up to be as creative as her mom. I am certain she will enjoy helping with your projects as she grows : ) Thanks for sharing.

  13. Wow Adorable,so cute.Thankyou for sharing her birthday.

  14. Wow, Adorable and cute.Thankyou for sharing.

  15. Kaye M. says:

    I love the picture with daddy and his little girl! It’s pretty special that they share their birth date!

  16. What great ideas!!!! Your craftiness and ingenuity are great!

  17. Lanita Anderson says:

    She is absolutely precious and I know a special blessing to your family! I loved all of your decorating and party ideas for her special day! Thanks for sharing…..

  18. Cheryl Vetter says:

    You have such a talent for decorating! I am sure when she is older she is going to love looking at all these pictures and be so appreciative of all that you do for her. She is adorable!

  19. Wow some excellent photos, looks like the 1st Birthday was a big success. The cake looks amazing too, great job with it all.

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