Guest bathroom update – Farmhouse style bathroom gray painted cabinet

I am still trucking along on this One Room, One Month, $100 challenge and loving how this bathroom is turning out.

Last time I showed you my bathroom it looked like this.  There was a fresh coat of paint on the walls – a vast improvement over the pepto bismol pink before.  You can see the before + all the paint details here.  But the bathroom was still drowning in a sort of bland sea of white.  And the cabinet needed some work with a missing handle that had fallen off and broke. and lots of rough/water swollen corners and edges.

Farmhouse style bathroom gray painted cabinet

But here’s how it looks now!  So much more custom and up to date and just pretty!

Farmhouse style bathroom gray painted cabinet

Another before from this side.

before cabinet

And after from this side!

Farmhouse style bathroom gray painted cabinet

So here’s how I got there.  First I removed all the handles and sanded any rough spots.

prepping cabinet

Then it was time to paint.  I chose to use this American Decor Satin Enamels paint which is specifically made for furniture and cabinets.  I first tried just the darker gray paint (Smoke Gray) but it was a bit too dark than I was wanting so I mixed 1/2 of Smoke Gray with 1/2 of Gray Taupe and it was perfect!

Farmhouse style bathroom gray painted cabinet

I used a brush to paint the whole thing just because it was small and the enamel paint was good at hiding brush marks.

Farmhouse style bathroom gray painted cabinet

I tried several times to get that toilet paper holder off and even broke a small screw driver trying to get the tiny hidden screw on the bottom to budge with no success.  So I left it but didn’t want to leave it silver.  So I grabbed some black (Relic) Chalky Finish paint and some dark brown creme wax. I painted the silver toilet paper holder with the black chalky finish paint (2 coats) and then applied a heavy coat of wax.

Farmhouse style bathroom gray painted cabinet

I was very surprised how close it looks very close to Oil Rubbed Bronze!

Farmhouse style bathroom gray painted cabinet

I ended up spray painting the hinges with some Rustoleum Oil Rubbed Bronze spray paint and they seem to be doing great.  I opted to replace the handles – I love cup pulls so changed the drawers to these Oil Rubbed Bronze cup pulls from D. Lawless Hardware.  And got these basic knobs for the doors.  I did order one extra cup pull for that faux panel below the sink – debating about adding it?  What do you think?

Farmhouse style bathroom gray painted cabinet


Super happy with how this turned out!  A few more projects to go in this bathroom!

Painted bathroom cabinet before/after

Farmhouse style bathroom gray painted cabinet

Spent so far – $15.95

Spent for this project – $9.90

  • paint- already had from working with DecoArt
  • Cup pulls – $7.40
  • Cabinet knobs – $2.50

Total spent –$25.85

See what else everyone else that participated in the One Month/$100 challenge got done this week.


  1. I would not add the knob to the faux panel. It would catch on clothes, be in the way, and become loose over time.

  2. I would not put the extra handle on because it will catch on your clothes. (Don’t ask me how I know. lol)
    Pamela recently posted..St. Patrick’s Day 2017My Profile

  3. Sandy Manning says:

    It looks beautiful! I just saw a discussion on FB about adding pulls to faux drawers. The consensus was no. It was stated that designers say never to do it. Some pointed out, and it applies in your situation, that you bump into it at a sink, so no. I saw some pics where I thought a pull might look better, but in your situation I think it is a big no!

  4. looooove that cabinet color

  5. What a difference the cabinets make with some fresh paint! Love the drawer pulls =)

  6. Ann Lee S. says:

    what a change!! good on you for such a great color choice. no don’t put the extra pull on, things are to be done in 3’s or odd numbers, it would not work well.
    love the changes here, think I will copy that on my ensuite w hich I did in white.
    ann lee s.

  7. Wow, that gray painted cabinet looks awesome…such an improvement!

  8. Lanita Anderson says:

    I love the transformation so far, especially the gray paint and the cup drawer pulls!! Can’t wait to see what other ideas you are planning to incorporate!

  9. I love the way the vanity turned out! It’s beautiful!!
    Tracy recently posted..Boys Farmhouse Bedroom Makeover $100 Room Challenge Week 3My Profile

  10. You’ve made so much progress! It looks so good. Love the color you created for the vanity and that was such a smart change you made with the toilet paper holder

  11. I LOVE IT!!! That vanity has taken on a whole new life, and it’s gorgeous!
    Erin @ Lemons, Lavender, & Laundry recently posted..$100 Room Makeover: White PaintMy Profile

  12. L. bryant says:

    I would add the drawer pull and add a sponge drawer hinge set. About $12. ou may have seen these on kitchen sinks. I added these to our bathroom sinks and they allow me to use it for toothpaste and floss. The installation is so simple and that little bit of space really helps.

  13. Wow! It’s incredible what paint and new hardware can do. Your vanity is almost unrecognizable!

  14. While it is well done, I would have sprung for new facets. That would have really made a huge difference.

  15. How can I find the link to this on Pinterest. Would love to save this to use later.

  16. Looks great!! I used Smoke Gray with a little bit of Yesteryear mixed in on mine. Did you seal it after you painted it?

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