Vintage/rustic gray and white baby girl nursery

So baby Frugal Homemaker is going to be…


Yep!  A girl! Smile 

But no, pink will not be taking over our house either.  I am not much of a frilly, pink, ruffles galore kind of person.  I love classic, simple styles when it comes to baby clothes and also my own personal home.  And I am also taking very much of a minimalist approach to all things baby – basic necessities such as crib, car seat, stroller, a simple highchair, diapers and clothes and not buying all the STUFF that are in the stores and can be unnecessary.  Cute clothes purchased for super cheap at yard sales will probably be my weakness though. 🙂  I have already found several good sales and started stocking up on some adorable clothes for 25 and 50 cents.

So over the last month or so I have been busy planning out what I would like to do in this new room I get to furnish and decorate!  As you know we also have our home listed for sale, so I will not be setting up or decorating a nursery in this house.  We are really hoping and praying that we will be able to sell and buy and be in our new home before babies arrival and my very first priority will be to get the nursery done!  I do have a bit of a plan B if we end up having to stay here for the first few weeks/months of her life and then will still work to get that nursery setup and decorated the minute we move in our new home.

So here’s my plan… (and yes there will be a tiny bit of pink Winking smile)

Gray and white girls vintage + rustic nursery
I created this fun little mood board using Polyvore and you can click the link above to be taken to it and see the sources of each item.  Of course those are just for inspiration and I won’t be buying those exact pieces.
But here is my basic plan… 
1. Paint the walls a light gray
2. I would love to do some kind of white wainscoting/trim/or accent wall.  What I would absolutely love to do is a wall of faux shiplap where the crib will be placed against.
3.  Gray crib – we actually have already bought this as a steal of a deal during a trade in event at Babies R Us.  Through the end of this month you can get up to 30% off a new baby item when you trade in an old baby item.  So I was able to purchase the crib, carseat/stroller combo, and a high chair that attaches to a chair for an amazing price.  
4. I will use a dresser instead of a changing table and just put a changing pad on top of it.  I may end up using this dresser in the nursery or depending on the layout of our new home and if I still need that dresser as an entryway piece, I may look for another French Provincial secondhand dresser to refinish and use.
5. Some basic white curtains probably a set I already have from Ikea on the windows – possibly trimmed with some ribbon or something.
6.  I am keeping my eyes out for a good deal on a rug – something white/gray with a geometric pattern that is soft and fluffy.
7. I plan on using a white slipcovered chair in the nursery as a glider/rocker.  That way it can be washed and also be used in the living room or even in our master bedroom after baby outgrows nursery.  
8. I have not completely decided on the mobile but it will be a DIY project for sure.  Deciding between something like this DIY crystal version or something like this pom-pom in white and gray and pink.
9. I plan to use a side table or a garden stool next to the chair – already have a white garden stool that would be perfect.
10. And a rustic/white distressed pallet sign will be in there too – not sure exactly on the saying.  
11. I would also love to DIY a ruffled white crib skirt to go along with some basic patterned sheets.  No bedding set necessary since bumpers aren’t really recommended anyway.
12. And a fun light fixture!  I am already keeping my eye out for a secondhand fixture much like the one I spray painted for my kitchen.  I would paint it white or maybe a very, very light pink and DIY it into a fun faux crystal chandelier by stringing faux crystals on it.
Some of these things I already have (like the dresser, curtains, garden stool), we purchased the crib already, I am on the lookout for a rug, and the rest will be DIY or secondhand thrifted or yard sale finds such as the basket, pillows, lamp, mirror, light fixture, crib skirt.  So this will definitely be a nursery on a budget!  
Depending on the layout and the size of the room I would love to add a small bookshelf or book ledges on the wall or even an Ikea storage unit for toys.  And I am sure a few more decor pieces will make it in there as well but usually all of that has to come as you see the room progress.
I am itching to get started – just gotta find a house to buy first!  
So what do you think?  How would you decorate a baby girl nursery?  


  1. I love the gray!
    I hosted a baby shower lately and found free printables on Pinterest. My favorite was Thank heaven for little girls and put it in a dollar store frame. It was cute plus the mother could take it home and hang it up!

  2. Christina, I am so excited for you and just LOVE how you are so into thrifted, yard sale, DIY “stuff”. I am way beyond the “baby” years but I do have a granddaughter that is my heart, and she is 18 months old. Before she was born, my d-i-l and I scoured thrift stores and yard sales to furnish Elsa’s nursery and now her “big girl” room. There is so much out there that is new, or practically new, and they outgrow everything so quickly…’s a no-brainer. Also love the muted color pallette of grays, whites and pale pinks….especially with the addition of “crystals”. I’ll be following everything you do and being excited for you all the way. By the way, I just adore your style and love of living on a budget. Since my 20’s I have been in love with repurposing everything…..I have always referred to it as rescuing! I love nothing more than finding a great piece on the curb or at a yard sale, rescuing it and making something beautiful. 😉

  3. Love this nursery. So cute!

    My advice:
    – make sure the rocker is comfortable to half sleep in. Padded arms are key.
    – consider room darkening curtains. Have them in all my kid’s rooms.

    Congratulations, and God bless.

  4. What a joy babies are! She will be such a blessing to you and your husband. You’ve picked out a great palette that will grow with her and practical pieces I know you’ll put a special touch on. I’m eager to see how it comes together. I will be praying that you get your house sold and get moved into a new one before her arrival. How exciting to welcome a new baby!

  5. I am so happy, I think she will have curly hair…lovely…Millie
    millie torres recently posted..Organizing Greeting CardsMy Profile

  6. I love your plan! We did grey in kids rooms as well and it’s so nice to have a colour that you can change things up easily as they get older. Have a look at ours:

  7. I love it! As you know, I am not a pink person either and FOR SURE my daughter isn’t! I love the neutrals and gray with pops of pink or any color. CONGRATS! I’m so excited for you guys!!
    Karen @ Dogs Don’t Eat Pizza recently posted..The Friday Five: Five Things to Know If You Find Mold in Your HomeMy Profile

  8. When my well-meaning posts gets deleted from a blog I follow – I no longer follow. So, I’m sorry, but I’m leaving now. Good luck selling and many best wishes with the new baby.

    • Cheryl,

      I am so sorry if a comment you left got deleted? Was it on this post? I haven’t seen a comment come through from you and certainly wouldn’t delete it as you are a long time follower! Maybe it accidently went to spam or somehow got lost in cyberspace. But I am so sorry!

      Thank you for the well wishes! We are excited!

  9. So excited for you!!! M sure her nursery will be beautiful.

    Have a blessed week…

  10. Lanita Anderson says:

    Hey Christina – Congratulations on having a baby girl!! I love your ideas for her nursery….I am not a “pink, ruffles, frilly girl”, either, and I love the plans you have! Can’t wait to see it all come together in your new home! Blessings to you and your hubby on the good news….

  11. Congratulations and best wishes for your baby girl! I love your plan for your nursery…it looks to be classic and timeless. Enjoy this special time!

  12. CONGRATS on the girl!! So exciting! Love the nursery plans! I know it will be beautiful!

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