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So last week, this happened….

home for sale

I told you there were some big changes coming this year and this is definitely going to be one of them. 

(And yes there is a real sign in our yard and we are using an agent, but for privacy reasons I am choosing to not share it and created this fun clipart version in Picmonkey. 🙂

So let’s back up a little and I will explain how we made this decision and why now.  When my husband and I bought our house in our first year year of marriage, we intended to live here for 5-6 years, build up some equity, do some improvements, and then move to something a bit nicer, different layout/more room, maybe a bit more land, etc.  Well at the 5-6 year point was when the economy completely crashed and our house wasn’t worth anything.  So we waited.  I learned how to do lots of DIY projects and honestly just enjoyed making inexpensive but big impact changes to our home.  I truly have fallen in love with my home more and more as I have made it mine, strived to keep the clutter to a minimum, and made improvements.  But there has always been things we wished we could change too – a larger living room, more storage space, workshop space…


We have been watching the market and a few times a year checking selling prices in our area and they have been steadily climbing.  Last January things really got better and we started talking about even putting the house on the market last fall.  I was still working on completely repainting the inside, finishing up a few rooms, and the timing just wasn’t right.

Then we got the news that our home would be growing by two little feet early this summer. Smile  Why does it seem that such a little tiny person is going to require SO. MUCH. STUFF. and room? Smile 

I had already finished repainting every room except one and got that painted the week of New Years and then we spent the last 2-3 weeks and MANY, many hours doing all those pesky little homeowner things that you just live with but have to be cared for before you can sell.  You know the banister hanging by one screw, stains in the carpet, touching up paint, purging even more stuff, cleaning out the garage, and the list goes on and on.  My husband even took a few days off work and we pulled a marathon weekend of yard work, cleaning, garage purging, hauling off trash, and more.  Until we were finally done and a few days later that sign appeared in our yard.

I have to say that evening that the sign was finally in our yard and it hit that this was REALLY happening, I shed quite a few tears.  Oh I am so excited to find and make another house ours and I think it will help when we actually find that house.  But I really do love my home, we have made so many memories here in the last 12 years, and there is not really an inch of it that has not been touched by me with a paintbrush, yard sale find, or some white molding over the years. Smile  Definitely bittersweet. 


So here’s the kicker.  We are hoping and praying that we have a contract in the next 10-12 weeks and not only that, but that we find a house to BUY as well and have that under contract too.  If we get no offers and/or can’t find anything we will take the house off the market and wait till after the baby is born to relist and try again. 

I have some fun things planned to sort of take you along on the journey as we house hunt too.  I hope to take pictures of homes/rooms that I love and sort of share my vision of what I would do to that room if we were to buy that house.  Everyone’s home is different and my home and layout maybe totally different than yours so maybe it will help as I show different homes and styles and in various stages of “fixing up” to gain a vision for a room in your home.

I also plan to share complete before/after pictures of our entire home once we have a contract and are ready to move.  I honestly can’t wait to go back and remember the before of some the rooms!  I even found some pictures I thought had gotten lost of our home before we even moved in.  So that will be fun to compare.   And I have several rooms and pieces of furniture that I completed just recently that I will be sharing in the coming weeks. 

Lot of exciting changes!  We have never sold a house either – only bought this one – so if you have any tips on how to sell a house and quick, I would love to hear them!


  1. Congratulations!!!! So happy for you and your husband, and hope you find a wonderful home soon for your growing family!

  2. Congratulations! Very exciting things happening for your family! God’s blessings on you all!
    Rhona Crouthamel recently posted..Passing Time & Reaching GoalsMy Profile

  3. Congratulations! And good luck selling your house and finding a new one that’s perfect!

  4. Congratulations!!! What fun news.

  5. Lanita Anderson says:

    Congratulations on putting your home on the market! I’ll be praying it sells quickly, to just the right family and that God will lead you and your husband to the best house for your growing family! Looking forward to seeing the process along the way….. Happy Weekend!

  6. Whaaaaaaaaat???? I don’t even know you (I’m just a lurker) and I’m excited for you!! I’m a firm believer that everything happens for a reason and in its own time….Wow, you’re in for a fun journey — Congratulations! Blessings being sent your way…

  7. My house is for sale. 5bd/3bth…Come buy mine. Cartersville, GA over by Phoenix Air
    I love the work you have put into your house. It is a home by your own making. Lovely.

  8. So happy for you and your husband!! I wish you lots of luck with buying and selling your house. It can be so stressful. I will say a little prayer for you!

  9. Congratulations!! Excited for you!

    Tips for selling your home: Clean closets with open space (makes buyers think you have more storage) Clean counters and cabinets ( looks like more space). Clean, clean, clean. Make sure the tub is spotless, and if you have time before a showing, baking cookies or bread! I kept frozen roll dough in the freezer, and would take a few rolls out and bake them before a showing. Our house sold in 9 days so I guess it worked!! Your house is so cute I am sure you will sell it fast!

  10. Wishing you great success in finding a new home! Happy Hunting!
    Nancy recently posted..Picking and Flipping Union City Children’s ChairsMy Profile

  11. Sherri S. says:

    Just THRILLED for you, Christina! I am a little behind bin my blog reading, I know I congratulated you on FB. Can’t wait vto see all 2016 holkd for you 🙂


  12. Congratulations! Babies are such a blessing—I keep my grandbaby several nights a week because his daddy and mommy work at 6 am, so it’s easier than dragging him out so early in the morning. He brings us an incredible amount of joy.
    Your home is lovely–moving has had its bittersweet moments for me, but loving creativity, there will always be new projects to put together and love.
    As far as the moving part, open houses are enjoyable to go to. My daughter and I used to go together regularly before we bought a house.
    Booster Girl recently posted..It’s Better Than It WasMy Profile

  13. I would recommend de-cluttering as much as possible. You don’t want it to look like your house doesn’t have enough storage space. Also be aware of how many furniture pieces your home has in each room, it can get too cluttered that way as well – you may want to remove a piece or two. I would recommend getting rid of collectibles that are displayed as well as family photos and mementos. Anyone touring your home wants to be able to visualize themselves living there, which is hard to do with personal effects around. Neutral colored walls are a plus. Thanks for sharing, and best of luck to you in your house hunt and with the sale of your home.

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