January/February recap and plans for March

Did you miss any of my posts in January + February?   Facebook can be so hit and miss showing my posts to people and everyone gets busy so I thought I might start doing these monthly recap posts again.  They help me see what I accomplished that month too – sometimes it doesn’t feel like a lot but then when you recap just what I blogged about it reminds me that yes, I was busy! 🙂  

So here’s what happened around here since the beginning of the year…

January started with lots of organizing and purging.  My  spices got organized in some repurposed and new glass jars and I LOVE them. 

Organizing spices in glass jars with chalkboard labels

I also completely organized and purged my kitchen – the pantry was the biggest change.  I just love my pantry now – it has been much easier to keep neat. 


I rounded up a bunch of ideas for framing in your bathroom mirror to help me choose what I should do in our bathroom.

10  DIY ideas for how to frame that basic bathroom mirror

You can see which frame I chose and a full tutorial on installing it here.

Frame that builder basic mirror (for $20 or less!)

I shared Molly’s home tour who blogs at Pennies’nGrace.  Her home is filled with many yard sale and thrift store finds and is so welcoming and an inspiration to me.




Unfortunately for this Georgia girl, the only snowman I got to build this winter was on my mantel.  But we enjoyed it while staying warm indoors.

Do You Want to Build a Snowman Winter Mantel

My bathroom gained some extra storage thanks to some shelves from IKEA.


One spray paint project worked in my bathroom… one didn’t. 


Hate those wire shelves that make everything fall over?  Yep, me too.  So I did something about them in my linen closet – no saw or wood needed. 

How to change up wire shelves for less than $10

I made some curtain panels for our bathroom from a Goodwill curtain panel… but spoiler alert… I changed them up thanks to many of your suggestions.   Final look will be shown this week in the final before/after reveal of the bathroom.


And we finally have some brand new, upgraded, beautiful faux wood blinds in our master bedroom.  


My goal to work on/focus on a room a month this year is going pretty well.  January + February were devoted to the master bedroom and master bathroom and also doing a big purge/organizing of the entire house.  The bathroom is finished and except for 2 rooms the whole house has been gone through and purged and organized– yay!  But still need a bit more work on master bedroom. 

The room I had on the schedule for March is the guest room and I have already been doing some pre-planning for things I need to do/buy for in there so hopefully before month is out I will have some progress to show you in there.  I also hope to show you a quick refresh of our guest bathroom.  And there is a massive pile of stuff in the garage, so I am hoping that the weather warms up quick here in the south so I can have a yard sale later this month. 

I definitely feel spring fever coming on so you can also expect some spring decorating/wreath/mantel posts too! 

So what did you accomplish in your home in January and February?    Do you have some goals set for this year that you are working to accomplish?


  1. Sherri S. says:

    You have indeed been busy. I love your blog ( as always) and look forward to all your spring poists!!

    Happy Tuesday…

  2. I agree with Sherri! It is wonderful how you are always frugally creating projects to make your home better. Your heart shines through your blog. You are the first blogger I followed, so you hold a special place in my heart.

  3. pam moore says:

    Everything looks great. Love all your ideas.

  4. Great recap idea! I really like the framed bathroom mirrors roundup. Who knew you could spruce up a bathroom with four simple boards?! Thanks for sharing!

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