A tour of one of my favorite thrift stores–Value Village

a day of shopping at Value Village

When I first started showing you all the things I was finding at Value Village, many of you commented that you had never heard of them. 

First Value Village is a nationwide company.  In some states they are called Savers.  They work with the American Kidney Foundation (or at least my store does.)

So for those of you that might like to see more about this great thrift store, I thought you might want a peek inside.  I took some pictures on a recent trip there and thought I might show you around.

The first thing I do when I come in the door (after greeting the cashiers which pretty much know be my name!) is to take a glance at their sale board.


Each week they have TWO colors on sale for 50% off.  So I make sure to check that board and keep my eye out for those colors.

Then I usually check behind the counter.  They have an area up front where they keep nicer things, jewelry, brand names items and such. 


To one side of this area, they put all the “nicer” items that are included in the  50% that week.  Love that!


Lots of nice jewelry and at good prices.


Then comes the clothes!  And this store is HUGE!  Probably twice the size of the Goodwill stores in my area.


A huge wall of purses.


Tons of clothes!


More women’s clothes.  They price their clothes individually.  So no paying the same price for a brand name t-shirt vs. a worded shirt.  No, they price them according to condition and type of clothes.  And their prices are much lower than my Goodwill.


At Goodwill in my area, shirts and skirts are $4.94 – across the board and dresses are $5.96.  At Value Village clothes range from $1.91 – $6.96.  I rarely see anything priced over $5 unless it is a very nice dress/formal/jacket or something like that.

Here’s some examples of clothes I have bought at Value Village:


skirt – $3.29

scarf – $1.99

scarf – $0.69


vest – $4.29 but half off so $2.15

2 scarves – $1.99 each

I love this long aisle of linens.  I have bought several things from there – a white blanket, a sheet I plan to use in a project.


Sort of kicking myself for not buying this that day but I don’t really have a room I could use it in.  A Pottery Barn full comforter for $6.99 and it was in great condition!


Then there is their household section. 



Table linens…


I have picked up quite a few things from there as well.  Love their prices! 

$0.49 napkins


and $0.69 placemats – pretty much their normal prices.




Toys and stuffed animals


And games!  I always browse this section.  If you follow my Friday Frugal Finds post you know that I pick up games here all the time usually $1.81 and less. 


Baskets and other household items.


And they have a section where they have larger items – sometimes even furniture.


Anyone need a sports bottle??


Lamps and light fixtures.  This is where I found my matching brass lamps for $3.03 each.  I love them now spray painted and finished in my house.


I also love to check out their scarf section.  I really got into wearing scarfs last year.  I think I started the winter with 1 scarf and ended up with about TEN at the end of the winter!  All picked up at yard sales or Value Village.


Here are some other things I have bought there in the last few months:


  • Large picture frame – marked down to $2.42
  • Large frame – $1.21.  Love this – the frame is already the perfect color and I think I will keep the linen type matte edge the same too!  Great deal for $1.21
  • Heart wreath – $2.02
  • Balderdash game – marked down to $1.21
  • Dockers gray bermuda shorts – $3.29 BUT was the half price color so only $1.65 – woohoo!


  • 3 games for $1.81 each
  • a pair of shorts 1/2 off (but they didn’t fit so I need to exchange them.)
  • and 2 pillows 1/2 off for 49¢ each 


  • Balderdash game – 60¢
  • Taboo game – $1.91
  • Scarf – 49¢

And the one last thing I love about Value Village.  Each month on the last Wednesday of the month they put almost their whole store on sale for 50% off!  All the clothes, linens, and pillows are 50% off!  The store is usually a bit crazy that day but worth it! 

So check and see if you have a Value Village or Savers store around and do some shopping!  And then let me know what you find!

Are you a regular Value Village or Savers shopper?    Do you prefer them over Goodwill?



  1. I am so glad I checked your blog today to learn about this store. I had never heard of it before and turns out I have one very close to me. I can’t wait to go and check it out. From your pictures it looks like I’ll find some great things at great prices too.
    Nancy @ The Turner Five recently posted..First Day of School 2012My Profile

    • Christina says:

      Yay, so glad you have one near you! Try to go on Wednesday – our store will be 1/2 off cause it is the last Wednesday. Don’t know if they do that nationwide or not? You’ll have to let me know what you think or what you find.

  2. Me too, this is the first time I heard about this store and it looks like I will find here good furniture.
    Paulo Yañez recently posted..PhotoMy Profile

  3. Thanks for the tour. That store looks HUGE! We don’t have a Value Village in our area. I loved how organized it looks. Our Goodwill is getting a bit pricey I feel. We do have other thrift stores too.
    Donna recently posted..I’ll Drink to ThatMy Profile

    • Christina says:

      Our Goodwill is definitely pricey. I still do find some things in there but many things I walk away from because of the price. This is a nice store – glad they decided to open here!

  4. Wow, I’m officially jealous of your Value Village! I loved the one in Gastonia, but it wasn’t that nice. So happy for you!
    Laine recently posted..The Unofficial School Room TourMy Profile

    • Christina says:

      really?? I don’t really know what other Value Village stores look like. Mine took over an old storefront area so they might have a larger space than some. And our area – especially that town (a town over from me) – thrift stores do really well because of the population there. I am jealous of your Goodwill prices so I guess we are even 😉

      I might be going to another Value Village with a friend on Wednesday so I will have to see if it is as nice.

  5. I have also enjoyed having the VV in our area! Some of my favorite finds are: A Wilton Cookie Tree cookie cutter set, brand new for a $1 (9.99 @ Michaels), two dresses for 3.49 on 1/2 price day, lots of great shoes for my kids from 1.99-2.99 a pair, and lots of different pants, capris, shorts and tops for myself, averaging around $1.15 each!!

    Can’t wait for tomorrow – half price day! Whoo Hoo!! Wish my kids were half as excited as i am!

  6. Thanks for the tour. Theres a Savers opening close by, I was wondering what it was all about. I can’t wait to check it out. I’m hopping over to check out your other site too.
    Yolanda recently posted..Blue PartyMy Profile

  7. Oh how I miss Value Village since we moved to OH. : (

  8. i live in the york/harrisburg area of pennsylvania….i would LOVE if you would come here. checking out the site and would love to come in person!!!!!!! thanks

  9. Are there any stores located in Georgia? Sounds like my kind of store.

  10. I live in Ontario Canada and we have a Value Village in London. Actually 2, and I am a proud employee of the one Value Village. At my store we support the Canadian Diabetes Association!


  1. […] If you follow me on facebook, you saw that I went to 1/2 price day at Value Village on Wednesday.  My local Value Village is an independently owned store but there are other Value Village stores and also Savers stores that are much like my store.  I did a tour of my Value Village store in this post. […]

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