Outdoor light fixture change-up

Can’t wait to show you some bigger changes that have happened outside this year but they are all still in process. 

But here is a small change that I accomplished yesterday.  This light fixture was looking quite sad and definitely not doing any good for the curb appeal of the house.  Plus not sure if the bulb was just bad (it was extremely hard to figure out how to even change the bulb?) or if it wasn’t even working anymore. 

outdoor light fixture changeup

And we needed some light on this side of the garage ASAP for security reasons. 

outdoor light fixture changeup

I had purchased this pretty black wall lantern quite a while ago from Lowe’s ($20 or so?)and it had sat in the garage waiting to be installed.

outdoor light fixture changeup

So the other day, I finally tackled this job.  Changing a basic light fixture can completely be a DIY job.  My brother is an electrician and has shared some tips with me but honestly it is not that hard.  I won’t give a complete tutorial – but read some tutorials online, ask an electrician friend and you can totally attempt this.  It is much easier to do with 2 people but I have changed out plenty all by myself too. 

First you have to turn off the light switch and the breaker to the light fixture.  Test and make sure that the breaker truly is off!  Unscrew whatever screws are holding the light fixture up and you are left with something like this behind it – 2 wires (black and white) and a ground wire either grounded to a screw or connected to another ground wire.

outdoor light fixture changeup

On the back of your fixture you will have the same – a black and white wire, and a ground wire.  It is as simple as connecting the black wire on the fixture to the black wire on the house, the white wire on the fixture to the white wire on the house, and the ground wire to each other and then securing the ground wire to the ground screw (usually green).  And then securing the light fixture to the house. 

outdoor light fixture changeup

You use these special electrical cap screws to attach the wires to each other.  They will come with a new fixture or you can pick up some at a hardware store for a used fixture.

outdoor light fixture changeup

No pictures during installation as I was doing it myself and balancing a screw driver, caps, and a light fixture is enough without adding a camera too. Smile 

But here’s the finished product!  So much better and it actually works too!

outdoor light fixture changeup

Love that the finish on this light fixture won’t rust over time either. 

outdoor light fixture changeup

Do you need to add some curb appeal to your home with a new or spray painted light fixture?  Do you DIY small electrical things like changing out light fixtures or hire it out?

Disclosure: I am not an electrician and not providing professional advice.  If you attempt to install a light fixture, you do so at your own risk.  If you are unsure or feel uncomfortable trying it, please hire an electrician!


  1. Jennifer Macfarland says:

    Love the light! We have the same ones! So much character.

  2. Sherri S. says:

    I like this light. Nice improvement 🙂


  3. We have this exact fixture next to our front door, and I love it! I will say though, that I didn’t love that the glass was clear and you could see the ugly bulb. So we sprayed the glass inside with some frosted glass spray, and now it’s perfect for me!

  4. Looks like a good job there Christina but please font give away our secrets as you could put us poor electricians out of work. Got to admit you done a great job though and well done for tackling it yourself
    James recently posted..Common Electrical Problems….My Profile

  5. Hi, Christina

    I loved the hard work you did and yes the light is looking really very elegant.

    Not same, but last week one of my neighbors have installed lights in their backyard, they are almost similar to the one you have installed. .

    I also personally like them because they are very elegant in look.

    Thank you for sharing this post and the efforts you made to install it.

    Good read!!

  6. You did it so easily. This is what i was teaching my son yesterday and he himself did all the stuff leaving just the wiring part as he was afraid of lol. But you made it very easy.

  7. You did an awesome job!

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