Adding some chalkboard fun to my glass canisters

Adding some chalkboard love to plain glass jars

Back before Christmas, I replaced the canisters on my kitchen counter with these glass canisters.  My canisters had gotten some hairline cracks in them and were allowing moisture to get in so my sugar was getting hard as a rock and my flour wasn’t keeping fresh. 

Adding some chalkboard label fun to my glass canisters

The glass jars are these Anchor Hocking Heritage Hill Glass Cookie/Candy Jars which you can get from Amazon or I found mine at Walmart and got to use a gift card I had stashed away.

Adding some chalkboard label fun to my glass canisters

I love them!  The large ones will fit an entire bag of sugar or flour and I love that you are able to see the contents and see when you are getting low.  But I knew as soon as I got them that I wanted to dress them up a bit. 

That is where these adhesive chalkboard labels come in!  I got a $10 off a $10 purchase coupon in the mail from Staples (maybe for my birthday? Not sure why I got it?) and I had seen some other bloggers post about the fabulous Martha Stewart/Avery line of products that they carried.  These were $5.99 and I got another larger chalkboard label pack too so only paid $2 for both of them.  (This is not a sponsored post… Martha Stewart/Avery and Staples have no idea who I am, I just happened to love these products!)

Adding some chalkboard label fun to my glass canisters

And here they are on my glass canisters with each jar labeled with the contents! 

Adding some chalkboard label fun to my glass canisters

The labels are really cute with a little scrolly design on the edges. 

Adding some chalkboard label fun to my glass canisters

I know chalkboard stuff is all the rage right now and I am happy to join in.  It just dresses these up, makes my counter seem really organized and fun, they are completely removable, and of course I can change the label to say whatever I want.

Adding some chalkboard label fun to my glass canisters

So fun!

Adding some chalkboard label fun to my glass canisters

And now I want to chalkboard label everything!  They also had some tag type labels that you could tie on baskets – loved those too.  Now I just need to find those wonderful chalk pens everyone keeps talking about – I can’t find them anywhere here?

Are you in on the chalkboard phase?  What could you use these labels on in your home? 


  1. Sherri S. says:

    I love how you used these labels. Your jars look so finished. Yes, I have a chalkboard hanging in my dining room that I change out every few days or weekly Bible verses that help inspire my family. I agree, chalboards are the biggie right now 🙂 I would like to add another, but I am affraid it would be overkill…lol!

    Continuing to pray for your father in law and family. Hope you have a blessed weekend…


  2. It looks great! What size of jars did you buy?

  3. I love it. It looks great. I have some labels like that left over from a review I did for Kidde Cals a while back but haven’t use them yet. Thats a great idea to use on glass containers makes them look like the costly Pier1 ones! recently posted..My DIY Fake $20 Fireplace Reveal!My Profile

  4. Nice labels! I found this chalk pen on Amazon a while back – NeoChalk Liquid Chalk Marker Chisel Tip – White, for $5.59. I think I had it pinned from another blog writer who does quite a bit of chalkboard art and liked this pen a lot.

  5. I bought chalkboard labels in the $1 section at Michaels but couldn’t find the pen either. But I went on etsy and they had all sorts for sale. I bought one for $6 with shipping.

  6. Carolyn says:

    Very nice looking. I like the fact that you can change the labels as your needs change. I was trying to figure out, from the pictures, whether they have some kind of rubber seal to make them airtight. Do they?

  7. I love the look of the labels on your canisters, too! I’ve seen the labels before, and actually saw some in Michael’s today, but didn’t get them. I figure if I want some I’ll make them…if I can. I didn’t have a coupon for them.
    Debbie 🙂
    Debbie @Dewdrop Gables recently posted..Procrastination Week?My Profile

  8. I have a variety of sizes of these jars too. I absolutely love them!! I have also put goodies in them and gave them out as gifts. Question, now that I have some space on my kitchen counters, I plan on storing my flour, sugar, etc. in them. Have you had any problems with freshness since they don’t seal completely?

  9. These jars don’t have a seal, right? Do they still keep flour/sugar/cookies OK? I’m searching for these size / style jars but with a seal for me new kitchen.

    • no, they don’t have a seal as in a rubber seal but they seem to create a pretty tight closure. I have not had any problems with my sugar hardening and it is very humid here in the south. I have used them for 2-3 years.

  10. Do these Anchor jars have seals making them airtight?

  11. Loni Lichfield says:

    I know this post is kind of old, so I hope you read this- I am interested in using some Anchor Hocking canisters in my kitchen, but I tried putting my brown sugar in a small one, and it turned so hard I could hardly penetrate it. I’m afraid to get ones that don’t have gaskets that make them airtight because of this, but I noticed that you have sugar in one of yours. Do you find that your sugar gets dry at all? Is there a way to keep the air out of the sugar canisters? Thanks!

  12. Debra Patton says:

    I have these canisters and no they don’t have a seal but keep things fresh!!!

  13. what happens to the stuck labels when washed or in dishwasher, do they come off??

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