Jute Wrapped Monogram (day 22 of 31 days of Pinterest: Pinned to Done)

31 days of Pinterest -  Pinned to Done!

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Jute wrapped monogram

Today’s project was inspired by this pin from Two Twenty One.

Jute wrapped monogram

And I was also inspired by my friend Nikki’s wreath!  I went over to her house last week and she had the cutest jute wrapped monogram on her fall wreath, so I added this project to my 31 Pinterest projects list.

I started with this wood “J” from Hobby Lobby ($1.99 – 30% off = $1.40) and some jute I already had.

Jute wrapped monogram

The way you will wrap your letter will totally depend on the letter you are doing and the shape of it.  If you see Chelsea’s monogram above and click over to her post she had to wrap several sections twice to get it all covered and pretty.  Mine wasn’t quite as hard although I did have to think through several areas and unwrap a section and do it over to get it covered and looking right. 

I secured the jute on the backand started wrapping.  I had to use hot glue in certain places to secure it (like at the top and the corners).

Jute wrapped monogram

The curve at the bottom was the hardest part. I basically wrapped horizontally on the stick part of the letter, and vertically on the curve of the letter.  And then came back and filled in the open space with an angle wrap of jute.  Just play with it on your letter and see what looks and works best. 

Jute wrapped monogram

Here it is all done!  You can do many things with a monogram like that.  If you make a larger one like Chelsea’s – you could use just the monogram alone as a “wreath” on your door.  Mine is smaller and I intend to use it on top of or along with another wreath.   

Jute wrapped monogram

You could also hang it in a frame or on top of a mirror or old window.  I picked up this frame for $0.60 at Value Village so totally cheap project.  Jute wrapped monogram

And here it is hanging just by itself.   (Please excuse my horrible door that desperately needs a paint job.  I could totally paint it like right now, but I am having decorating paralysis because I would really like to change the color and can’t decide if that would work since our shutters our burgundy too.  So I just leave it??  Anyone else do the same thing?)

Jute wrapped monogram

I don’t have a wreath to use it on right now but I may come Christmas decorating time.  I am sure you will be seeing this pop up again.

How about you?  Are you into monograms? 

I must be really getting into monograms cause this is the second monogram I did in this series! Smile  Still loving this Moss Covered Monogram.

DIY moss covered monogram

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  1. I love this. And don’t worry. Our front door needs a paint job also…and our shutters. The weather and life just never cooperated with me to get it done before the weather turned cooler. *sigh* First thing this spring, I’ll get it done- now hold me to it!!! 😉
    Heather@ThriftyStories recently posted..Day 22: Homemade BBQ Bacon ChickenMy Profile

  2. LOVE it!! : )

  3. – I LOVE pinterest!! It is so acdidting and my new favorite thing to do on the internet! I use it to remember fashion ideas, decorating, photography poses/inspiration, food.. More like what do I NOT use it for 😉 My pinterest name is hannahewing !!

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