Hanging scarves with drapery tie backs (day 3 of 31 days of Pinterest: Pinned to Done)

31 days of Pinterest -  Pinned to Done!

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Today is going to be an organizing type of project.  Because first of all I could use more organization or better organization in my house.  And let’s face it, we ALL have pinned tons of organizing tips on Pinterest and have yet to put them into use.

It all started when I saw this post about a month ago on Thrifty Décor Chick where she organized her coat closet.  I mean seriously, who wouldn’t want their closet to look that organized and clean?

organized coat closet

And I LOVED her idea for hanging scarves on drapery tie backs.  And I know I pinned it, but I guess my Pinterest boards need some organizing too, cause I can’t even find the pin.  Oh boy… maybe I should have done 31 days of Organizing my Life – LOL!

Hanging scarves with drapery tie backs

So here’s how I did it.  This was a totally FREE project for me – woohoo!    I happened to have this bag of drapery tie backs that I used to use in the dining room.  But I have sort of gravitated away from the curtains tied back style and more to curtains hanging straight down on the side of the window.  I almost put these hooks into the yard sale pile, but kept them because I am borderline hoarder I thought I could find another use for them.


So I looked for a space to hang them.  I wear most scarves for fashion rather than warmth so I needed them in our room or in our closet.  Our closet in our master bedroom had this blank wall – perfect!


I had no functional way to keep all of my scarves.  Some were hung on the back of the door…


Some were hung on a hangar that was bending from all the weight and some were piled in a pile in the floor.  Just being honest here.


So I hung three of the hooks on that wall – two up higher for longer scarves and one down lower for shorter scarves I tie on purses or bags.


And I gathered my scarves from all over the house and hung them up.


Perfect!  And my closet sort of feels like a department store now –fun!  It is pretty easy to find different colors too – I can easily just grab a handful and look for the color I am wanting.  I hung the lighter/springier scarves on one hook and the heavier scarves on the other hook, so that will help too.


Room for a few more too! Smile   (By the way, I just started wearing scarves as a fashion accessory about a year or two ago.  Almost ALL of my scarves have come from thrift stores and yardsales for about $1 each.  Value Village has been my best place to find them.  I think I have only bought one at a store at full price.  And then a few weeks ago, I hit the jackpot at JcPenney and found many gorgeous scarves on clearance for $1, $2 and $4 each.  I picked up some for me and some for Christmas presents.  The teal one you see was $2, and the brown one was $3 and I have already worn both of them this fall. The pink leopard print one is an Ann Taylor scarf bought at Value Village for $1 🙂


I think I might hang the other tie back hook I have on the back of our entryway coat closet door like Sarah did.  My husband and I both have a few  few plain wool type scarfs that we use mostly for warmth (not for fashion, like my pretty ones!), so those need to be kept with the coats.

How about you?  Done any organizing Pinterest projects recently?  And how do you organize your scarves?

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  1. Wow you have a lot of scarves. I want to get into wearing them for fashion too, but not sure yet. Loved how you repurposed the tie backs. I will def remember that

  2. Wow! Great minds think alike! Lol! I just did the same thing this morning with two pullbacks I found last week! You have cute scarves!

  3. Wow – what a great idea! I am always shoving my scarves in a drawer and they are always smushed and wrinkly. I love this and am going to try it! Thanks.
    Jen recently posted..What I learned these last seven weeks…My Profile

  4. Now, this is what I love about Pinterest! Simple ideas, but oh, so helpful! Great project, and you’ve added one to my list.
    Kristen @ Joyfullythriving recently posted..The Classic BuckeyeMy Profile

  5. I love the idea! And it makes your closet look so organized 🙂
    Michelle recently posted..Day 8 (posted a half hour early)My Profile

  6. Great idea! I’ve got scarves living everywhere and could use something to corral them!!
    Jennifer recently posted..Organized Cabinet Baking CenterMy Profile

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