2013 goals

2013 goals

It’s January 2nd and most people are thinking about the fresh start that a new year brings.  Things they want to accomplish this year, goals they want to achieve, “New Year’s resolutions”, etc.  I don’t set New Year’s resolutions but I do like to set GOALS for the new year.

I set a bunch of goals for 2012 and although I didn’t accomplish all of them (or maybe even half of them) at least I set goals!  If I had never set any goals, I wouldn’t have reached any of them.

I tend to expect way too much out of myself which led to setting too many goals and trying to accomplish too much.  I also don’t have the greatest self-discipline as others do either, so while my list was completely accomplishable, for my level of discipline it is not.   While Money Saving Mom could have accomplished my goal list 3 times over last year, I am not her! Smile    So this year I hope to set fewer, more attainable goals AND increase my self discipline/motivation to get them done so I can have more crossed off at the end of the year.

And also writing down my goals and sharing them here really helps with accountability.  It helps me have a written list that I can go back to and check myself on.  Last year I did a goal update post each month.  This year, I won’t do a new post each month, but will just go back to this original post and update it and then share it on facebook.

I am using the same categories as last year with different goals under each one.

2013 goals

Grow closer to the Lord

  • daily Bible reading
  • read several devotional books
  • make prayer a priority – work on a missionary/family/friends prayer list and a prayer journal

Make our marriage a priority

  • date nights every other Friday night – going to start a date night jar or list that we will choose from to vary up and add some variety in things we will do – out to eat, coffee date, game night, movie night, take a walk, make dinner together, double date with another couple, etc.
  • family day every other Tuesday
  • find ways to encourage him – notes, texts, calls, special lunches, encouraging words
  • make more meaningful memories/develop traditions together as a family – holidays, trips, routines, special days.  Any tips on how you do this in your family?

Grow as a better woman, wife, homemaker

  • Read at least 6 books this year (I would actually like to read 12, but had that goal last year and only read 3 so starting smaller this year.)
  • Make healthier choices for myself – exercise, eat healthy, get enough rest
  • Get my home organized and clean and maintain it – start with massive re-organization/purging this winter, develop a weekly cleaning schedule, keep main living area 30 min. to company clean.
  • Menu plan, incorporate new recipes into our family (at least one a month), cook more from scratch.
  • Do a homemade/clean living project each month and add that permanently to our household.  I want to incorporate homemade cleaners, soaps, mixes, etc. into our home.  Like my homemade taco seasoning.  Here are some I plan to tackle in 2013 – homemade laundry detergent, homemade glass cleaner, homemade floor cleaner, homemade furniture polish, and more! 

Continue to grow my blog

  • blog about my monthly homemade/clean living project
  • learn how to take better photos/use my camera better – have a course I need to work through.  Plan to do that in January/February.
  • Continue to bring you budget friendly ways you can decorate your home on a budget.
  • attend at least one blog conference – already bought my ticket to Haven, yay!
  • manage my time better with work/family/social media
  • do and share lots of DIY projects, crafts, room redo’s and more – will share my Home Goals for 2013 in a later post

Be a good steward of our finances

  • save more this year by managing our money better
  • continue to save towards the purchase of a car.  We saved almost to our goal last year even with low finances in November/December.  But we haven’t need to purchase a car yet so will continue to save. 
  • increase our general savings or savings for retirement
  • give more – find valid areas outside of our church to this or maybe take on a missionary for support as a family?

Minister to those around me

  • have guests in our home once a month – making this a goal yet again so I have something to strive towards.
  • minister to others – write our college kids regularly, write a handwritten note to someone else at least once a month.

So there we go!  Some are the same as last year since I didn’t accomplish them last year, or they are things I need to work on each year.

What are some goals you have for this year?  How did you do on your goals last year?

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  1. says

    Love your goals, Christina. I’m still recovering from traveling, laundry, sick kiddos, and our family Christmas yesterday, so I’ll probably take the weekend to dwell on my 2013 goals and share them on Monday.
    Thanks for sharing yours and inspiring us all to do better in the coming year. Love your blog. =)
    Heather@ThriftyStories recently posted..2012 HighlightsMy Profile

  2. Nikki says

    Love your goals, I also want to have fellowship monthly, it’s something I’m really missing! You are much braver than me….as much as I love checking off lists, I get discouraged when I make no headway….add that to the new list, I guess!!! haha Work harder to cross off things!


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