Friday Frugal Finds: thrift store finds–shoes, kitchen décor, throws, and more

Today I have a mix of frugal finds to share with you from various trips to thrift stores over the last few weeks.  I picked up this heavy, nice candlestick for $1.01 at Value Village.  On my next trip to Value Village (yes, the cashiers really do know me by name ), I picked up […]

Friday Frugal Finds: Goodwill shopping even on vacation

One day I will get back into a regular blogging schedule again, you guys!  I miss the blog and my readers when I am not blogging but can’t seem to do projects, live life, and blog all at the same time anymore after my life getting so rearranged in the last 6 months.  Hoping in […]

Frugal Friday Finds: baskets, games, a mirror, and pillows

I feel like those 4 items in the title have been a lot of my finds recently.     I am having to be careful with what I buy as we don’t really need a lot but I am looking for quality things, and some specific things. Baskets are pretty much always on my list – […]

Frugal Friday Finds: lots of pillows, IKEA curtains, and decor

I was so happy to finally get a chance to do some yard sale shopping last weekend!  In between crazy schedules and rain almost every weekend, I hadn’t shopped a yard sale in over a month. I picked up this metal star for $1.00 at my parking lot yard sale. And this metal/rattan basket for […]

Decorating with thrift store pillows

Once again I have to say a heartfelt thank you to my readers for your comments, emails, posts on facebook, and just general concern/comfort in the recent passing of my father-in-law.  So many people came to the viewing and funeral – personal friends of ours, co-workers from many, many years of my FIL, church family, […]

$2 Thrift Store Bench Makeover (Gray and White Chevron Bench)

Hey, everyone!  I have missed you and blogging!  Before I share today’s project, first let me say thank you so much for the words of encouragement, the virtual hugs, the messages, emails, and comments after my last post.   I already loved blogging and knew that I had some wonderful readers that come to follow along […]

Friday Frugal Finds (last of the season!)

So this will probably be the last Friday Frugal Finds of the season.  I am about to jump into a 31 day series during the whole month of October (more on that on Monday – excited about this years theme!), and then November and December will be upon us and yard sale season is over […]

Friday Frugal Finds–$2 bench, $12 nightstand, and more

I know you have been just waiting inpatiently to see what this $2.00 piece of furniture was that I brought home from Value Village 2 weeks ago. Here’s the picture I posted on Instagram and Facebook.  And then because I did my 5 mantels in 5 days series last week I didn’t post my normal […]

Cottage or Coastal themed decorated mantel (1 mantel decorated 5 ways series)

So I saved the best for last    Ok, not really but out of all the mantels this is probably my favorite and it is the one currently displayed in my home until I decorate my fall mantel in a few weeks.  For one reason because I am still hanging on to those last days […]

Friday Frugal Finds: glassware, pillow and chevron throw

I didn’t a chance to shop yard sales last weekend  – we went white water rafting with our Sunday School class on Saturday instead.  Even though I have been many times this time was the most adventurous!  From starting out on the river in pouring down rain, which then made the river higher/faster so it […]