Spring Fling Must-Haves

This is a sponsored post by  Central Garden & Pet.  See full disclosure statement below. Spring.  I thought it would never come this year.  Now that it finally has, I am busy at work outside! I LOVE working outside in the yard.  And judging from my facebook post the other day, a lot of you […]

Mailbox flower garden

When spring began this year, this is what our mailbox looked like.  It was sad, very sad.  I wondered if we were going to have to replace it but figured I would try to paint and stain it first.  I debated what color to do in this post and many of you weighed in with […]

Faded chair cushions refreshed with spray paint!

I hope you aren’t tired about me talking about spray paint ,because seriously spray paint has become my best friend in the last few years!  And yet again it has won my affection for refreshing something old and worn out and saving me some major $.  I should have just declared this spray paint week […]

Before/after Deck reveal {Sprucing up the outdoors for Spring series}

Welcome to our back deck! What?  You don’t want to come hang out and have dinner here? Don’t worry!  We didn’t either!  Especially since it was sagging, boards were popping up everywhere, and in our home inspection we discovered that it wasn’t even anchored to the house properly!  (Thankfully it is only a few feet […]

Front porch makeover {Sprucing up the outdoors for Spring}

So excited to show you my newly re-decorated front porch today! But first let’s revisit the before.  Here was my front porch at the beginning of the spring. You will remember that I painted the rails white again and I re-stained the deck back in April.  You can see more in this post. I also […]

Vintage window turned outdoor decor and flower planter {Sprucing up the outdoors for spring series}

This was actually a project I did last summer for our deck (before/after pictures of our deck coming in 2 weeks!).  But I haven’t shared it here and it is a huge favorite of mine so I thought I would share it with you.  Especially since yard sale season is in full swing and you […]

No cost mailbox re-do {Sprucing up the outdoors for spring series}

I have had a hard time waiting to share this re-do with you – I have been so excited about it!  I am a firm believer in spray paint and that it can practically re-do anything BUT this project has amazed even me!   Remember my mailbox dilemma post from last week?    Yes, this was […]

Front porch part 1: new paint and stain {Sprucing up the Outdoors for Spring series}

Thank you so much for all your great comments on my mailbox dilemma post yesterday!  So many great suggestions!  I am eager to get started on it and even took a trip to a discount grower’s outlet yesterday and got some beautiful plants.  So maybe my project will be done in the next week or […]

Color-filled flower pots {Sprucing up the Outdoors for Spring series}

Today we continue with our “Sprucing up the outdoors for Spring” series. We talked last week about planting flowers and beautifying your flower beds.  But I also love to have flowers in pots too!  Ok, I pretty much just like flowers anywhere – indoors, outdoors, in pots… And I like colorful or color-filled flower pots!  […]

Cleaning out the flower beds {Sprucing up the Outdoors for Spring series}

Yep, I am starting another series! Just cause I am crazy like that.  So for the month of April and probably into the first week of May this will be our schedule around here: Monday will feature the “How to shop yard sales” series, Wednesday will be this series “Sprucing up the outdoors for spring” […]