September goals + August goals update

September is finally here!  I always have a hard time giving up the last of summer, but this year I think I am more ready for fall than usual.    Ready for 70-80 degree temperatures instead of 90-100 (yep, that is what we get for fall here in the south) and ready for fall projects and […]

July goals update and goals for August

Here is my monthly goals update   It is both encouraging and challenging to set goals, and see the the progress in completing them or see the work I need to do! Here’s my update for this month. Monthly goals (goals to accomplish each month) Date nights every other week (Yep, did this! LOTS of […]

June goals update + July goals

Whew… this month feels like it just started and all the sudden it is the 10th of July??  Where is July going so fast?  So before it gets any later, let me recap my goals for last month and make some new goals for this month.  You can see all my past goal posts here, […]

May goals update + June goals

Monthly goals (goals to accomplish each month) Date nights every other week (Yep, did this!) Find ways to better our marriage – notes, meaningful conversations, make his life easier (work in progress) Read 1 book each month (STILL haven’t done this – I guess projects, shopping yard sales, spray painting, Pinterest, and blogging just overtake […]

April goals update

So last month I was quite discouraged with my goals and what I had gotten done.  Many of you commented in the comments and in emails that I was trying to accomplish too much!   And I would agree that I can be over-ambitious and then down on myself when I don’t accomplish what I […]

March Goals checkup

So my friend Christa wrote her goal checkup post last week and this is the picture she used to describe it… Yep, I feel the same way!   Don’t even want to look at this list.  And worse yet we are 1/4 of the way DONE with 2012 and I am no where near 1/4 of […]

February Goals checkup

I posted on facebook about a week ago that I could see the end of February looming and I had better really work hard on finishing up a few last goals.  Well, I got a lot done that last week so ended with all but one of every-month goals done! You can read my original […]

2012 goals–January checkup

So the calendar switched over to a new month last week sort of quietly in our house…  which means the first month of the year is over – wow!  So how about those goals (or New Year’s resolutions) that you made last month?    Have you forgot all about them or have you made some progress […]

12 Home Goals for 2012

So I hope you are not getting tired of all my goal posts.    It just seems that this is a theme in my life as well as others this year.  I have already been working on my goals (I have read one book, working on cleaning out clutter, have found some ways to minister […]

P52: Resolution + my word(s) for the year

Since one of my goals for this year was to work on my photography, I have decided to participate in a weekly photo project over at My3Boybarians.  She is calling it Project 52 or P52– which stands for one photo each week for a year.  This weeks theme was resolution.  A book, along with this […]