Front porch makeover (decorated for summer in red, white, and blue)

Can’t wait to show you my summer front porch!  I just love red, white, and blue and using it to decorate outdoors for summer just seems so fitting!  But first let’s stop back a bit and look at how we got to that pretty decorated porch.  It required lots of painting, staining, and cleaning! The […]

Front door makeover with new Behr Marquee paint

I FINALLY painted my front door!  This is one of those projects that I seriously said, “why did I wait so long to do this?”  Our front door has never been painted in the 10 years we have lived here.  It hasn’t always looked quite as bad as this but honestly it never looked good […]

There’s a pumpkin on my porch {Front porch decorated for Fall}

So we are continuing the fall décor theme this week with some outside fall décor today.  I had fun decorating my front porch to show you! Can I confess something?  I am not a very good outside decorator… at least I don’t think so.  For one, outside décor seems to cost a good bit and […]

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Summer begins with some red, white, and blue {Summer Patriotic mantel}

I don’t know about you but Memorial Day is sort of the official beginning of summer to me.  School is out, June is just around the corner, 90+ degree temperatures have begun – yep, it’s summer! So it was time for my Spring mantel to say goodbye and time to decorate my mantel for summer.   […]

Front porch makeover {Sprucing up the outdoors for Spring}

So excited to show you my newly re-decorated front porch today! But first let’s revisit the before.  Here was my front porch at the beginning of the spring. You will remember that I painted the rails white again and I re-stained the deck back in April.  You can see more in this post. I also […]