Haven Conference–my trip to a blogging conference last week

Whew…. I am sorry to have been absent around there recently.  I have been having ALL kinds of site issues behind the scenes as you may have noticed if you visited the site and couldn’t get it to come up.  But I have switched web hosts and made some other changes and I think everything […]

Top projects of 2012

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas!  We had a good Christmas.  A quiet, simple Christmas with my husband’s family on Christmas Eve and then Christmas with my family (three kids age 5 and under) which was a little bit more crazy.  And as for presents we got – well, there may have been […]

Happy one year blogiversary!!

September 28th… do you know what I was doing last year on September 28th?  Publishing my VERY FIRST post on The Frugal Homemaker!  (Wanna read it?  Here it is.)  Which means today is The Frugal Homemaker’s ONE YEAR Blogiversary!  I wasn’t new to the world of blogging a year ago, as I had written a […]

I’m going to Haven!!! (The BEST DIY/Home bloggers conference ever!) + some of my favorite DIY blogs

Since I was stranded at home last Saturday, I don’t have any yard sale finds to share for Friday Frugal Finds today.   I did pop in Value Village and find some fun stuff though, but I think I will wait till next week to share that. Because I am bursting at the seams to […]

Blog tips: Sharing related posts with nRelate

I really enjoy blogging!  It has literally changed my life the last few years – learning about how to blog, how to mess with HTML or CSS (the coding behind what you see), and then the best part – learning from the whole DIY, Home blogging world, and sharing myself and projects through my blog.  […]

Celebrating 100 posts + a giveaway!

After I posted Monday’s post, I realized I had just posted my 100th post!   That was was sort of fun for me and I wanted to celebrate with all of you!  (Because it sure wouldn’t be fun to sit and write 100 posts if no one was reading them!) 100th post (2/27/12) Pinterest inspired […]

What I learned from Bloggy Boot Camp

I had the privilege to attend Bloggy Boot Camp put on by the SITS girls this past weekend in Atlanta.  (and no, there weren’t any sit ups or drill sergeants involved, thank goodness! )  I always felt a little envious when I would read about these bloggers going to fun blogging conferences and longed to […]

Welcome to The Frugal Homemaker!

Welcome to the Grand Opening of The Frugal Homemaker! This site has been a dream of mine for several months and I am excited to finally launch.  I will still be making tweaks and changes here and there (as I learn more about wordpress and site design – anyone got any tips for me??), but I […]