How to organize CD’s or DVD’s (and reduce clutter!)

So this post is either going to be a “wow, she is just now doing that?” or “wow, I need to do this!” type of post.  I hope it will be a help to some who maybe didn’t realize this was an option or just hadn’t thought of doing this – it sure has been […]

Easy DIY storage shelves for attic or garage

Happy Monday!  I have a new project to share with you today but it’s more of a storage/organizing post not a pretty type post.  I have been in major purge and organize everything mode over here the last few weeks (anyone else?)   We had nasty weather in January and beginning of February with lots of […]

Farmhouse style Laundry room makeover (for less than $100!)

I am so excited to share my laundry room makeover with you today!  I just LOVE how this turned out and I’m so amazed I was able to pull it off and come under budget  (I was a bit nervous with that this time!)  I’ll get to all those details later but for now let’s […]

A frugal girl’s review of Stitch Fix

So today’s post will be a bit different so if it’s not for you, come back on Monday for another home post.     I wasn’t even going to post about Stitch Fix but I mentioned it on my facebook page and got a pretty resounding yes that many people would like to hear my honest […]

Cabinets and shiplap in the laundry room! ($100 room challenge)

It’s the last week before the big reveal next week on the $100 room challenge and I made huge progress in the room this week! Here’s what the room looked like after a fresh coat of paint and removing the one wire shelf that was here above the washer and dryer (you can go back […]

Laundry room basket makeover ($100 room challenge)

I am still in the midst of a one month, less than $100 challenge makeover on our laundry room – you can see the before and my plans for the room here, and the new paint before/after here.  This week I have a quick update on an accessory for the room since we are still […]

Home goals for 2018

Happy New Year!  I always enjoy the fresh start and blank slate that a new year brings, do you?  I’m not a huge “new year resolution” but I do like to make goals and lists!   I have been just so excited for it to January and be back to home projects.  I love the […]

Laundry room before ($100 Room Challenge)

Happy New year!  I am so excited to jump back into tackling projects and working on the house again after the holidays!  And even better I am starting off participating in the $100, One Month, One Room challenge with several other bloggers. If you are new to the $100 Room Challenge basically you aim to […]

Top 10 posts of 2017

I love to look back through the year and see the projects that got completed around our house.  Sometimes it doesn’t feel like you make much progress, but when you look back you realize you really did! So here are the top 10 posts of 2017 based on how many views each post got… 1. […]

Tips for saving money all year by shopping after-Christmas clearance (+ my 10 favorite things to buy)

Can I tell you a secret – I love after Christmas clearance shopping almost as much as I love Black Friday shopping and even almost as much as I love thrifting/yard sale shopping!  There are so many deals to be found and I save so much money not just on Christmas stuff but literally all […]