DIY sponge wall design in hallway #spongewallmovement

I am still plugging away on the $100 room challenge on this boring hallway in our house…

This is what I started with:

$100 room makeover hallway before-3

Then I added board and batten trim and painted the walls –

How to install board and batten trim in a hallway-14

The top half of the wall color is Statuesque by Behr Marquee and bottom white portion is just Ultra Pure White by Behr.  I did a full tuturial on how to install board and batten trim, what wood to use, how to space it in this post. 

So next I had been debating adding one more design element to the hallway which was basically a DIY wallpaper design using sponge painting!  Now this isn’t the same sponge painting of the 90’s where everyone was taking sea sponges and sponge painting this design on their wall – I did that one time in a half bath in our last house – never again!  Lol!  The now popular way to sponge paint is just using a regular old kitchen sponge and painting a geometric type design on your walls as an accent and it usually resembles a wallpaper design. 

Here’s a few examples of sponge painted walls that I love:

Here’s one by Pretty on Fridays is so pretty as an accent wall in a master bedroom:


This one in a nursery by Blooming Nest is so pretty!  She just cut a sponge to that shape – so many design options!


Here’s even a backsplash tile idea using a sponge – so pretty!!


And here’s another design in a closet – would be so pretty for a pantry too!


There are literally hundreds of designs possible and then of course colors of paint change the look too.  Search #spongewallmovement on Instagram or Pinterest for even more ideas.

So here’s how I did mine.  I picked a subtle color that was a just a shade or two darker than the wall color – I used Chic Gray by Behr and just bought a sample size for $3.98 – I had plenty of paint and even 1/4 of the jar left. And then just grabbed a paper plate and a regular kitchen sponge. 

How to paint a faux wallpaper design using a sponge #spongewallmovement-1-2

I practiced a few times on a piece of paper and then just eye-balled a herringbone type pattern on the wall.  I wasn’t sure how I could mark off the wall to make it perfect without making pencil marks but you could use painter’s tape if you wanted to do measurements or a guide on the wall.

How to paint a faux wallpaper design using a sponge #spongewallmovement-1

It did not take long at all – maybe 30 minutes to do this whole hallway and not even a full sample size of paint.  Such a cheap and easy design!

How to paint a faux wallpaper design using a sponge #spongewallmovement-3

Some tips I would have would be to dab your sponge in the paint and then lightly dab it off on another portion of the plate or a different paper plate.  Also I would 3-4 sponge marks and then reload with paint.  Make sure to watch for drips and fix those while paint is still wet. 

How to paint a faux wallpaper design using a sponge #spongewallmovement-5

It definitely got mixed reviews on Instagram  – 60% off people said not to do it and only about 40% said to do the sponge design which surprised me! Smile  It definitely could tend to look a bit busy and I honestly did love the clean/crisp before of the trim and plain walls.

How to paint a faux wallpaper design using a sponge #spongewallmovement-6

And the imperfection may drive some people crazy too – I thought it would bother me more too but it is sort of that perfectly imperfect look of like handdrawn wallpaper. 

How to paint a faux wallpaper design using a sponge #spongewallmovement-12

Either way if I tire of it, it is an easy fix to just repaint the top half of the wall with a quick coat of paint. But I had been wanting to try this sponge wall design and this was the perfect spot to try it Smile

How to paint a faux wallpaper design using a sponge #spongewallmovement-7

So what do you think?  Yes to the sponge wall design or just clean, crisp walls?  If you were to do a sponge wall design where would you do it?

Make sure to check out all the other projects the other participants did in week 3 of the $100 room challenge – can’t wait to see the reveals coming soon!

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  1. I love the natural feel of it, the walls are looking so much better!

  2. I have definitely seen this trend on the rise, and I think it’s a great way to add some pattern and interest to a space… As you said, it was a cheap DIY, and if the trend dies out (or you just don’t love it), you can paint over it. Much cheaper than wallpaper!

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