Spring front porch refreshed with spray paint

Excited to share my spring front porch with you today!  We have been spending SO much time outside this spring since we have been staying home and as a bonus we have had the most beautiful spring I can remember. 

Spring Front Porch-37

I love my front porch and this little swing area is my favorite spot. 

Spring Front Porch-36

So let me show you the porch and I’ll share some of the ways I spruced up my porch for spring.   Our porch is long and narrow but a perfect spot to have some rocking chairs!  I love the rocking chairs but I think the swing is my absolute favorite place to sit. 

Spring Front Porch-2

Of course it wouldn’t be a spring porch without some flowers and ferns. 

Spring Front Porch-7

But my porch took a bit of work to get to this point.  First, here in the south we have to wait for the pollen season to be done.  It hits in March sometime and EVERYTHING is covered in a thick yellow dust of pollen.  So I usually wait till that is pretty much done than I pressure wash the porch, chairs, pillows, bascially everything. 

Then I will assess all the furniture and decor and see if anything needs repair or a fresh coat of paint.  My garden stools were looking quite sad with spilled candle wax from Christmas lanterns on them and lots of scratches. 

Spring Front Porch-24

Here’s another garden stool I keep in front of our garage by an Adirondack chai covered in wax and beat up a bit. 

Spring Front Porch-29

I also gathered up these metal lanterns that I almost put in my yard sale pile and figured that with a color change they would be fun to add to this area. 

Spring Front Porch-26

Also grabbed this wood stool that I obviously got at a a yard sale for $1 last summer. 

Spring Front Porch-30

And this metal wire basket that I thought would be cute to put a planter in.  Basically since I can’t shop yard sales right now, I raided my own stash of stuff I planned sell at an upcoming yard sale and decided to keep it all.  Winking smile 

Spring Front Porch-27

I don’t think there is a spring that goes by that doesn’t involve me spray painting something!  Outdoor furniture and decor can take a beating over time and over the winter and a fresh coat of paint in the spring freshens it right up.   I spray paint outdoor lanterns, furniture, metal decor, basically anything and everything!

Normally to prep to sand something I will just make sure it is dust, dirt, and pollen free and then can spray paint without any other prep.  But these metal garden stools had wax spilled on them and chipping paint.  If you have chipping paint, deep scratches, or some sort of gunk  – you will need to to sand your piece before you paint.  I just used my power hand sander and the wax sanded right off along with smoothed any chipping paint.  Now I could spray paint!

Spring Front Porch-28

I was able to do a curbside pickup at my local Joann store and pick up a few cans of Rust-Oleum spray paint – they have so many colors and options!  I shared how I used some of the Rust-Oleum chalk paint in their spray paint craft line in this post.  But my favorite line to use for pretty much any project and especially for outdoor stuff is Rust-Oleum’s 2x line that can be used on metal, wood, and even plastic!  It is paint and primer in 1 and dries very fast making it quick and easy to use!

I used just the basic white and black spray paint in the Rust-Oleum 2x line in a matte finish.  But it comes in high gloss and other finishes as well.

So ready to see what those pieces looked like after a quick coat of spray paint?  Here’s the before again…

Spring Front Porch-26 

And here’s the after!  The garden stool looks brand new and I am so glad I rescued those lanterns from my yard sale pile.  Sometimes it can be hard to see past the color if it doesn’t fit your style but a quick coat of spray paint fixes that so easily!

Spring Front Porch-15

This little area turned out cute too!  This corner of the porch has a lot of space and I have been wanting to add something so this little ladder with some spring decor and plants is perfect.  Recognize that stool?  And the black basket the potted plant is in?  Both of those got a coat of Rust-Oleum 2x black spray paint to help them fit in this space. 

 Spring Front Porch-35

Oh and here’s the other garden stool by my Adirondack chair!  Looks brand new!

Spring front porch - 40

Now this little area is all cleaned up and spruced up for spring and ready for some front porch sittin’  Smile

Spring Front Porch-1

Here’s a couple more views of the rest of the porch.

Spring Front Porch-8

My rocking chairs were still looking good but if you have some that need a fresh coat of paint you could spray paint them too!  Just make sure to sand if you have chipping paint to smooth/get any loose paint off before you spray paint. 

Spring Front Porch-9

A rocking chair front porch was on my list when we were looking for a house so I am very thankful for this!

Spring Front Porch-10

Here’s a shot of the whole house and porch from the yard – it’s come a long way from this before picture when the old landscaping was so overgrown you couldn’t see the front of the house or even the sidewalk in spots!

Spring Front Porch-21

Most mornings you can find me out here drinking my cup of coffee while I listen to the birds and enjoy all the little things around me!

Spring Front Porch-38

What do you need to give a fresh coat of paint to get it ready for the spring and summer season?  Pick up some cans of spray paint this week and send me a picture of the before and after!  I’d love to see!

Sprucing up for Spring with spray paint


  1. Wow! Looks so cute! what a difference a can of spray paint makes! Just wondering where you got your rug?
    You did a great job! Have a Happy Mother’s Day!

  2. Kaye Mattson says:

    Your front porch looks so inviting and I love a porch swing. That brings back memories of when I was a child, my mom would put my hair up in curlers and then we would study my Sunday School lesson while sitting on our porch swing. I am sure you and your daughter will create special memories on your front porch swing!

  3. My husband and I plan to build a house in 5 or 6 years, and number one on my list of must haves is a huge front porch. I have serious porch envy right now. lol. yours looks so relaxing and beautiful!

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