DIY Chalk Painted Christmas Ornaments

How to update or change the colors of your Christmas decor by chalk painting the ornaments you already have to create a new look.

Ever wanted to change up your Christmas decor colors or theme but don’t want to buy all new ornaments? Well, I have a solution – just paint the ones you have to match your new colors! Smile 

DIY Chalk painted Christmas ornaments

Partly because I enjoy sharing new ideas here on the blog and partly just because I love changing up what I do, I change up my theme and colors for my Christmas decor each year.  That can get expensive if you feel like you have to go buy all new decor.  I try to find many pieces that can mix and match with different themes – like black or white decor can go with all neutral or a classic red Christmas, metallic decorations can go with either, etc.  But sometimes it’s fun to change up certain decor just by giving it a new paint job.

I had done a rustic red and brown Christmas theme one year and have an overabundance of brown plastic ornament balls.  I had seen an idea of painting some cheap plastic ornament balls with chalk paint and so grabbed a handful of extra brown ornaments to try it on.

DIY chalk painted distressed Christmas ornaments-16

I removed all the plastic caps so they wouldn’t get messed up with paint and then painted 2 coats of Rust-Oleum Linen White Chalked paint onto the balls.  Rust-Oleum also makes a spray paint version of the same paint if you preferred to spray paint them.  I found the easiest way to prop them up while they dried was to rest them on toothpicks poked into a box.  (By the way, I LOVE Rust-Oleum chalked paint or milk paint – I use it for almost all my furniture makeovers and they turn out great.)

DIY chalk painted distressed Christmas ornaments-3

While they were drying, I also spray painted the top caps with a coat of black spray paint.  I think doing this extra step made a HUGE difference.  I really want to pop the tops off all my plastic ornament balls and spray paint them now.  Smile

DIY chalk painted distressed Christmas ornaments-2

I used some medium grit sandpaper to distress the ornaments especially along all the ridges and details.  This step is completely optional but I love the look this created.  If you plan on distressing the ornaments I would definitely make sure to start with ornaments that have some detail to them and aren’t completely smooth balls.

DIY chalk painted distressed Christmas ornaments-15

See how much changing the tops made them look so much more fancier/expensive?  These look like fancy glass ornaments but yet my little girl (or me!) won’t break them when they fall of the tree.   I just LOVE how they turned out!

DIY chalk painted distressed Christmas ornaments-5

Basically I just want to undecorate my tree and paint all my ornaments now. Winking smile 

DIY chalk painted distressed Christmas ornaments-6

I love the more matte finish the chalk paint creates too.

DIY chalk painted distressed Christmas ornaments-10

This creates all kinds of new possibilities too – like the design of an ornament but not the color?   Buy anyway and paint!  Shopping after Christmas sales and only colors you don’t use are left – buy them and paint them!  I will definitely be looking for some uniquely designed ornaments this year on the 75% off Christmas clearance just to create some more painted ornaments for next year!  I love that chippy, distressed finished!

DIY chalk painted distressed Christmas ornaments-11

DIY chalk painted distressed Christmas ornaments-12

What colors do you do for your Christmas decor?  Do you switch it up every year or do the same each year?  Have you ever painted Christmas ornaments?

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