$100 room challenge update–painted furniture + painted trim + lots of tidying

Just a quick update on the $100 room challenge…   So we are at week 2 and this week my my nieces, little girl and I went through all the drawers/shelves/toys/closet and purged and reorganized.  Felt so good to throw away several bags of trash and have a huge bin for Goodwill and a few things to sell at a future yard sale.  So here’s what the room looked like after purging (or is “tidying” the word to use now??) 🙂

Kids room before pictures-8

And then I tackled painting all the trim, the attic doors, stair railing and trim  – this door looks so much better now that it’s painted white!  Seriously made a huge difference in way room looks.  I just used my trim paint which is Behr Polar Bear in semi-gloss.

Painted furniture and painted trim in bonus room-5

I also touched up paint on all the furniture and did a clear coat on them.  I get so impatient with giving a piece a makeover and when it’s done I want to rush to put in the room that sometimes I skip the clear coat and then regret that several months later.  So I touched up the chalk paint on this desk and then did a clear coat on the whole thing.

Painted furniture and painted trim in bonus room-3

Also touched up paint on this dresser – the top was horrible!  And then did a clear coat on the whole thing – I only use polycrylic on white painted furniture so it won’t yellow over time.

Painted furniture and painted trim in bonus room-4

So lots of painting happened this past week!  Next on the agenda is the 18 inch dollhouse dilemma.  If you watch my Instagram stories you may have caught a hint of what I plan on doing to solve that situation.  I am super excited to get to work on it and show you!  Make sure to check Instagram stories this weekend because I am hoping the rain will hold off and I can get a lot accomplished on and I will take you along with me on the process!

Total cost – still $0 – had all paint and clear coat on hand

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