Cozy Winter Living Room

I loved decorating my living room for winter this year!  There’s something about cleaning up and simplifying after Christmas, but still leaving up a bit of greenery and winter decor that just gives everything a fresh and clean look.  I love using lots of green and white along with natural textures to decorate for winter.

Cozy Winter Living Room-2

So I entitled this my cozy winter living room but I could have called it my Target after-Christmas clearance winter living room. LOL.  Seriously I think 75% of my decor and accessories have come from Target the last 3 years when their Christmas and other stuff goes 90% off.

Cozy Winter Living Room-1

The greenery on the mantel was a new garland I got this year – Project 62 brand – for $1.99 at Target.  I also picked up a bunch of those Hearth and Hand white houses for $0.69-1.29 and have them scattered all throughout my house.  I plan to use them all year – not just for Christmas or winter.  The large candles on the end were also from this year – think I paid $1.99 each.  I love that pinecone wreath too – will be perfect for fall use too – think I paid $1.99.

Cozy Winter Living Room-7

The basket on the hearth was also this year Target clearance and I love it!  Snowflake pillow was last year  – paid $1.99 and the other pillow cover is from Hobby Lobby.  The decor in the tray on the table is all Target too with the exception of the Antique Candle Works candle (love that company!). Home sign is Target dolar spot, the lantern was gold and I picked up 2 of them in varying sizes for $1.99 and $2.49 last year and spray painted them white.  The white vase was this year Hearth and Hand found for $1.29.

Cozy Winter Living Room-13

I love this little cozy nook!  It’s always so fun to set it back up after the Christmas tree moves out.  The Cuddle Weather pillow was from Kirkland’s 75% off after Christmas and I just love it.  Snowflake pillow from Target this year – $1.99.

Cozy Winter Living Room-12

I got a new rug on a Black Friday sale and we love it!  I need to do a post about living room updates – couches and rug so I’ll try to do that soon because I really do want to share my pros and cons on both.  So see sometimes I don’t buy everything 90% off although the rug was 60% off. Winking smile  I had a yard sale in October and specifically set aside some of my earnings to purchase a rug hopefully around Black Friday – I really enjoy making larger house purchases that way.

Cozy Winter Living Room-20

Most of the pillows are all from Target – I specifically look for either everyday pillows or pillows that could work for Christmas and winter or even fall.  Sweater pillow, and snowflake pillow – Target last year $1.99-2.49.

Cozy Winter Living Room-22

Buffalo plaid pillows are covers bought off Amazon – you can usually find them 2 for $10 which is a good price and they are great quality.   The deer one was last year Target.

Cozy Winter Living Room-23

Deer one was Target last year and I made the black and white fringed one from a placemat  – tutorial here or you can watch my Instagram story highlight to see the process on video.

Cozy Winter Living Room-24

I seriously just sit and stare at the fireplace some evenings – the difference doing the German Schmear on it made is just amazing! I absolutely love it!!

Cozy Winter Living Room-16

Our living room has come a long way since we moved in and a long way just since last winter! 

Winter mantel and winter living room-7

I can’t wait to see what changes we can make this year to some other areas of the house!

Cozy Winter Living Room-8

I love all the white and green and stained wood/ natural elements.

Cozy Winter Living Room-18

We are so enjoying our living room for winter – it’s bright, cheerful and cozy!  I need all the bright and light I can get during the long cold winter days, do you? Smile Have so been enjoying several days full of sunshine too after so many rainy days and weeks.

Cozy Winter Living Room-13

How you decorate your house after Christmas?  Do you move right back into regular decor – do something for winter or Valentine’s Day?  I may try to add some Valentine’s decor for February but we will see. Smile  Hope you enjoyed this little tour and it inspires you to find some clearance finds or frugal finds to decorate your home.


  1. Your living room looks so warm and cozy and I love the snowflake pillow.

  2. Love your couches. Would like to have white slipcovers on mine. Did you buy the slipcovers separately or did they come with the furniture?

  3. Love what you did! looks so cozy! Do you think you can leave some red and black buffalo check up after christmas? I had black and white check mixed with the red and black. Thanks for all your inspiration!

  4. Love your coffee table. Where did you find it? I wonder if I could get one that is the same but smaller in size?

  5. Lovely and inspiring!!!

  6. I love your ship lap wreath board. I think I should make that my first project of the year. The whole room is beautiful.

  7. Hope you add some valentine decor. ???

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