Favorite projects of 2018

Happy New Year!!  I hope you had a great Christmas and are excited to bring in the New Year.  I love the fresh start that a new year brings and can’t wait to get working on projects and rooms in our house.  I’ll be sharing more on what I hope to accomplish this year a bit later.  But for now, let’s take a look back at  the most popular projects of the past year – some of these may be new to you too if you are new to following along.

1. Farmhouse style $100 budget laundry makeover I did this as part of the $100 room challenge in January and it made a huge impact in our laundry room!  And a new $100 room challenge starts TOMORROW, so make sure to check back and see what room I’ll be working on.

Farmhouse style Laundry Room Makeover

2. Farmhouse master bathroom $100 budget makeover – This was another room I did for the $100 room challenge and one of my favorite ones!  So many small projects and updates made such a HUGE difference in here.

Farmhouse master bathroom makeover

3. Cozy and neutral fall decor – I love to decorate our home for the season so no surprise that several of these showed up in the top 10 favorite posts.  this was our home decorated for fall using lots of picket fences I picked up for free this summer.

Farmhouse Fall home tour

4. Simple spring home tour – And here was my simple spring decor. I love the simplicity that winter and spring decor bring.

Simple spring home tour

5. Cabinets and shiplap in the laundry room – this was part of my laundry room makeover and I am so glad I decided to add some leftover shiplap from the nursery accent wall in between these cabinets.  It adds a lot of character!


6. Frugal review of Stitch Fix  – I tried out stitch fix for the first time and did a very honest review of it from a frugal girls standpoint.  You can get a $25 credit to try out Stitch Fix yourself too if you want – just use this referral link.

7. Laundry room basket makeover – Did you know you can stain those light wood baskets you see at yard sales or thrift stores?  You can!  See all the details in this post.

Laundry Basket Makeover

8. DIY Faux German Schmear accent wall   – another one of my favorite projects this year!  I took a panel of faux brick from Home Depot and added to our bathroom and then gave it a faux German Schmear effect.  And then I tackled the same project on our brick fireplace!

DIY Faux German Schmear Brick Wall (4 of 15)

9. Home goals for 2018 – Shared what I had accomplished in the year we had lived in our house and what I hoped to accomplish in 2018.  I’ll do an updated post soon sharing what I got crossed off this list and what I hope to accomplish in 2019 soon.

10. Installing closet shelving and organization – Gotta love organization!  This made a huge difference in the function of our home.  I can find and pull out to use crockpots, games, serving trays without a mountain of stuff falling on me.

Installing new closet shelving and closet organization

11. Easy DIY storage shelves for attic – another organization project that has been such a huge help!  I am hoping to find a spot to add some of these shelves to the attic this year too.


12. How to organize CDs/DVDs to reduce clutter – I tackled CD’s last year and I’d really like to tackle doing the same thing with DVD’s this year.  This is a great project to tackle in January.

Organizing cd's and dvd's


Since I have been blogging for almost 8 years I have quite a few other popular projects from past years so thought I would share the top 5 so you can check them out.

1. How to frame out bathroom mirror.  I have done this in all our bathrooms and it makes such a huge difference for so little money!

Frame that builder basic mirror (for $20 or less!)

2. How to change up wire shelving for cheap – want to work on organizing your linen closet this year?  No tearing out wire shelving necessary – just cover them!  Plan to do this in our linen closet in our new home this winter too.

How to change up wire shelves for less than $10

3.  How to sew curtains from sheets – still love this project! Easy and inexpensive way to have some farmhouse style sheets

How to make no-sew back-tab curtain from a sheet

4. Modern Farmhouse bathroom makeover – One of the first big makeovers I did in our new home.  Took a pink fluorescent bathroom and turned it into modern farmhouse style.


5. DIY wood slice wreath – I made this last year for Christmas but I plan to update the greenery/bow on it and use for winter this year.  Such a perfect wreath for winter too!

DIY Wood Slice Wreath (9 of 11)


And although I love them all, definitely one of the top 3 favorite projects of this year was finally updating our red brick fireplace with German Schmear.  It completely changed the way our living room looks and I just loveit!

German Schmear fireplace fall mantel (12 of 12)

I can’t wait to tackle lots more projects in 2019!  I’d love to hear what your favorite project was that you tackled in your home in 2018 or what you plan to tackle in 2019!

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