Christmas Book Advent Calendar

I’m so excited to start this new tradition with our little girl this year – a Christmas Book Advent Calendar or Christmas Book Countdown.

Christmas Book Advent Calendar (1 of 1)

This idea is not original to me, in fact, I actually did something like this with my nieces and nephew a few years ago, but this will be the first year we’ll do get to do it our little girl.  She is 2 1/2 and I get asked multiple times a day, “Mommy, will you read this book to me?”, so this will be perfect!  Smile  I haven’t gotten the “how many more days until Christmas” question, but I’m sure once the real presents start appearing under the tree that question is coming!

So if you are unfamiliar with this idea, you gather 25 books, preferably Christmas themed but don’t have to be, wrap them all up, and then open one each day, and read it as you count down the days till Christmas.

Christmas Book Advent Calendar (1 of 5)

Of course in Frugal Homemaker style, I scoured my local thrift stores to add to some Christmas books we already had until I had 25.  Some are duplicate titles but the stories are a bit different, and at age 2 she won’t care and we’ll probably be reading them over and over again anyways Smile  I’ll have to continue to look for some more and trade some out in years to come.

Here’s the books I had…

Christmas Book Advent Calendar

I put the Night Before Christmas on the 24th, and actually on the 25th, Christmas Day, she will open a new book which is part of her Christmas presents this year.  We try to stick to the 4 gift rule for Christmas (something to read, something to wear, something you need, something you want).

The books are honestly only part of this fun tradition thought – part of it is getting to open a present each day, the surprise of seeing what book it is, and then reading it together!

Christmas Book Advent Calendar (2 of 5)

As for the cute tags, I saw Lauren McBride post her book advent calendar she’s doing this year on Instagram last week and she created a free set of printable tags which I loved.  So you can go visit her blog to print the free printable tags, and she also has a whole list of books she ordered from Amazon if you need some ideas of what books to get.  My plan is to keep the twine and the tags so I can reuse them next year (I printed them on cardstock), and I will put all the books and the twine/tags in a Christmas bin in the attic until next Christmas.    It really didn’t take that long to wrap either – my Hallmark movie was barely half over and I was already done! Smile  Since they are close to the same shape, I could cut one strip of wrapping and then cut that into 2-3 sections to do 2-3 books at a time.

We plan to keep them in this basket on the hearth to keep them together and make for easy floor cleanup.

Christmas Book Advent Calendar (4 of 5)

Now this momma can’t wait until December 1st!  Making special memories and traditions is such a special part of Christmas! Smile  I’d love to hear ways you do an advent calendar or countdown the days until Christmas or even hear your family traditions.  We are trying to make some new ones this year especially since she is really old enough to understand and do so much this year.


  1. such a cute idea! i have never heard of this before but love it!

  2. I’m loving this idea. This not only clever but very practical for children. A good thing and important too. Enjoy the season with your 2 year. How fun.


  3. I see downloads all the time. Would you be willing to share with me how to save and then how to print them. I know I’m behind times but I would love to know how to print all these wonderful printables. Thanks

  4. Ruth Johnson says:

    When my grandchildren were younger I would get a new Christmas book every year to read to them when they came to spend the night. Their favorite was. Room for a Little One A Christmas Tale by Martin Waddell. I’m sure your little one will enjoy it too!

  5. I used to read to my grandkids when they were little, a book called Room for a Little One, at Christmas time. I bought a new book each year but that was their favorite one. And I decorate my mantel with the nativity and with the wise men on camels and a beautiful ceramic Joseph leading Mary and baby Jesus on a donkey called Flight to Egypt and I tell them the Christmas story showing the mantel items.

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