Simple winter front porch

Winter decorating can be a bit tricky… do you decorate for winter, or just put your house back to regular/normal decor?  I usually do a bit of both so I thought I would share some of that with you.  So today I am sharing my simple winter front porch

Simple Winter Front Porch-3

I don’t know about you but as much as I love Christmas decor, I love when you pack it all away and have that clean/uncluttered/simple clean slate.  It just feels so fresh and simple after having out the Christmas decor.    So when I cleaned all of my Christmas decor off my front porch I was left with just a blank clean slate.

I love to find Christmas decor that can transition to winter!  And with the white/neutral decor Christmas trend right now that is much easier to do.  This flocked green wreath was found last year at Walmart on clearance and I used it for Christmas inside and now can carry it into winter outside!  I also moved the lanterns that I had on the step of the porch to right by the door.  I love coming home to the timered battery operated candles on during these cold and dreary winter days.

Simple Winter Front Porch-1

When I was doing my after-Christmas clearance shopping at Kirklands, I found this adorable buffalo plaid front door mat (affiliate link) and had to bring it home!  I think it will be cute to use all year long – paired with a yellow or pink wreath for spring and more…

Simple Winter Front Porch-4

The rest of the porch is just simple and clean – gray and white pillows on the black rocking chairs and my simple white stools in between them.  The pillows are $5 outdoor pillows from the Mainstays line at Walmart – I picked these up 1/2 off at end of season last summer!

Simple Winter Front Porch-5

So there’s my simple winter front porch!

Simple Winter Front Porch-2

I have to admit I am looking forward to adding pots of flowers and ferns and all the pretty colors that spring will bring but until then I am enjoying this simple winter front porch.

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Do you decorate your front porch for winter?  I’d love to see!


  1. ann lee s says:

    what a lovely transition from Christmas to winter …. ann lee

  2. grammy goodwill says:

    Your porch looks great. Love that wreath and the thought of lanterns with timers for the candles.

  3. I never quite know what to do for the winter months and by the time I figure it out, I’m so ready for spring that its time to take it all down. LOVE your snowman over the mantel. Maybe next year!

  4. That looks so nice. Cute and simple.

  5. Lou Ann Bolte says:

    Love everything about this porch! The doormat really caught me eye! Love it!! Perfect wreath for this time of year ! All of it is perfect! will be trying to copy next winter for my porch!

  6. It looks lovely Christina, you’ve done a great job with the entire house. Millie from

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