DIY Christmas Cookie Cutter Wreath

This post is part of a series entitled “12 DIYs of Christmas”.  You can see all the projects and post in this series here.

For the 6th DIY of Christmas, I created a DIY Christmas Cookie Cutter Wreath!

DIY Christmas Cookie Cutter Wreath

This project was super simple and easy and I think it festive and fun.  Perfect to hang on a pantry door or someplace in your kitchen.

DIY Christmas Cookie Cutter Wreath-1

I picked up this package of Christmas cookie cutters at Michael’s.  They are normally $9.99, but were 50% off that day and I got 20% off my purchase too – I love those sales that they have during Christmas.  So I paid less than $5.   But here’s an affiliate link to the same one online if you would prefer to buy there.

Then I just laid them all out on the table alternating between red and white and trying to best fit shapes together in a natural way.

DIY Christmas Cookie Cutter Wreath-2

Once I had them arranged how I liked them I secured with a dot of hot glue and then also tied a little piece of red ribbon around them in the spot I glued to #1 – hide the glue, and #2 – just add more of a decorative touch.

DIY Christmas Cookie Cutter Wreath-3

I added a black and white checked ribbon to hang it and stuck some sprigs of fresh greenery under the ribbon as well.  Quick, easy and so cute!

DIY Christmas Cookie Cutter Wreath-5

Here’s a closeup picture Smile

DIY Christmas Cookie Cutter Wreath-9

I am just loving all this black, white and red for Christmas this year.

DIY Christmas Cookie Cutter Wreath-7

Where would you hang a Christmas cookie cutter wreath?

DIY Christmas Cookie Cutter Wreath-10

I am sharing 12 easy and inexpensive Christmas projects just like this during 12 DIYs of Christmas series.  You can see all the projects in this series here.  And check out all my past Christmas DIY projects and decor here.

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