DIY Plaid Flannel Christmas Ornaments

This post is part of a series entitled “12 DIYs of Christmas”.  You can see all the projects and post in this series here.

For the 3rd DIY of Christmas I made DIY plaid flannel ornaments!

DIY Plaid Flannel Christmas Ornaments

These plaid ornaments were so easy and fun to make!  And I love the statement they make on the tree.

DIY Christmas flannel plaid ornaments-1

Materials needed:

  • fabric – I used about 1/4 of a yard to do 6 ornaments.
  • round ornaments – you could use foam or plastic ball ornaments
  • ribbon
  • floral wire or small rubberbands

I picked up these foam ball ornaments on clearance a year or so ago for like $0.10 each so they were perfect for this project.  But a cheap dollar store plastic ornament would work as well.

DIY Christmas flannel plaid ornaments-2

I held up the fabric and cut it to size.  You want extra fabric at the top to be able to close it around the ball and leave a ruffly look.  Secure the fabric around the ball with wire, a rubber band, or even a pipe cleaner.  You can trim the fabric if it’s a bit too long.   Tie a ribbon into a box around the top to help cover the ribbon or wire.

DIY Christmas flannel plaid ornaments-3

About 20 minutes later and I had 6 of these done in 2 different fabrics.  I left the original string and hook on the foam ornament ball and made sure it was pulled through the fabric to hang them by – but you could also glue or tie a ribbon to the hook if needed.

DIY Christmas flannel plaid ornaments-5

And here they are on the tree!

DIY Christmas flannel plaid ornaments-6

I just think they are too cute!

DIY Christmas flannel plaid ornaments-8

Of course you could do this with any color/design of fabric to fit the theme and colors of your tree.

DIY Christmas flannel plaid ornaments-9

They definitely add a bigger statement to the tree.  I may have to make a few more! Winking smile

DIY Christmas flannel plaid ornaments-11

You can see the DIY scrabble ornaments on there too.  It’s so fun having so many DIY homemade ornaments on our tree this year.

DIY Christmas flannel plaid ornaments-10

What color or pattern would you do on your tree?

DIY Christmas flannel plaid ornaments-13

DIY Christmas flannel plaid ornaments-14

I’ll share the whole tree next week but here’s some bigger shots to show you how they look on the tree.

DIY Christmas flannel plaid ornaments-15

So fun, so easy and so inexpensive!  My kind of project. Smile

DIY Christmas flannel plaid ornaments-16

I am sharing 12 easy and inexpensive Christmas projects just like this during 12 DIYs of Christmas series.  You can see all the projects in this series here.  And check out all my past Christmas DIY projects and decor here. 


  1. What a brilliant way to coordinate when you change colors on a tree. Also could do sports theme fabric, Disney fabric, etc…

  2. Hi Christina, I love this idea! My son is planning to be married next year, and I think it would be so awesome to use fabric scraps from their wedding garments to make ornaments for their first Christmas together! Thanks for getting the wheels turning.

  3. Claudia Holt says:

    I wasn’t able to pin your Christmas craft with plaid material,very disappointed, I have never seen a green Pinterest button. Please advise

  4. These flannel ornaments are just the neatest idea!
    Thanks for sharing!

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