Create a Cozy Spot (31 days to Love the Home You Have)

31 days to Love the Home You Have

This post is part of a 31 day series – 31 days to Love the Home You Have.  I am blogging through the 31 day challenge in the back of the book “Love the Home You Have” by Melissa Michaels of The Inspired Room.  You can read all the posts in the series so far here.  And to make sure you don’t miss a post you cansign up to have every post delivered to your inbox , or follow me on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest orInstagram to get even more home decorating ideas and inspiration to help you fall in love with your home.


Today’s challenge is one I long for in my home but I haven’t been able to accomplish yet.  Do you have a cozy spot in your home?  A spot that maybe you have your morning coffee or read an inspirational devotional for the day?  A place where maybe you go at night to just unwind and read or sit for a minute and reflect on your day?

I love our living room and it is where we spend our most time.  I usually work in our living room, and that is also where we gather in the evenings to talk, play, watch a movie, and enjoy being together.  But I have also wanted a certain spot that is a bit “cozier”, that I could maybe “set aside” for certain times or activities.  I actually would love to add that type of spot in our living room and in our master bedroom.

So here’s some of my inspiration:

This picture is from BHG in a slideshow of pictures of the top ways to cozy up your home.  I love the basket for extra blankets or pillows and the ottoman. 

BHG cozy spot

And this picture is from the Gaspar living room off of Fixer Upper!  I loved this episode and this living room.  There is an entire living room on the other side of this picture.  But yet look how cozy this one spot looks.    I think I could enjoy my morning coffee right there. Smile


And this picture is from Erin at Nest for Less and her master bedroom makeover.  It is simple and perfect spot to create a cozy nook in your bedroom.  To sit in the morning or night and just recharge for a few minutes doing something that you love – reading a book, reading a devotional, or drinking a cup of coffee. 


You can see that all 3 of these pictures have 3 basic things – a lamp, a chair, and a side table.  I have the side table – just need to find the chair and the lamp now! Winking smile 

Do you have a cozy spot in your home?  Where is it and what do you love to do there?

Challenge for today: Create a cozy spot in your home.  You may already have a chair – but maybe you need to position it someplace else and drag a lamp over on some kind of side table, stool, or even a crate turned on it’s side.  Use those corners in your room to create a cozy nook.


  1. Sheila Clark says:

    Working on the cozy spot in my bedroom. We had or grandchildren toys in this corner of our room by the French doors, and the have moved in their new home taking the toys. #Bittersweet#gettingmyspacebback.
    Trying to determine a chair that I can transfer from power chair without help, so I can sit in there and read while the guys watch football(I watch the Vols), Walking Dead, and other guy stuff! Love the pictures for ideas! Thanks, I. Love you post!

  2. I love your bird pictures, where can I find them? Thanks for all your great ideas!

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