How the world has changed what we can’t live without

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Internet that is slow or keeps going in and out?  Cable TV that goes out?  Phones that have bad reception or low batteries?  And I could go on and on.  As the world becomes more technologically advanced, we begin to rely on technology more and more.  I mean, when was the last time you went ANYWHERE without your phone?  And not just a phone but most of us have a camera, mini computer, and a phone all in 1 device.  I know I may still be in the younger generation but I remember first driving without taking a cell phone with me!  Smile  And I certainly wasn’t checking email or even texting when I finally did have a cell phone – it didn’t even have a camera! 😉   Just in the last 15 years, the world has changed so much.  Do you remember the first time you got a cell phone?  I seriously cannot imagine life without it now. 


We all rely on technology in our day to day life  whether it be at home or on the job.  I don’t think I know anyone that works in any field that does not use some kind of computer technology – whether it be in email, online services, a program online designed specifically for their workplace, I mean even my doctor comes to the room with a computer in hand to document our visit. 

The Frugal Homemaker on computer

Because we rely on technology and the internet so much in our life, we need it to be FAST!  Who wants to sit around waiting on slow internet?  My job as a blogger working from home depends on my internet working all the time and being FAST!  So I am very excited about this new product that Comcast just announced. 

Comcast is launching a new speedy service, called Gigabit Pro, a new residential Internet service that offers speeds at 2-Gigabits-per-second. These new speeds are at least double what any other provider can provide. You’ll be able to download multimedia files in 60 seconds, HD movies in 20 seconds and full music albums in less than a second.  That is just amazing to me! The speedy service will launch in Atlanta (yay!), California, Chattanooga, Chicago, Colorado, Houston, Knoxville, Nashville, NW Indiana, Portland, Twin Cities, Utah and Washington state.   It’ll be available to about 18 million homes by the end of the year – more homes in more neighborhoods than any other network! For more information on this new product, visit the site here.  Even though you may not need these speeds right now, the point of the new 2 Gbps speed is to build up infrastructure for the future, where these fiber-run networks will be the norm.

I would love to hear about how technology and the internet has changed your life.  What kind of device can you not live without – your phone, tablet, WIFI speaker, computer, etc?  There is a $100 gift card up for grabs for someone who enters using the Rafflecopter widget below.

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  1. Sara Wright says:

    We don’t have internet, except on our phones. So my phone is my connection!
    By the way, I love your counters, they’re beautiful!

  2. I would l probably have to say it’s my tablet… handy and convenient and it goes everywhere easily!
    Blessings to you,

  3. Debbie w says:

    iPad has kept me current with news, socially and grandkids!

  4. Couldn’t live without my cell for sure!

  5. I couldn’t live without some of these techs either.
    millie torres recently posted..Garage Sale FindsMy Profile

  6. I’d have to say my cell phone. It does everything our tablet does and it goes everywhere with me.

  7. Carolyn says:

    My cell phone has changed so many things: navigation, shopping, information storage, communication with family and friends.

  8. Cellphone is with me most of the time !

  9. Donna Marie says:

    I can’t live without the internet, as I spend 2-3 hours daily on my computer!!!

  10. My computer! I do spend quite a bit of time on my computer but always at home. I have a cell phone, but I really try not to use it while I am out and about. My pet peeve is how people have become so rude with their phones: How many times have you been walking in a store and you have to listen to people holding conversations on their phone? How many time have you been in a checkout line while people hold up the line because they are talking on their phones instead of concentrating on making their purchases? And the number of times you sit in a restaurant and watch everyone at the next table texting to other people instead of enjoying the people they are with? I don’t want to be one of those people! So I stay off my phone…I will check my email when I get home and if I need to talk to someone, it will be in the privacy of my car or my home.

  11. Patty morris says:

    I couldn’t live without my cell phone. I take it everywhere I go.

  12. I’m a teacher and writer, so I absolutely can not live without my phone and laptop! I use my phone daily for doing calculations and timing tests^activities in class. My laptop is used for creating assignments, lessons, and ppts for my 6th gradere, as well as creating and storing my novels.

  13. Deborah says:

    We gave up our land line and now my phone is ALWAYS in my pocket. I never thought I would feel I needed to be that attached to the world. I didn’t carry my land line around with me;-)

  14. Computers have changed my life by giving me an easier way to design graphics, write stories, etc.
    Kayley recently posted..Comparing Third-Party Food Delivery Companies (plus free delivery & food!)My Profile

  15. kathy w says:

    Our household has way too many electronics. I depend too much on my laptop. i don’t have a phone with internet connection on it and I am trying
    so hard to keep from getting it because I just don’t want to depend on
    something else.

  16. Kim Henrichs says:

    I would say my iPad because it certainly makes long commutes on a train a million times more enjoyable!!!!

  17. I rely on my phone to keep in touch with my kids. I don’t know how my mom let me go, before cell phones, without having any way of getting in touch with me!

  18. My laptop is my go-to for technology. I’m a stay-at-home wife, mother and nana. I use my computer for everything! Keeping the grandkids entertained, looking up recipes, and selling de-cluttered items on ebay.

  19. I love the IPad. We have a bundled package of Internet, TV and phone.

  20. I could not live without my cell phone which of course is my camera, computer, music, calendar, to do list, etc….

  21. Christel Alverson says:

    I use my phone for everything! From being my alarm, playing music, for shopping, couponing, and pictures of family. If I’m not using my phone I’m using my tablet for the same things.

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