My thoughts on our IKEA mattress (SULTAN HALLEN IKEA mattress)

(This is NOT a paid review or sponsored post.  IKEA has no idea who I am and we walked in and bought our mattress set with our own money.  Just wanted to share a review on it to help those that might be considering an IKEA mattress purchase in their future.)

When I started our master bedroom makeover – we sold all of my husband’s old furniture (dresser, nightstands, bedframe, headboard, mattress and boxspring).    I had found a tall chest, dresser, mirror and 1 nightstand at a yard sale to refinish, but we knew we would need a bedframe and a new mattress set to go along with the DIY upholstered headboard I planned to make.      We had needed new mattresses anyways since ours were over 15 years old.  So I started doing some research online and considering what we could get in our budget (which was not a Sleep Number or Tempur-pedic budget).    I asked my friends online, looked up reviews online, and then we decided to check out IKEA. 

My thoughts on our IKEA mattress (Sultan Hallen IKEA mattress)

Many things that I read including some of my friends said that they did not like IKEA mattresses because they were very firm.  Well, my husband and I actually prefer a firm mattress so we weren’t concerned about that and actually thought it would a good fit for us.

We talked to the guy working the mattress area and he was super helpful explaining various things to us.  We decided we wanted a  spring mattress versus a foam/latex mattress.  And we had read that the Sultan line was their best line.  We laid on several mattresses and finally narrowed it down to 2-3 that we really liked.  In the end we chose the Sultan Hallen which was the middle priced mattress and also middle firmness mattress we were considering.    IKEA has a 90 day try it/exchange it policy which was reassuring to us.  You have 90 days to try it out and if you don’t like you can exchange it for another mattress.  And they have a 25 year limited warranty. 

My thoughts on our IKEA mattress (Sultan Hallen IKEA mattress)

We also needed a foundation (in place of a box spring) for the mattress.  The foundation that we chose has been discontinued but they still carry the Sultan aluminum legs.  This sits up quite a bit higher than our previous bed but we love it. 

My thoughts on our IKEA mattress (Sultan Hallen IKEA mattress)

All of this was purchased back in August of 2014 and pictures taken just a week ago so we are almost at a year sleeping on our new mattress.  And we still love it!  I thought it was sort of funny that I had already planned on writing this post today after we went on a camping trip this past weekend.  After sleeping in a sleeping bag directly on the ground, coming home and sleeping in our bed was like sleeping in a puffy cloud! Smile 

My thoughts on our IKEA mattress (Sultan Hallen IKEA mattress)

The mattress is firm but yet seems to mold to your shape so doesn’t feel like you are laying on the floor.  But you don’t sink into it like you do on a foam pillow top type mattress.  We had slept on a mattress before that had a foam egg crate on top and we both hated it – neither one of us could get comfortable because it was so soft.  Our Sultan Hallen mattress has held the shape and isn’t sagging or getting indentions in it.  I do try to rotate it every few months to help with that. 

I love the gray design on the side and the easy handles to pick it up.

My thoughts on our IKEA mattress (Sultan Hallen IKEA mattress)

So there is my review of the IKEA Sultan line specifically the Hallen mattress.  We paid right at $600 for the mattress, foundation, and legs which fit right in our budget.  Since some mattress sets can run several thousand dollars, we felt like this was a good investment for price we were willing to pay.  We had to get it delivered since they were out of stock of the mattress when we were there – but they were able to get it delivered for free because of that so we didn’t mind waiting. 

I did a lot of research online before we bought or considered an IKEA mattress but couldn’t find a whole lot of blog posts on the subject.   So I hope this will be a help to anyone considering an IKEA mattress purchase.  (I will update this post at a later time if our satisfaction changes.)

I would love to know what kind of mattress you have?  Are you a firm mattress, pillowtop mattress, or sleep on the softest option you can find person? 


  1. Christina says:

    I had a foam mattress (and wooden slat frame) from Ikea for nearly ten years. I loved it. With regular rotation it didn’t show any wear or indentations. When I inherited a nearly-new mattress set and frame from friends relocating to Australia I sold the whole Ikea bed (frame, slats & mattress) for about 50% of what I paid for it.

    I think the Ikea bed was more comfortable than the fancy pillow-top orthopedic mattress I have now.

  2. Thanks so much for posting this – I am definitely going to check this one out now. Appreciate it!

  3. Diane Baxter-MacArthur says:

    Thanks for taking the time to post this. Next time I’m in the market for a new mattress, I will check out Ikea.

  4. Thank you for posting this. I see in one of your pictures, a strap hanging between the mattress and foundation. So I am wondering if you have the Alsarp foundation that was discontinued? If so, does it seem to work well with the Alsarp foundation?

    I recently purchased the MALM Storage Bed which I believe is essentially the same thing as the Alsarp, only embedded in the MALM frame. I wanted the Sultan Hallen mattress, but it wasn’t recommended and I’m not sure why–maybe too light-weight? I was talked into the Sultan Hultsvik mattress and I am hating it. I want to exchange it for the Hallen that I originally wanted but am nervous. Would so appreciate an opinion on this. Thanks!

  5. Really helpful, thanks for posting.
    Christine recently posted..Uber of The Real Estate IndustryMy Profile

  6. IKEA is famous brand and I believe that their products are of high-quality. Enjoy your mattress and thank you for your sharing!
    Laura recently posted..Buying Memory Foam Mattress Online – What Do Customer Experience Mostly!My Profile

  7. This is a detailed and unbiased review. I know IKEA is a big brand but we all know that every product have some weak points, at least for some people.
    Maria J. Minton recently posted..LUCID 8 inch Memory Foam Mattress ReviewMy Profile

  8. I “slept” on my husband’s tempurpedic for 6 years and absolutely loathed it. Worst bed ever!!! Then we got a pricey “beauty rest” or some such thing (innerspring) and it has turned out to be a disappointment as well. Gah! I am done spending so much cash on fancy promises. I like a mattress that does not “conform” but lets me lay on top. If that is what Ikea makes, I am all about it. I just want to sleep through the night. Thank you so much for writing the review!

  9. Thank u for the review. This made things easier, I usually go wit foam only. I’m actually at IKEA buying one found one in the as is section 45% off. $219

  10. This is super helpful thank you so much! I also like firmer mattresses and the sultan hallen mattress was the one I enjoyed the most when I was at Ikea. Now I have much more confidence to purchase it!. Thank you so much!!

  11. Thank you for the review! I went to IKEA last night to lay on all the mattresses and liked the Sultan Hallen the best, read some consumer reports that made me second guess myself but I feel much better reading your review especially after you’ve had it for a year.

  12. Love the idea, but wonder about the 90 day exchange. Have you ever had to return anything to ikea? They have the most inefficient return department . I waited over 90 minutes to return a household item. It wasn’t a busy time of year either and I’ve heard of other people with the same experience . I love the quality and price, but they really want to take your money but make it difficult to get it back.

    • Hi,

      I didn’t have any problems with returning things to ikea or exchanging my mattress and waited in line for maybe +/-10 minutes (I live in WA).

  13. You’ve done well to choose an innerspring mattress. Most people seem to think that spring mattresses are automatically inferior to any other type. Well, that’s just not true.

  14. Natasha says:

    My first Ikea bed was at 17- I begged my parents for it. Then took it to university – comfy foam mattress lasted for years! My boyfriend (now husband) & I bought an Ikea bed and mattress as soon as we moved in together and got rid of the ‘student futon’ – first big ‘together purchase’. We STILL use the Ikea bed frame (well over a decade later) and have painted it etc. The mattress lasted a good 10 years – and was perfectly firm for that period. There were no bells or whistles – but the price was amazing. We got ripped off for our current mattress at 1.5K – but I do have to say it’s pretty dreamy. As I get older, I need more softness in the mattress. Being an Ikea shopper my entire adult life, I have to agree with LisaN above – Ikea has the worst customer service in the industry – it’s almost buyer beware. They make you wait forever, and make you feel like something must be wrong with you if you need to return something.

  15. Thank you for your review! I just purchased my fourth IKEA mattress (two for adult beds/two for children’s beds). My kids are sleeping on foam mattresses and they are very comfortable. I felt like I needed more support for my bed, so I choose a spring. We have an older IKEA king that is still very comfortable for my husband, but I need a firmer mattress than he likes, so we bought a second for a guest bedroom for me. I found the IKEA mattresses are just as comfortable as the VERY expensive Sterns & Foster that was our first mattress we bought when we first married. And, the prices can’t be beat. Our IKEA mattress was less than 1/3rd of the price we paid for our first mattress.

  16. Scott McAdam says:

    I actually purchased a Sultan Holmsta which is not supposed to be the firmest however it feels very firm.

    I also purchased the Sultan Aram foundation which I believe is also discontinued.

    I am wondering if the firmness is due to using a foundation versus box spring. I would really appreciate replies with thoughts on this. Thanks.

    I think they changed all there mattress names as I do not see it on site.

  17. Florencia says:

    Thank you for your posting! It is indeed a good mattress but I’m trying to sell it as I’m moving abroad. Can I use this article as a reference to convince my buyers regarding its quality and comfort?

  18. Do you still love your mattress? I just got home from IKEA and I’m wondering about the long term, everyday use. Is it worth the savings?

  19. Did you buy a queen size. I didn’t see any mention in your review. We are looking gor,a king size. Does it have a pillow top or are top and lower the same enabling you to flip it?

  20. There have been some comments on longer-term users of the Ikea Sultan mattresses, and a Google search finds more. Here are a couple:

  21. Patricia Ollweiler says:

    Was just given one. Best bed ever! I was injured in a car wreck by a hit and run driver, leaving me with lots of ruptured discs. A dear friend was living in dual residences, but consolidated into one, had another one and gave us the extra bed. This is the first time I have been comfortable in 13 months.

  22. Does anyone know where I can purchase the Sultan line of mattresses? IKEA is not carrying it anymore and I need to buy a King and Queen size mattress but do not like the other models they carry now. I bought the Matrand and it kills my back.

  23. I’ve had my Sultan IKEA mattress and bed frame for over 6 years now and I’m looking to buy my daughter a queen size Sultan mattress from IKEA. Her old mattress was close to $1000. I think I paid approx $700 with mattress and bed. I love my bed and mattress!!!

  24. Laura Jackson says:

    It’s so funny that you rated this as firm! I just came back from a vacation in Boston. The AirBnB where I stayed had this mattress in my room. I put my knee into it to reach the air conditioner in the window-and my knee sank down really deep! I thought oh no, it’s going to be way too soft! But it was the most comfy mattress ever! I didn’t have sore pressure points anywhere for the 20 days I slept on it. I’m looking for something just like that, if you can recommend a similar IKEA mattress. I haven’t been able to find anything online with that name!
    Laura in Santa Barbara

  25. Thanks for the information. How well is the mattress holding up over the years?

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