Frugal Friday: Saving money with my favorite shopping apps

It’s a cool and cloudy Friday…  and I am so itching to go yard sale shopping!! Smile  I was really hoping for a sunny, warm day today and lots of yard sale signs but not a one in sight. Sad smile  I keep telling myself it is not going to rain and be cool EVERY weekend – yard sale season will happen eventually!

So until then, let’s continue this series on other ways I save money in our home other than shopping at yard sale and thrift stores.  Last time we talked about how I save money on groceries – lots and lots of information in that post and no, I don’t clip piles of coupons – check out that post here.

I love shopping for my home, especially at yard sales and thrift stores, but also at regular stores too!  But if I am going to shop at a craft store or home décor store like Kirkland’s, I still want to do it as frugal as possible.  That is where my smart phone comes in.  Smart phones have made using coupons at stores like Michael’s or Hobby Lobby so simple – no printing or clipping them out – just show the coupon on your phone.  And I have found several other apps and ways to save that I hope will help you too.

So here’s my favorite shopping apps on my phone:

1. Store apps.  Pretty much EVERY store or business has an app.  And you have probably figured out that you can download the Joann’s, Hobby Lobby, and Michael’s app and the coupons are right there ready for you to scan at the register.  Also Joann’s and Michael’s take competitor coupons so if you were shopping at Michael’s but Joann’s had a better coupon you could have them scan Joann’s coupon.  I have each one of those store apps on my phone.  I also get their emails (subscribe to their emails from their site) since sometimes they will email different coupons and that way I am alerted to sales they are having.  So if I wanted to use an email coupon – I would just show that email coupon to the cashier.   Joann’s has let me use multiple coupons in 1 transaction before too – so like a 50% off Joann’s coupon off 1 item and a 40% coupon off 1 item Michael’s coupon on another item.   You can also just use the internet app on your phone and go straight to the store’s website and there are usually coupons on their website – once again sometimes different than what is on app.

Saving money using apps on your phone

2. Snip Snap.  I recently found this app and I LOVE it.  If you are familiar with (where you can search for coupon codes to use when buying things online), this app is like the “shopping with phone in hand version.”  You can search for ANY store – craft stores, Kohls, Bath & Body Works, stores at the mall, restaurants and more and if there is any coupons out there they should pop up in the app!   I am thinking that eventually I may just delete all the other store apps on my phone and just use this app.  Just watching to see if there are different/other coupons on my store apps or emails than what I see on Snip Snap.  You can also load any coupons you get by mail or in the newspaper into Snip Snap so you don’t forget them at home or for others to use if it is a multi-use coupon.

3. Target Cartwheel.  If you love to shop at Target (for anything – food, household items, clothes or even home things), you need the Cartwheel app!  It has percentage based offers that are changed every week or so like 10% Threshold home décor or 5% off party décor… Most of these discounts can be used on top of store sales and even in combination with Target store coupons or mobile coupons (which you can get on app, text, or email).

4. Kirkland’s Spin to Win.  I love Kirkland’s – they have beautiful home items at reasonable prices.  You can sign up for texts and emails and get coupons for $10/$50 purchase and you can also download and use the “Spin to Win” app.  You “spin” the wheel to see what discount you get for that day – I got 15% off my entire purchase the other day and picked up a few things off the clearance section.

5. Goodwill app.  I know you are going to laugh – but yes, Goodwill has an app.  I use it to find locations when I am in a new area or traveling.  Found some great finds and some new favorite stores with it.

6. Ebay and Amazon.  When I am shopping thrift stores or yard sales or even in a store, I will check prices on things on sale to see if I can get a better deal online. 

7. Craigslist.  I use facebook yard sale sites much more often than Craigslist now, but the Craigslist app makes searching for something much easier.  You can also set up alerts or save searches.

Saving money using apps on your phone

8. Sign up for store programs, credit cards, emails, texts, etc.  If a store has a loyalty type program, I sign up for it – like IKEA family rewards or Kirkland’s K-Club.  I also have a Kohl’s credit card (and several other store credit cards) which gets me discounts up to 30% off my entire purchase many times throughout the year.  Kohl’s is my go to place to buy linens such as towels, sheets, pillows, etc. and I always wait until I have a 30% discount plus hopefully some additional sales/discounts.    And bonus – many of these email subscriptions and clubs will send you a surprise on your birthday – like discounts on food, free coffee at Dunkin or Starbucks and discounts such as $10 off a $10 purchase at Kohl’s.

Any apps I am missing?  I would love hear any apps you use to save money when shopping!  Or ways you use your phone to save money.


  1. Sherri S. says:

    Great information! Thanks for what ng 🙂 🙂

    Have a wonderful weekend…

  2. Thanks for so much good information and ideas..

  3. There were some new ones here for me. Thanks for sharing. I had no idea I could use two different coupons at JoAnnes either. Thanks!

  4. Just installed the Snip Snap app. Thanks! I was surprised by the number of free items, and the number of coupons for places where I already shop. I think this will be used a lot.

  5. thank you Christina, as an extreme couponer I always love to learn new ways to save money…thank you…millie from…
    millie torres recently posted..A Little Country Kitchen Mini MakeoverMy Profile

  6. Try Shopular, ibotta, and check out 51

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