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" What is that paint color?" is one of the most frequently asked questions I get via facebook, Pinterest, or on my blog.  So I thought I compile every paint color used in every room in our house with some before/after pictures too since the paint colors have changed .  After this post is published there will be a link to it in the top menu under the header on my blog so you can always reference it easily.  And I will keep it updated as I paint more rooms (just painted another one today!)

Dining Room

Bottom – Belgian Sweet by Behr (700D-6).

Top – Classic Taupe by Behr (290E-6)

dining room in between

Dining room was repainted in 2012.

Top   – Urban Sunrise by Valspar.

Bottom – Ultra Pure White by Behr.

And because this is a frequently asked question – I made the curtains.  Material came from a discount closeout store but it is designer fabric – Gorgeous Pearl from Braemore.  See all dining room posts and before/after pictures here.

Dining room after - edited


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Guest Bathroom

Top  – Classic Taupe by Behr (290E-6)

Bottom – Ultra Pure White by Behr


Bathroom was repainted in 2012. 

Top – Urban Sunrise by Valspar 

Bottom  – Ultra Pure White by Behr.


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Laundry Room

Top -  Buttercup by Glidden. 

Bottom half is beadboard wallpaper painted in Ultra Pure White by Behr.



More details on this room:

Guest room

This is a very old picture of guest room – BIG changes coming!

Paint color is Classic Taupe by Behr (290E-6)


Master Bathroom

Before – Classic Taupe by Behr (290E-6)


Magnet by Behr Marquee (MQ2-61)

Subtle stripes are both in Magnet by Behr Marquee but in different sheens of paint – eggshell and semi-gloss.



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Master Bedroom

Before  – Classic Taupe by Behr (290E-6)


In progress – painted in Magnet by Behr Marquee (MQ2-61)



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Living Room

This was our living room in 2012.

Dark brown accent wall is Bittersweet Chocolate by Glidden. 

Rest of room is Classic Taupe by Behr (290E-6)

living room before

Here’s several more pictures of living room.  I changed out the curtains later in 2012 with these painted striped curtains.  The paint color on stripes is same as before of dining room and current picture of eat in kitchen – Belgian Sweet by Behr (700D-6)



Living room was repainted in 2014 and I added a diamond painted accent wall too.

Paint color is Wheat Bread by Behr (720C-3) and white lines are Ultra Pure White by Behr.




More details on this room:

Eat In Kitchen

This what it looked like after we bought house – painted all in Classic Taupe by Behr (290E-6).

kitchen before

Then I installed chair rail and painted bottom half of walls Mother Nature by Behr (410F-4) – top of walls stayed Classic Taupe by Behr (290E-6).

kitchen with green paint

Then bottom half of wall was repainted Belgian Sweet by Behr (700D-6).

Top half of walls stayed Classic Taupe by Behr (290E-6).


Then recently I updated the top of the walls to the current color we are using throughout the main areas of our house – Wheat Bread by Behr (720C-3).  Bottom half of walls stayed Belgian Sweet by Behr (700D-6).



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Classic Taupe by Behr (290E-6)


Changed to Wheat Bread by Behr (720C-3


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Shutters and front door painted Broadway by Behr Marquee



More details on outdoors:


  1. I know the post is about paint colors, but I would like to know what is your carpet brand, name, color. I have been looking for something to replace the carpet in my living room and dining room and I want something that is low pile. I would love hardwood but not happening this time;-) Thanks

  2. I really like your guest room; maybe painting one wall navy would bring a bit of color. Sorry–I am old fashioned! 🙂

  3. We have the same Dining Room set! Ours is 36 years old (a hand-down from my parents). We don’t have an eat-in kitchen, so ours is used daily. A few years ago, I painted the hutch, brought in new-to-me mis-matched chairs and a bench seat. Since our room is long/skinny, we keep the leaves in the table all the time. We are considering making a new top for the table (since the leaf seams aren’t matching the rest fo the table in height anymore), but we love the trestle style. Did you (or do you) have the dry-sink piece as well? We had it, and it worked great as craft-storage for the kids. Around the time I painted the hutch, my parents were painting end tables at their house, and my mom mentioned she planned to look for a storage piece. I said the dry-sink was the right size, and hey, would you like it back!?! We ended up trading – the dry-sink for a sofa table (that matched their end tables). We painted the sofa table and use it was a TV stand.

    It was so funny opening your page, and seeing the dining room furniture. It felt eerily familiar!


    • Christina says:

      Oh how fun! I would love to see pictures of yours! I want to paint mine so bad but not sure if my mother-in-law would agree. 🙂 email me (christina @ or you can message it to me on my facebook page.

  4. I recently painted board and batten in our hallway and it looks really shiny. Did you use semi gloss or another sheen? Yours looks good and I am hoping that mine might look less shiny over time (I used semi gloss and I am wondering if that was a mistake…).

  5. I like that Belgian Sweet by Behr that you have in your dining room. A color like that would look great in my living room. My wife will need to approve, of course, but I am going to show it to her as a suggestion.

  6. I really love that “Magnet” color. It goes really well with white! I have black and white striped curtains just like the ones in your photos. I want to paint the walls grey like that, and leave the trim white. Then anytime we want to re-decorate, it’s as simple as buying a new set of sheets, throw pillows, lamp shades, and spray painting some picture frames. Grey is such a versatile color!

  7. Wow, it is amazing how much of a difference a fresh new coat of paint can do! It worked absolute wonders on your home, and the paint job looks clean and professional! Thanks so much for sharing such an awesome post, I love the nice and neutral tones throughout the house!

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