10+ DIY ideas for how to frame that basic bathroom mirror

Hello there… Yes, I am still alive!  Sorry for the lack of posts.  I caught the all the sickness going around and have been wrestling with getting better.  I think I am finally starting to feel better after a week even though I have quite the lingering cough.

I have been doing a bit of organizing and cleaning amidst resting and I can’t wait to show you some projects I did in the kitchen next week (check Facebook or Instagram for some sneak peeks)  I am participating in A Bowl Full of Lemons 14 week Home Organization Challenge.  It is really been helpful and totally doable – tackling 1 room at a time for the next several weeks.  I am doing extensive purging this time – really determined to get our home cleared of unneeded items, clutter, and much more manageable.


I am hoping to work on a project in the bathroom this weekend so I searched on Pinterest the other day to figure out what style of frame I wanted to DIY for our bathroom.

For a reminder here’s our bathroom right now – it is MUCH improved with new paint, some pretty DIY subtle stripes, and new décor.  But I have a few other things I want to do  – framing in the mirror has been on my list for a long time!


Framing in your mirror is an EASY project with BIG impact.  For $5-30 depending on the type of wood/trim you use and just an hour or two of time, you can make your plain bathroom mirror look much more upgraded than it is.  I framed in our guest bathroom mirror – you can see that here.

guest bath after

But for our bathroom with the big longer mirror I really want to do a thicker/chunkier frame.

So here’s some ideas I found – which one do you like the best?

10  DIY ideas for how to frame that basic bathroom mirror

Farmhouse style frame at Blissfully Ever After


Chunky Wood Framed Mirror

Framed Mirror Tutorial

Here’s a really thick frame done with 2 pieces of trim.  I love this look too maybe with a bit thinner piece of the thicker trim.

thick bathroom mirror frame

Another craftsman style framed mirror

how to frame a mirror

Framed mirror using baseboard


MDF mirror frame

MDF mirror frame

Frame a mirror with clips at the top

frame a mirror with clips

Frames don’t have to be just white.  This is a very basic pine wood frame – distressed, and stained.  And you don’t have to miter the corners either – you can just put them against each other like this and even have Home Depot cut the wood for you.   Tutorial for this frame at A Thoughtful Place

distressed stained wood mirror frame

Here’s another stained mirror frame by Shanty2Chic – this time mitered and not distressed.


Basic wood frame mirror by Young House Love



Decorative trim on frame

decorative trim on bathroom mirror frame

Paneled overlay on bathroom mirror

paneled overlay on bathroom mirror

Built in shelf in middle of mirror

shelf in middle of large mirror

Another shelf in the middle of the mirror – this time stained and lit.  Just beautiful!


I am off to buy my supplies!  Which one do you think I chose?? 🙂


  1. I like the stained wood look, as well as the farmhouse style….but not sure what would look best in your gray bathroom. I’m anxious to see what you choose! Sorry you’ve been sick – glad you are feeling better. I’ve missed your posts! :O)

  2. I found a lovely frame at the local second-hand store…the picture was awful, but the frame was beautiful. I purchased it for a song. I had intended to hang the empty frame over my bathroom mirror (so mirror would extend beyond the frame), but was surprised and pleased when it turned out to be a standard bathroom mirror size and we could mount the mirror right inside it. It looks great and is unique.

  3. I really like how that last one looks. It’s got a good dark feeling to it, but enough light you can still see it really well. Also, the shelf seems like it can be either useful or decorative, or even both!

  4. I have one of those standard frameless bathroom mirrors. It would be nice if I could find a frame to put it in or at least around it. How well do these mirrors, handle being framed?

  5. Our bathroom mirror is fine, but I’d really like to have a frame around. I really like the wooden look, as well as the distressed look. I think that the white frame looks really nice, so perhaps I could do a similar look. Thanks for this advice!

  6. Hey Christina!

    You have placed here amazing ,innovative and appealing pics for bathroom renovation.Actually I am planning for bathroom renovation and I need some tips so that I can mend my bathroom that way .Here I got those informative tips.I will adapt white framed broad mirror for my bathroom. Thanks for the share Christina. Such a great help.

    Fred Wingg

  7. Love, love LOVE these! How much fun would it be to use that second one! They are all beautiful and decorative!!!

  8. Thank you for these great ideas. I’m concerned about the stained wood near water, soaps, and window cleaning solutions. Does anyone have experience with that?

  9. this is a very beautiful post. thanks for sharing it with us.

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