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So who went shopping today?  I put in about 10 hours today and it was so fun.  Black Friday is a tradition for me and I LOVE it!  I have never gotten trampled, pushed, or even seen a fight break out (probably because I don’t usually go right when the stores open), but I get amazing deals and have a lot of fun.  Except for one more gift and some homemade things I plan to make (and share with you) next week, I am DONE Christmas shopping!  This no-stress Christmas thing might actually happen! Smile 

Usually I would be furiously decorating today but that is pretty much done too – so glad I started early this year.  So while I recover from shopping today with with my feet propped up, I thought I might share an update on our master bedroom makeover.  Several of you have asked for updated pictures of our master bedroom and I understand because, seriously, this room is taking forever.  I probably won’t blog another room until I am done with it – then go back and show you all the steps in how it got there.   I am struggling some and have higher expectations of what I want it to look like than I think I can accomplish…plus there was/is a lot of work involved since I was pretty much starting with nothing – needed all new furniture (which all required refinishing), new bedding, new paint, new curtains, new blinds, new décor… everything. 

BUT it is starting to come along.  And hopefully the after will be at least half of what I imagined! Smile

Just a reminder… here’s the before.

master bedroom before


And here’s the inspiration:


And here’s how our room is looking so far.  You have seen the painted walls – Magnet by Behr Marquee.

master bedroom update

I need to do a post about our bed.  We got everything – mattresses and bedframe from IKEA –  which I know sometimes has mixed reviews but we are very happy with it.  Would you add a dust ruffle of some sort?  I always have some type of dust ruffles on our bed but was hoping to do not do one on this one since the bedframe has a sort of upholstered look.  But the bedframe is IKEA so that means ivory instead of true white and I just think it needs something else.   I would probably do a straight tailored one – would probably have to make it.  

On the left side of the bed is the $20 flea market dresser I pulled in from the upstairs hallway.  I love this chest but hope that I can find something just a bit smaller.  This one overlaps the window a goo bit, so it is really too long, although it is the perfect height. 

master bedroom update

And here’s the $20 chest I just painted.  See – it is the perfect size!

master bedroom update

Here’s both chests turned nightstands together.  I am hoping this spring to either find a matching pair or to find another one that is more the size of the one on the right.  But until then it will work.  (Ignore all the décor – nothing has been really decorated.  I have put a few things on the dressers and thrown some pillows on the bed, but I am sure it will get all rearranged when the room is finally done.)

master bedroom update

I really wanted to have a sitting area on this side (not with the rocking chair, I just haven’t moved that out or sold it yet), but I don’t know that I will have enough room?  There’s the tall yard sale chest I painted/stained.  Oh how I love that one! 

master bedroom update

I am debating about moving that tall chest over to this side of the room.  I had it over here when I first brought it upstairs but that is when I had the the larger dresser/nightstand on this side and it was way too close together and too much furniture for this space.  But now that I have the smaller chest/nightstand over here I may try it again.  I hope to use that bench and mirror in the room but if it starts looking too crowded, they won’t stay.

master bedroom update

So there’s some updated pictures.  I already have some beautiful blinds courtesy of Payless Décor that I plan to get installed this week and then I would love to decide on curtains and get them bought/made before the end of the year.  Then I need to build/make the headboard, redo the built in shelves, and finish one more dresser – but all of that will have to wait until January.  Then hopefully I can do some final touches and be done!

master bedroom update

Any suggestions?  Ever tried to redo a room completely from scratch and it felt like it took forever?


  1. Could you use a small, armless upholstered chair in the pattern of the grey and white pillow (or something similar) in the corner where the rocking chair is now and leave the chest where it is?

  2. Instead of a bed skirt how about if you re-upholstered the box spring with a dark grey men’s suiting fabric? I have seen several pictures of it done on Pinterest.

  3. Looks great so far. Yes, I would give it a bed skirt or something to finish it off. Hope your Thanksgiving was super!

    Haapy Weekend…

  4. Sandy Manning says:

    Yes to a tailored bedskirt for sure. It looks like it needs something. A smaller night table would be ideal. If you have to lose that bench I don’t think it would matter. It would be nice to keep the mirror if you can. If you don’t want the rocker, a not too big comfy chair would look nice in there. Could you switch the rocker and mirror areas? It is looking good so far!

  5. Sandy Manning says:

    This is a place you might consider looking for a bedskirt. I know they can get expensive.


    I have ordered from them once and was happy with my item. That is all I can vouch for.
    They did have a black Friday offer going and so you can possibly get a better deal with that or watch for cyber Monday.

  6. Beautiful progress! I do think you need a bed skirt too. A tailored one would be perfect. Where did you get the Georgia pillow? I need one! I’ve never redone a room as completely as you have. I’m super impressed with your hard work!

  7. I love the mirror and little bench. A quick easy way to camouflage your box spring is to get a fitted sheet in whatever color you what. Maybe dark gray?? It finishes the look and you can always change it up in brighter colors. Wishing you and your family a Merry Christmas and remembering you have an empty spot within the family circle this year.

  8. Definitely needs a bed skirt. Maybe a gray and white stripe or some other pattern. If not stripes, then maybe a subtle floral or checks. Room needs some pattern.

  9. I agree with above…..a bedksirt. The room is coming along nicely. Your new two toned chest/dresser looks beautiful in there.

  10. This is looking great! My husband is currently installing hardwood floors in our bedroom, and it’s a huge mess right now, so your room looks very calm and inviting indeed! Have you thought about moving the bed over so that the small nightstand is in front of the window, and then having a large seating area in front of the two corner windows? Just a thought. I hope you add a rug underneath your bed like the inspiration photo. That’s one of my favorite things. Another option for the area where I believe you have bookshelves right now would be to put a curtain in front of the area like you will be putting on your windows. Then, you could use that area as a little office or makeup area or something.

  11. Hi Christina,

    I love the room so far……especially the gray and the bedding! The refinished/painted dressers/chests look so nice and perfect in the space. I would definitely add a dust ruffle and in a gray to tie the look together. I also like the idea for a rug under the bed. the bench looks a little small, but I wonder how it would look at the end of the bed – I’ve seen bedrooms before that have a bench at the end of the bed. I think the mirror should have a place in the room, too, if you can work it in – it looks so nice against the gray walls! Thanks for sharing with us……can’t wait to see the finished product! You always have such good ideas…..
    Hope you had a nice Thanksgiving and enjoyed your Black Friday shopping…..I did, too!

  12. http://www.frugaliciouschick.blogspot.com

    Christina the bedroom is looking fabulous. I am keeping up with you on the new change. I love it…MILLIE

  13. It’s looking great!!
    Susie@homemaker-mom recently posted..Felt Christmas Ornament IdeasMy Profile

  14. I love the progress you’ve made so far. I love the smocked comforter, as I have one almost identical. I agree w/ others on bed skirt. It would finish the classy look and complete bed. Also, I suggest a headboard like an old door hung horizontal or pallet/barn style look. Have fun and relax in your new space:)

  15. Sandy Manning says:
  16. Sandy Manning says:

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