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I am back with an update on my X1 XFINITY service.  My husband and I had XFINITY TV, internet, and phone set up in our in our house a little over a month ago and have really been enjoying it!  It took a few days to get used to a new remote, new channel locations, and how things worked and I feel like we are still learning new things it can do every day! 

X1 Platform from XFINITY

We pretty much had our favorite channels memorized on our last system – you know how that is… when you move or reorganize a room and can’t find anything!  Well XFINITY and the X1 system made the adjustment a lot easier.  To find a channel, program, movie, or even an actor we just start selecting the letters (on the number pad) that correspond to what we are looking for.  It brings up a suggested list and is easy to select what we were looking for. 


Also we ended up having TONS more channels than we had with our last provider.  Which is great but who wants to look through 100’s of channels searching for a show or a certain channel?  You can set certain channels as favorite channels or even favorite shows and just scroll through your favorite channel list.   And the best thing is the search function works across all avenues so if I am looking for Curious George for my nephew, I just start typing in “Curious…” and it will bring up any shows or movies with Curious George that are currently on TV, available On Demand, available for purchase, or even saved in the DVR.    You can even select “more like this” while watching a program or viewing a movie in the guide to find other suggestions of what to watch. 

One of the first things I did was to set up parental controls.  I didn’t want to accidently purchase something and didn’t want any inappropriate programs available in our home either.  Setting a pin for purchases, for certain ratings, and certain channels was simple and helped put my mind at ease. 

I love how everything is on screen and on one simple menu with the X1 system – DVR, On Demand, Apps, and more are just right there with the push of one button.  I am absolutely LOVING having a DVR and ON Demand.  Those services were new to us and with all the Christmas movies and new Hallmark movies on TV this season we are definitely making use of it!  I am sure I will have more to say about those services in future months. 

Who checked out Ty So Fast last month?  I have been enjoying follow him on facebook.  My favorite time-saving tip he shared last month was this one for iced coffee – cause I have to have my coffee!


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  1. Lisa Brown says:

    I like that you can use voice commands to change channels, search for shows, get recommendations, and more with the XFINIT® TV Remote app, without even lifting a finger.

  2. Amanda Sakovitz says:

    i like how the top 100 shows are preloaded on your tv

  3. Thomas Murphy says:

    I like that your remote control can be aimed anywhere to communicate with your TV, so you no longer have to point it at your set-top box.

  4. I love the idea of taking my DVR’d shows with me. I think I’d like to buried with this 🙂

  5. I love how you don’t have to point the remote at the tv!

  6. Amanda Paige says:

    I like the 100 top programs are pre loaded. Also the tv remote app looks sweet.

  7. Lisa Breece says:

    I like that you can just say it, and it will find or for you.

  8. Recording 4 shows at once

  9. I like that you don’t have to aim the remote directly at the tv to use it.

  10. Jennifer G. says:

    Parental controls are a must!

  11. Sandy Manning says:

    I liked the advanced remote a lot.

  12. I like that you can preload up to 100 shows to your lineup.

  13. I love that you can search by actor. Sometimes I’ll say to my husband “What’s that one show with that one actor?” Seems pretty convenient!
    Alison recently posted..Spill your bag, ladies!My Profile

  14. Rita Butters says:

    Too bad this isn’t available where I live

  15. We have basic cable…our grandkids would love if we’d upgrade! 🙂

  16. Mary Happymommy says:

    I like recording 4 shows at once.

  17. recording 4 shows @ once

  18. I love the voice commands feature.

  19. Leidy ruiz says:

    You can get recommendations based in what you watch

  20. I like just say it and it searches for your show and 100 preloaded shows.

  21. Thank you for the information!

  22. I like how you can be anywhere in the room and get the remote to work.

  23. Nataly Carbonell says:

    I like its high internet speed and how it’s all in one 😀

  24. Wow! I’ve never heard of this. Sounds great! I especially like that you can select your favorites so you’re not digging through channels you don’t like to find something you’re looking for. Very nifty!

  25. Love that you can record in one room and watch it in another!

  26. Love that you can use your voice to change the channel

  27. Kim Henrichs says:

    I like that you can view your apps on screen.

  28. Alexandria says:

    Everything about it sounds so neat! I’d love to have this.

  29. Emily Smith says:

    I like that you can record up to 4 shows at once.

  30. I like the voice command.

  31. Betsy Barnes says:

    One of my favorite features of the X1 system is the advanced remote control. You can aim it at the TV anywhere to communicate with your TV, so you no longer have to point it at your set-top box. 🙂

  32. I like that you can use your voice to change the channels rather than rely on a physical remote.

  33. I like that I can get real-time traffic and weather with their apps


  34. Kenny Hall says:

    I love the advanced remote control!

  35. Denise Konkel says:

    It’s neat that 100 shows are already preloaded!

  36. I like that X1 predicts what you’re looking for as you type,

  37. Telena Reynolds says:

    The advanced programing sounds pretty cool.

  38. Deborah Gardner says:

    I like that with X1 shows can be favorited! That makes it super easy to find favorite shows and also find shows like them! Really beats basic cable!

  39. I like the fact that you can record 4 shows at once
    thanks for the giveaway

  40. I like that you can completely hide your set top box and still have full control.

  41. I like that you can use voice commands to change channels, search for shows, get recommendations, and more. How cool is that !?!?!?!

  42. Remote doesn’t have to be directed at the tv

  43. The high tech remote

  44. Nicki Joseph says:

    I like the app feature!

  45. Susan DeVaux says:

    I think the voice control feature is awesome.

  46. Brittany Whitley says:

    The fact that it can predict what I’m looking for as I’m looking for it, is AWESOME!!!

  47. I love “on demand”!!! We rarely go to the movies these days!
    House of Highlands
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