5 tips to sending Christmas Cards (Day 18 of 31 days to take the Stress out of Christmas)

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Christmas cards…   Do you send them?  Do you like to get them?  There is probably a lot of differing opinions on both of those questions.

I was actually surprised at how many of you still love to send cards when I asked on facebook last week.  I am so glad too because I thought it was sadly becoming a thing of the past.

I actually love to do both.  I love getting cards in the mail – probably the only month I get more personal mail than emails.  I also enjoy sending them although that part can be a bit stressful.  Since our first Christmas we have taken an annual Christmas picture and also written an annual Christmas letter.  I usually just take a picture on a timer in front of our Christmas tree but last year we did an outside picture and probably will do the same this year. 


Just getting the hubs to agree and cooperate for the picture can be stressful to start with – ahem. Winking smile  But then comes the designing the card, finding the cheapest option to order them, addressing the cards, writing the letter and not doing it ahead of time causes the most stress.  So this year I am determined to take out picture and order  the cards before Thanksgiving.  In hopes to send them out the week after Thanksgiving – people may be shocked when they get my card before December 23rd this year. Winking smile

So here’s my 5 tips to sending Christmas cards:

1. Collect addresses ONCE.  Our first Christmas I took out wedding invitation list and copied those addresses I needed into a Microsoft Excel document to create my master “Christmas card address list.”  I update that document throughout the year as I get address updates or hear of family changes.   That is the one part that is not stressful at all for me – no gathering addresses since they are all there from last year and hopefully updated if there were any changes.   If gathering addresses is the stressful part for you I really encourage you to find a system and gather them ONCE so you only have to do updates and not re-gather them every year. 

2. Find a program or online program that will address your cards for you.  When we first married, I worked as a church secretary for 5 months and learned a valuable skill I still use today.  Mail Merge in Microsoft Word/Excel.  Sending out 300+ newsletters each month allowed me to learn how to do it well!  I just open up a Word document and either select to print the addresses on labels or envelopes, click “merge” and all my addresses merge in correct address form.  5 minutes later and my envelopes or labels are addressed.  I love and use Google Docs/Drive pretty much exclusively now and sure wish they had mail merge capabilities!  So I encourage you to find some kind of program that will do this for you.  I know some of the card company sites will do that too.  I would love to know if any of you use an online program that will do this!

3. Paper cards or photos cards?  Decide what kind of cards you will do in October.  If you are doing photo cards, schedule when you will get pictures done or take them yourself.   Figure out outfits for everyone – this can require some shopping so make sure to do this way ahead of time.  If you are going to do paper cards go ahead and buy them now.  Or better yet buy your cards on clearance after Christmas for the next year each year.  I do this with cards we give out at church and for the stationary we use for our letter – usually pay 25¢ for packs of patterned Christmas paper and less than $1 for boxes of really nice cards. 

4. Buy postage over time.  The most expensive part of sending cards is the postage for me.  I can print my photos cheap by designing my own card and printing them as 4×6 prints or finding a coupon deal at a photo site and I get the stationary/cards cheap.  But nothing much I can about the price of postage.  So buy a roll of stamps in October or buy a book of stamps each grocery shopping trip to spread out the cost. 

5.  Schedule a time to do them early!  Week after Thanksgiving or first week of December is ideal.  I intend to have mine done this year right after Thanksgiving.  People may be shocked  this year when they get my card before December 23rd! Winking smile

So there’s my tips.  I would love to know how you do your cards!  Traditions you have, when you send them, how you store and address your cards.

In the next post I will share some card ideas – looking forward to find some new creative ones!


  1. Used to agonize over the “Christmas letter” but since DH retired, it’s HIS job! I still do the envelopes and “sign” the cards (run them through Word since it’s easier not to run a pen with arthritic hands); at least the job gets done. Am a firm believer in “buy nothing day” after Thanksgiving, so start in then. We’re eating leftovers that whole weekend anyway!

  2. I always buy cards but usually never send them. My intentions are good anyway. Maybe this year I’ll try!

  3. Good ideas. I love cards and always mean to send them – but rarely get around to it. I’ve probably got boxes and boxes I’ve bought and haven’t sent. I need to get that mailing label list.
    And head on over to my new BBJ blog. I’ve got a new give away posted – to introduce the new blog. It’s about reclaiming CHRISTmas for Christ. 🙂

    • what a great blog title! Yes, if we are stressed and chained to our to-do list we aren’t celebrating CHRIST in Christmas. 🙂

  4. Good tips! I wanted to add a comment about the Christmas letter. In talking to many people, it seems that most people hate them, but they say that they like the one we send out. Everyone has said that it is the only authentic letter that they receive. Not that we throw our children under the bus, but when we mention a vacation, we are sure to tell the good, the bad, and the ugly. Lots of humor is involved, and we don’t mind making fun of ourselves. On the other hand, we don’t use the pretentious third person. If my husband writes it, he says I when referring to himself, and it soon becomes evident that he’s the one writing it when he calls me by my name. Whenever we skip a year sending out a letter, we always get calls asking what happened to it. I would say that that is a good sign that we should keep sending out letters. If no one really wants to receive a letter, what’s the point? And I can assure you, no one wants to receive a facebook- like post only telling the great things that have happened during the year!

  5. Because of your earlier posts in this series I decided to get my cards done now. Over the weekend I picked the pictures I wanted to use of the kids from the last year. When I got on Walgreens to order a photos card, I fell in love with a Thanksgiving card that said “we are blessed for all we have”. I decided to to send out thanksgiving cards this year and signed it “we hope your holidays are full of love and laughter”. Your posts have already taken a point of stress of me!

  6. Buying stamps a roll at a time and spreading the cost out over a few months is an awesome idea! I always end up with extra Christmas cards because I’ve run out of stamps {and extra money}.
    ~ Ashley
    Ashley ~ 3 Little Greenwoods recently posted..Tootsie’s Ghostie Girl {My Craft Spot Guest Post}My Profile

  7. Woo-hoo! Thanks to you, I have started my Christmas address Excel document for next year. And I have practiced mail merging too, so that I am not making my doc in vain. This year, my photo cards arrived rather late, so if that happens again next year, I will be ready to do the addresses in a flash! Thank you!

    Oh, and I tried and tried early to get a good Christmas pic for the card, but my 2 and 4 year olds would not cooperate, so I resorted to several pics from throughout the year… oh well. And I also did a Christmas letter this year, going through main events of each month. In later years, I think I will like remembering what each year was like in this small way. Life is much too hectic to journal it all!

    Thanks for your blog!

  8. Love your ideas. My Christmas Card list was populated from my wedding register also. And I have kept them over the years and can see who has moved around, passed away, etc. I bring my Christmas Card box upstairs to the dining room November 1st and have a goal to do 5 cards a day till finished. I don’t seal them at this point, as some I put a letter into, and others I write a personal note. Doing 70 cards in one or two days is overwhelming to me so by spacing them out I enjoy it more. Also gives me more time to reflect upon each person I’m sending them to. This system works for me and my cards are then ready to send out December 1st!

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